You Won't Need Anyone But Me.

















You Won't Need Anyone But Me."


It's been ages,
since you've come around,
tearing off calender pages
in this empty town.
then you pulled up in my drive
and jumped out of your car,
you'd driven so far,
just to find out who we are,
You saw me in the window.... pained
...... my silhouette,
a smile lit up your face,
like back when we first met,
You ran to my door,
answering my every prayer,
bringing back the feelings,
that I've longed to share.

You've brought me what I hope will be,
one more sweet chance to make you see....
You'll won't need anyone but me. (repeat)


Let's take our time, and make this last,
what was our past is now long past,
So much gone wrong, ever since you left,
words left unsaid just might be for the best,
You ask me tenderly..."Are you alright?"
and I say, Babe,"I'm great tonight",
You kiss me lovingly just like old times
and then I know we'll both be fine.


You've brought me what I hope will be
one more sweet chance to make you see....
You won't need anyone.... but me..... (repeat)

Now that we're back together everything's O.K.
No more whatevers Babe, let's set a wedding date.
I've spent too long inside a hellhole of despair,
So many nights denied spent just wishing you were there...
I'll give you all the love a women needs to share,
I've finally realized how much you really care.
you've brought my pardon from a life of loneliness,
and in return I promise endless happiness....

You've brought me what I hope will be
one more sweet chance to make you see....
You won't need anyone.... but me.....
One more sweet chance to make you see....
you won't need anyone but me.....
anyone but me......

Artwhimsically Yours Studio
Coal Miner and MFB III Collaboration

Edited by MFB III (12/08/10 01:12 PM)

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

I love it MFB! I heard your youtube video as I was reading which made it all come together for me. I love your work! God bless you Brother!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Beautiful words,beautiful song,sung by my favorite poet.

God Bless You

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