X Factor Sucks don't get me started

X Factor is it really that bad?

X Factor sucks but as far as TV talent shows go. It is about as entertaining as gets, unfortunately. This is where we have come to as a species.

Who are these 'Judges' and why do these contestants seek their approval?

Have you ever wondered why so many seemingly talentless people put themselves through the humiliating spectacle of the auditions.

This part of the show is in fact the most entertaining part of the whole thing.

The self delusion of these 'Acts' beggars belief. It's a social watchers dream come true.

You have to ask: 'is this show the right place to expose their talents to the public'.

it used to be that you had to actually practice your art or talent before inflicting it on the public.

The internet and web, have given us countless millions of YouTube videos with talents looking for a wider audience. There are some very creative people out there... but not many.

It seems that the good old fashioned family TV talent shows, are still alive and kicking and still giving us plenty of laughs.

As TV battles for relevance in the web based entertainment era; old school entertainment TV shows like X Factor and Britain's Got Talent still attract big viewing figures. These shows are regularly in the top 10.

People do like talent shows. There is no getting away from that fact. But please let us have some people that have actually practiced a little, like the ladies in the following video.

Sh-Boom Dance

The Revolving Door of Judges

Who Is She? The real 'talent'. The Judges may change but the show must go on.
Who Is She? The real 'talent'. The Judges may change but the show must go on. | Source

X factor contestants...The Other Talent

'This is the one opportunity in my life; to win' (16 yrs old) 'I've wanted this all my life' (11 yrs old)

The wannabe pop-stars make these assertions, as if saying the words alone are sufficient to get them a place on the show. It usually does, if they have a smidgen of talent and look cute.

Alternatively they looks hideous, sound awful and can be used for their spectacle value. Like a modern day freak show. In this overtly politically correct world. This kind of show is where the public can laugh openly at these misguided people without the guilt.

It is a TV show which can be highly entertaining. More for the spectacle of people who 'think' they can sing, rather than the actual talent that emerges sometimes.

The vast bulk of these 'talents' believe that they are owed, nay entitled to become a pop star, and join the long line of useless piles of tripe, that have been foisted on the public, by these talent shows. It can be hilarious when they get a reality check from the judges.

In their attempt to get into "boot camp". These talents screech at the tops of their voices and butcher so many old favorite songs. That it can become painful to watch.

When a songwriter writes a song. It has a melody. This seems lost on many of the contestants.

Susan Boyle

Susan came second in Britain's got talent and has sold over 10 million records. The fans love her.
Susan came second in Britain's got talent and has sold over 10 million records. The fans love her. | Source

The Search for More Money

In some kind of hideously sadistic selection process, they are gradually reduced to a few that can at least carry a tune in a bucket.

Those that are rejected try to leave with a little dignity; Those that made it, stand and wait, until the next cull.

This year has produced some good singers. However it is up to the public to decide who will win ultimately.

There have been some real weird results in past years. Susan Boyle came second on another TV talent show. 'Britain's got talent' and went on to sell over 10 million records.

This is the power of dreams.

Instead of realizing that the judges, have little in the way of real power to decide, which act succeeds, as it is a public vote. The judges do try their hardest to keep people that can sing in the show.

The public however often vote with their cash, and buy the records of people that have actually lost in the contest. This has happened several times. It is, getting them exposure, so in that respect everyone wins.

What about the downright untalented

Talent like scum will always rise to the surface. These poor hapless delusional fools are willingly being exploited by these TV talent shows. Because they want to be famous. They assume that being famous equates to making a fortune. This is rarely true. Some just want to be famous. As if It is an end in itself.

While it used to appear to be a bit of fairly harmless, mindless fun. It seems that the game has changed. The auditions phase is still very funny.

It becomes a bore, when they try to 'make' a pop star, out of someone that 'looks' like a pop-star, this is when x factor sucks big time. We are subjected to weeks of the same 'artistes' who lose themselves, in an increasingly managed profile.

How many x factor winners can you remember?

