Yamaha Acoustic FG700S Review

The Yamaha FG700S is a cost efficient acoustic guitar primarily targeted at beginners. For someone just starting out and especially for someone who may not be certain if they want to learn guitar the Yamaha FG700S is an excellent choice. Generally coming in at about two hundred dollars new this Yamaha has bout the best features available in that price range.

The sound quality of the guitar is its strongest feature. It easily matches the loudness and clarity of guitars that cost up to six or seven hundred dollars. However, if you try to compare it to thousand dollar plus acoustic guitars you will notice a difference. The body of the guitar is solid body sitka spruce, which is standard on more expensive mid-range guitars. It has a rosewood fingerboard and die cast tuners, both of which get the job done. The strings on mine have lasted six months already and although I play it every day I have only had to tune it once or twice a month as it holds its tuning for quite a while. According to all the other reviews I have read the Yamaha FG700s will last a lifetime. It is not a guitar you will outgrow or feel the need to upgrade from after a year unless you're planning on getting a very expensive high end one.

If there was one particular criticism that I have of this guitar it is the size. It is a very small guitar and if how you look playing is important to you, you may feel more comfortable with a larger one instead. However, for younger players or girls the small size may actually be a plus. You will also notice from the picture that it does not have a cutaway making it to difficult to reach the very high frets.

No matter what guitar you get keep in mind that you really shouldn't go cheaper than about two hundred dollars as you will start to run in to basic design flaws like poor tuning and buzzing. And if you are going to get a relatively cheap guitar always get one from a trusted brand. One more warning is to avoid the Yamaha Gigmaker. While most Yamaha guitars are solid the Gigmaker is slightly cheaper than the FG700S but is of significantly lower quality and has poor reviews anywhere you look. Stay away.

In conclusion, this Yamaha is the best guitar available for the price. If you're a beginner or intermediate player you can't go wrong with it and you will be playing well and sounding good in no time!

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