The Masses are Ignorant

Has society grown tolerant to ignorance?

Why are so many people stupid in today's society? Has it always been this way? Do they put something in our water to make people act this way? Everyday you can walk down the street, see it on the news, or talk to someone on the phone at work and you will question yourself, what is wrong with these people? And after speaking to these people you will find out that they drive cars... they have jobs... they manage their own checkbooks. How is this possible? I have always wondered. Another question I ask myself is why do we not have laws where we can take these idiots out onto the courthouse steps and horse whip half of them? I know I am raving a bit but I am getting to the point, I promise.

Today for instance, I was reading the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Blog . And I read a story about two brothers who were out on their boat in the middle of the ocean fishing. While out there they notice a large package with an unknown substance floating in the water; so they pick it up. After they picked it up they threw it on the boat and apparently kept fishing. After some time the one man noticed that his brother was snorting the unknown substance. Really? How stupid can you get? Anyways, back to the story. So after the one brother snorted this stuff he started freaking out and grabbing stuff out of the boat and throwing it all around. He even removed the cowling from the engine threw it overboard along with the cell phone and the radio. At this point I am thinking that either this is one of the most clever murders that I have ever read about. Or this guys brother is completely stupid. After floating around in the water for another hour and a half help had arrived. Luckily, The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission happened to go by and transported the two brothers back to shore where they were met by paramedics and taken to the hospital. The brother that digested the unknown substance died at the hospital. The Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone finding any object they suspect to be contraband call for law enforcement assistance immediately. Do not touch the object or substance or bring it into your boat; if possible, keep it in view and wait for law enforcement to respond to take custody of it. It certainly is never safe to ingest any substance if you do not know what the substance is, or what the potency of the substance might be.

Now I am sorry and I feel sorry for this mans family. But who in their right mind would see a package of powder floating by and say "hey this looks like something I should snort"? This is just one instance. For homework tonight I ask you to turn on the television and watch just 3 short story coverages. I guarantee you will find someone doing a very stupid act.

Here is another instance. This is a case where the horse whip would come in handy! A man and a woman decided to leave two 18 month old boys and a 5 month old baby in the car while they went in and ate dinner. Let me set the scene for you. Saint Louis, Missouri is located in the Midwest of the United States. It gets very hot and humid in the summer time. The heat index was at 113 degrees outside. So you know it was even hotter inside the vehicle. The two adults went inside and ate a full dinner. Now you know when you go to a restaurant it takes quite awhile to be seated, greeted, order your food, wait for it to come to the table, eat your food, and then settle the bill. Could you imagine leaving your small children in the car while you do all of these things? It was so hot that you could have broken an egg on the pavement and fried it. Thankfully a passersby noticed the children in the vehicle and called the cops. The police arrived as the adults were coming out of the restaurant. By the time the children were removed from the van by police they were crying, drenched in sweat, and dehydrated. They were treated and released from a hospital. Now I ask you again, what is wrong with these people?

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Anaya M. Baker profile image

Anaya M. Baker 5 years ago from North Carolina

Wow! Sad thing is, you hear all the time about people leaving kids and pets in the car. I actually had to call the sheriff one day because a guy left his dog in a car in my parking lot in 100 degree heat. The dog was going crazy and foaming at the mouth...pretty bad!

daskittlez69 profile image

daskittlez69 5 years ago from midwest Author

@ Anaya I cannot believe that people do not think before doing this. Everyone caught she have to be locked up in a car in the heat so they know how it feels. Thanks for the comment.

Wolfyone profile image

Wolfyone 5 years ago from Central Maine

These two stories make you wonder how the human race has survived as long as it has. As for the parents who left 3 young children in the car, they should not have been allowed to take those children home. There should be some consequences for parents whose stupidity endangers the lives of their children.

daskittlez69 profile image

daskittlez69 5 years ago from midwest Author

I agree the first story only affected the person in question. But the second endangered the children's future. Thanks for your comment Wolfyone

Sam Dolloff profile image

Sam Dolloff 5 years ago from Maine

I always knew people were dumb but these two stories just make the human race seem completely void of any kind of intelligence. I fear for the future generations that will run this country.

GNelson profile image

GNelson 5 years ago from Florida

I like to read new of the weird to get my daily dose. I am always happy to find that my name is not in the story. I DID NOT vote for Bush!!!

daskittlez69 profile image

daskittlez69 5 years ago from midwest Author

@sam It is a bleak future for the next generation with the way things are going

@gnelson lol thanks for the comment

RavenBiker profile image

RavenBiker 5 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA.

When I hear stories like the ones you've highlighted, all I can do is shake my head and say, "Some people's kids...."

The problem is people do not think---for whatever reason.

daskittlez69 profile image

daskittlez69 5 years ago from midwest Author

Ravem you are absolutely right. I don't know why it is even called common sense anymore. It isn't very common at all!

Danette Watt profile image

Danette Watt 5 years ago from Illinois

I'm across the river from STL in Illinois and I remember that story of the couple who left their kids in the car. Or maybe it was the woman in McDonalds? Regardless, the issue is the same - people who just don't think or just have no common sense.

daskittlez69 profile image

daskittlez69 5 years ago from midwest Author

It is a sad state of affairs Danette.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago

Stupid is as stupid does.

Humans never cease to amaze me!

profile image

greybing 4 years ago from Manchester,U.k.

As Eienstein apparently said.Two things are infinite:the Universe and Human stupidity,and I'm not sure about the Universe Also an interesting thing about what is and what isn't considered intelligent is relative to what is most important to a society at aparticular time.For example, 200 years ago Linguists were on the same level of pedestal as Phsisits today;why?Well,Language was as important and relavent as Physicists today.Now the analytical aspect of intelligence is basically considered as what intellegence is when in fact it is just a facet [I believe] of many aspects of intellegence.

Sorry for off-loading that .T'was a bit off topic and my grammer is appauling.

daskittlez69 profile image

daskittlez69 4 years ago from midwest Author

Thanks for stopping by molometer I could not agree with you more.

daskittlez69 profile image

daskittlez69 4 years ago from midwest Author

lol thanks for stopping by greybing You have a good point, intelligence is relative to the time.

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