Marketing tool

It is a clever method to develop a fan-base, but it seems these fans are fickle and do not stick around long term. The winners seem to fade faster than a Primarny t-shirt.

It is shaping up to be quite an interesting show this year, with some great female singers. Who knows who will win. The public will decide.

Share your ideas here.

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What do you think of X factor 59 comments

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 2 years ago from New York

Most of the talent shows are painful to watch. Fame or not so many make fools of themselves. My husband and I often ask if they can seriously think they have talent. You make great points.

Voted up and useful.

molometer profile image

molometer 3 years ago Author

Hello Sunshine625,

I totally agree with you. The Voice is a terrific show as it gives a bit of power back to the contestants.

It is a much more humane process to watch in those terms alone.

X factor just mugs off both the talent and the audience but I guess it will still pull in millions of viewers. There is no accounting for taste.

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 3 years ago from Orlando, FL

I agree the XFactor does suck. I was very excited about the series premiere because of Simone Cowell. He's a media genius! Of course the XFactor will rock my socks! WRONG. I gave up after 3 weeks. It was flat and boring. Luckily we now have The Voice to enjoy! Woohoo!

molometer profile image

molometer 4 years ago Author

Hi trusouldj,

The early shows are really funny but as it drags on I agree.

X factor sucks, especially 2 days back to back.

trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

I like it, but the whole 2 night thing kind of gets on my nerves a bit.

molometer profile image

molometer 4 years ago Author

Hi Teresa Schultz,

I can't tell the difference either between these shows.

I like watching the early auditions where everyone is totally hopeless.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa

This was an entertaining read - well done - I don't watch it on tv, but from time to time I like to catch up a bit on YouTube and I have to say I enjoy the X-Factor - I agree it can be a load of rubbish, but I still find it entertaining to watch - then again, because I don't consistently watch it, I sometimes get muddled between the X-Factor UK, the X-Factor USA, Britain's Got Talent, and American and/or UK Idol - when I feel like a break from work on the computer, I'll hop over to YouTube to see what's been going on with any of these shows - I don't live or die for the programs, though :)

molometer profile image

molometer 4 years ago Author

Hi alian346,

Thanks for dropping in Ian, glad you liked it. It really does boggle the brain, to see so many people lining up for public humiliation.

Xfactor sucks globally now it seems.

I agree with your Orwellian assessment.

They even have the cross armed hate salute as 'audience participation'.

Amazing what passes for entertainment these days?

alian346 profile image

alian346 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

This programme and others like it are Orwellian, mind-numbing trash. Has Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451' come true? I do feel sorry for some of these wee innocent souls who have their dreams so publicly smashed.

I loved your Hub and found it very funny - well done, molometer.


molometer profile image

molometer 4 years ago Author

Hello Theresa,

I must fess up.lol

I watch the early shows when the absolute no hopers audition. It is hysterically funny and they should leave it like that. Remember the Gong Show?

I am loving being back in the saddle and am having a blast. Thanks for thinking of me.

molometer profile image

molometer 4 years ago Author

Hi Aurelio,

This shocking thing is that there is no shortage of contestants. They know what they are letting themselves in for too?

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Michael - I missed this hub omehow. Well actually, six months ago I was just getting started on HP and could hardly find my way around. You are correct...these shows are so manipulative and exploitative. It really is disturbing.

But there is so much money to be made and sadly far too many of us are willing to tune in week after week. Probably because I was too bust grding papers, I never got sucked into American Idol or a lot of the other silly, trashy shows here.

My taste runs more towards drama and crime stories and war pictures...well you know, the gory stuff of history.

P.S. Every time I think of you or see one of your hubs I remember all over again that you are having a grand time teaching.

I cannot tell you how happy that makes me...for them of course, but mostly for you. Being able to do what you love AND are good at is an incredible blessing. :)


alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

Yes it's unfortunate that this has become a popular show if it treats human beings that way. People sometimes let their desire for fame blind them to common courtesy. Voting this Up and Interesting. SHARED.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi suziecat7,

It is just the same here, on xfactor. Can never hear them singing properly, always sounds dreadful and the show spends more time, with the judges moronic blabbering, usually accompanied by tears of 'how good it was'

What utter drivel, xfactor is the suckiest show on both sides of the pond.

Nice to know that there are still some people; with taste in the world. Good on you suziecat7

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 5 years ago from Asheville, NC

I think it quite sucks here in the U.S. too. Too much production - you can hardly hear the singers. American Idol is so much better and now they have Steven Tyler - yeah! Great Hub.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi there xethonxq,

xfactor uk sucks and apparently so does xfactor usa lol

y o yfactor lol

xethonxq profile image

xethonxq 5 years ago

lmao molometer @ yfactor. I completely agree!

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hello xethonxq,

I think you have spotted the problem with this show. It's really all about the judges and not the talent.

I understand the Simon Cowell was part owner or something of American Idol and fell out with the other people and so created xfactor as a rival show.

Interesting that you don't think xfactor will take off in the USA. I don't either. xfactor should be yfactor lol

xethonxq profile image

xethonxq 5 years ago

I watch the US version and have found that I'm only slightly interested in it. I don't care for the 4 judge model, nor do I like the judges being so involved in picking the songs. I would much rather see the contestants work with other professionals to help them with their song arrangements, choreography, etc. I don't think this show is going to be long lasting in the US. I LOVE American Idol though.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

XFactor UK Sucks...Official! Now It's Your Turn USA.

nuff said

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hello klanguedoc, and your welcome to them both lol.

She used to sing in the local pub and good luck to her, why not have a real human being now and again.

klanguedoc profile image

klanguedoc 5 years ago from Canada

lol. At least we got Susan Boyle and Paul Botts

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi klanguedoc,

That's very interesting, as Simon Cowell was involved with idols and then fell out with the other owner of the show and that's why he started xfaxtor in direct competition? So now we have two piles of tripe to watch lol

Thanks for your critique of the show much appreciated.

klanguedoc profile image

klanguedoc 5 years ago from Canada

I watched the first episode but found the show lacking and had too much of a Simon Cowell flavour to it. It is mimicking American Idol (British Idol, Canadian Idol) etc, etc, etc.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

How interesting.

Never thought about that aspect of it?

What a liberty lol

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough

Well if they rearrange the recording of the song (the melody) then whoever wrote that melody and recorded would get sweet FA. If they only cover the lyrics, X Factor would only pay the rights for the lyrics, not the whole song. That's why strictly come dancing, rearrange the melodies so they don't have to pay the full rights for the song. Don't know why, but I'm good with copyright lol

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi Soulunique,

Thanks for your visit and leaving a comment.

It appears that the USA version of the show is kicking up quiet a controversy.

Not only are the singers not singing the correct melodies to the songs they are 'covering'. They are being told that they are putting 'their interpretation' on the song. What a load of horse puckey.

Could it rather be a little legal issue? If they change the melody then they don't have to pay any royalty to the owners of the songs?

What do you think?

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough


As much as I feel sorry for these hopefuls, they are making their own choices. The music industry is all about exploitation. They get the likes of Simon Cowell their LA mansions. These people must be mad to enter on the X Factor.

Oh, I've published a new hub. I'm back in business!

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hello soulunique,

Sounds like 'the search for even more money' to me.

Those telephone votes generate a huge amount of money.

So based on the fact that they have already been voted off once and now the show gets the chance to get another load of cash out of a gullible public.

I think they must be a little daft to enter something like this in the first place. They are free to choose?

Maybe they should be asking 'why' the want to be famous in the first place?

Thanks for popping in.

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough

Have you heard the latest? X Factor UK are now going to bring back the last 4 acts that didn't make the live shows, the public have to vote which one they want back in and the others have to go home again! It's awful. Those poor people.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hello Debbie and thanks for the visit.

I agree they really are deluded fools. I just don't get how they put themselves through such humiliation. Low self esteem maybe?

Thanks for the comments.

debbie roberts profile image

debbie roberts 5 years ago from Greece

Interesting hub, people look at me like I'm mad when I rant on about the X Factor and other reality programmes - are they really reality? - being utter rubbish. The people who put themselves forward for these type of programmes should by now realise that they are setting themselves up for public humiliation and are just being used as cheap entertainment with big rewards to the creators of these shows, so why do they do it?

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hip Hip Horay! I'm with you on this soulunique lol

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough

Good! Let the Americans have X Factor! Lol

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Seems like the X-Factors day are numbered.

Lost 2 million viewers this week alone in the UK.

The end is nigh!

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough

Hi, Don't get me started on The Only Way is Essex and the Chelsea one lol

These shows disgust me as I hear people using the dialect used on these shows (which is awful) and thinking that fake tan, loads of make up, being ditzy is appealing. Makes me cringe. I could go on and on. I am happy in the knowledge that I don't follow the crowds, I am proud that i can speak properly and have a brain in my head.

As for big brother, channel 5 are desperate for ratings, they'd air anything. We'll see The only way is essex on there soon!

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hello soulunique I think you are correct in your assessment of the public perception of these shows, they are tired and past their sell by date. In fact didn't channel 4 cancel big brother a while ago (I don't know I wasn't in the UK) and channel 5 picked it up?

The new kids on the block seem to be. The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea; although I don't think either of these shows will go beyond a 3rd seasons as they are both equally hideous and knock offs of the USA show Jersey Shore. Thanks for dropping in.

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough

"Hoodwinked" That's the word I was looking for! There is far more talent in pubs and on Youtube! Some amazing unsigned artists on there!

Big Brother, The public went off it because it was no longer a social experiment anymore. It churned out wannabe celebs who crashed and burned. It was car crash TV. In inflicted emotional trauma on the housemates and then "Make or break" them when they got out. Like the british pound, they devalued it. X factor, Britain's Got Talent, Big Brother etc.. they've exhausted them. But I don't think they've wised up because people still watch this rubbish and vote every week. The banks thing, I am new to the whole politics this as I explained on a comment on your other hub. You spark curiosity in my mind though. :-)

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi soulunique and thanks. I agree with you. The fact that the public have been hoodwinked isn't that surprising. I have seen more talented people in pubs. And I'm not putting the pub singers down they really are much better. The shows owner Simon Cowell is not making money from it.. he is making a "load of money from it". 180 million pounds just from the advert breaks per show.

I think you are right it's to big to fail...like the banks? Until the public go off it or wise up?

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough

I wasn't saying it's socially acceptable but the masses seem to think it is because the show portrays it to be the ultimate search for talent. The emotional roller coaster they put people on is awful to watch. This is people's lives they're messing with. It does suck. But as long as they make money from it, it'll never stop. Just like the sale of cigarettes. It's too profitable to stop, even though it's bad for our health. The unfortunate truth is, we choose to accept it.

Thank you for your comments and the follow too. Your hubs are interesting and refreshing!

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi soulunique and thanks for the follow and your comments.

I don't think it is socially acceptable at all. I think the show has got progressively more aggressive and abusive and the great British public have been brutalised without even noticing it.

That I fear is the real problem. It's a bit like the emperors new clothes. It just needs someone to point out the obvious. It sucks...Thanks for dropping by and I loved your hubs by the way very thoughtful.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi Ethel always good to hear from you. I know what you mean... it is a kind of guilty pleasure to watch.

Enjoy ha ha and forget the guilt, if they are dumb enough to subject themselves to that kind of ridicule? I do think it could be more civilised.

soulunique profile image

soulunique 5 years ago from Peterborough

X Factor is a form of exploitation and bullying but it is socially accepted because we're looking for the nation's "talent" and to make people's dreams come true!

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 5 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull


I love this show for all the bad things you have portrayed. Perhaps it is my advancing years as dementia approached lol

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi Jeannieinabottle thanks for taking the time to visit. You are in for a bit of a shock with X Factor USA, although they may tone it down a bit. What with all guns that are freely available in the states.

Simon Cowell is noted for his rudeness and cruel criticism of contestants in the UK version of the show, many often leave in tears.

The USA though loves litigation (verbal abuse) and being armed to the teeth may make Mr Cowell a little more polite when dealing with your contestants. Enjoy. It's a sham of a show but still strangely addictive, watching the emotional chaos.

Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannieinabottle 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

This is interesting to read your opinion of the X Factor UK. We just got the X Factor here in the U.S. I've been watching it for 2 weeks, but not sure what to make of it yet. I am assuming Boot Camp will be similar to Hollywood Week from American Idol, which always annoyed me to no end. We shall see. Thanks for sharing!

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi Susan and thanks for dropping by.

That's the problem. It's compelling viewing. It makes one wonder how much these people are prepared to debase themselves in order to get a singing career. There is a link at the bottom of my story to a former contestant and it really is amazing what they have to go through; before they ever get near the judges. Its and interesting read from someone that has done it. I recommend it.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I really cannot comment on the X Factor UK as I have seen this one, but I have been watching the one out of the states with Simon Cowell and I am quite enjoying it.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

dingpo Thanks for dropping by and your comment. You said it all; and so eloquently. Those who wield the remote control have an awesome power!

dingpo 5 years ago

Sorry i am unable to comment on the program saw it once that was enough for me

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Hi Zoey24 glad you enjoyed it and thanks for dropping in and leaving your comment. I must say it was great to get feedback from someone that has actually been on the show. Your experience that you describe on your hub is a cautionary tail and everyone thinking on going for X Factor would do well to read it. In fact I think I will put a link in this hub to your article. Thanks again.

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 5 years ago from South England

lol Great hub, i found this so funny. x factor is not about singing ability it is about ratings, they pick acts who will get the show the most press good or bad, and make Simon Cowell a lot of money in the process. Whoever wins this years x factor will be whisked of to America for the first year and will be all but forgotten about until X factor 2012 series when they will typically have their first album out and be selling their new single on the x factor live results show, predictable, much?? Voted up :)

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Thanks stephwazere for dropping by. Glad you liked the story. Nice to know you haven't all been brainwashed lol.

stephwazere profile image

stephwazere 5 years ago from England

Good hub! voted up and funny.

Angelo 5 years ago

Good work write more

TheOracleKing profile image

TheOracleKing 5 years ago

He won X Factor two or three years ago.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

@theoracleking I concur completely. I have been out of the UK for a number of years and to come back and see what is going on is quite shocking. I suppose it was always the way but being drip fed this tripe TV almost from birth the public/people seem to have lost any critical facility.

It's nice to know I'm not alone in my views. At least now there are 3 of us including charlie. Ollie Murs ?

TheOracleKing profile image

TheOracleKing 5 years ago

I find it, and other shows like it (dancing on ice, big brother, I'm a celebrity get me out of here and buy my book!) really, REALLY, annoying. But I find most things annoying. Like cheap bin bags and that Lucozade advert with those skate boarders which tries way too hard to be cool. And those things don't matter, so with something like the X Factor, I can't stand it, but then it's not the point. When I go round to people's houses they put it on and we sit there a judge everyone on the show. I hate it, but it's flawless in its effect on people.

I just don't understand why anyone would then go and buy an Ollie Murs CD.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago Author

Thanks theoracleking for you reply. It is a slick well oiled machine using applied psychological programming and manipulation of the public. You may be familiar with the concept that if you hear a melody/tune 10-15 times you will like it. X Factor uses this method to trot out each year another money cow. The public are subjected to these non-entities for 10-12 weeks and eventually someone wins and they sell millions of records to the myopic public. I may seem cynical; but I was involved in the music business many years ago and I have seen similar shows back then; just not as nasty and visceral.

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