You Can Be On TV With The Pawn Stars Of Las Vegas, Nevada

You can actually be on TV by getting featured on the History Channel show, Pawn Stars. Airing out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Gold and Silver shop is located on the strip and open 24 hours. In the opinions of many, it is the best weekly TV show on the History Channel that you can watch. Would you like to be on the show without a casting audition? You can be featured on Pawn Stars in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contact Leftfield Pictures

You can actually contact Leftfield Pictures, the producers of the show by email on their website or by the link provided below. This is one of the ways they decide who and what items get to be featured on the Pawn Stars TV show. If you get approved, you can take a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada with your item to air on an episode. You can either sell that item or borrow money with it. On the show, most transactions are for selling, not pawning, the items brought into the store. This is the ways it’s portrayed on television, so it pays to attempt to do what they generally show on the weekly episodes on the History Channel show.

Since there are no casting auditions beyond email, you could end up being featured on the Pawn Stars weekly show from Las Vegas, Nevada by simply shopping the store. The shop is open 24 hours and at least some of the cameras are from fixed locations. This means there’s a good chance they are always rolling, which could actually help you appear on an upcoming episode. Perhaps you can be seen on television shopping on Pawn Stars from the Gold and Silver shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. You won’t need to audition for TV shows to get on the air with this one. It really can work.

Tips for Appearing on an Episode

If you would like to improve your odds of being show on camera from the Pawn Stars shop in Las Vegas, NV, you could simply try to be a bit of a character. In many instances, the items brought in the Gold and Silver shop aren’t the feature of the show. Sometimes, the characters take the cake. For example, the customer trying to sell his Pez dispensers at the shop that was featured on the show. There was no transaction shown on Pawn Stars, but the customer was rash and abrasive. This probably got him on the show from Las Vegas, Nevada. Be a little flamboyant or ignorant, even if you have an item you know is a fake or not worth a penny and see what happens.

Unique Items

If you really want to be on TV, contact Leftfield Pictures and let them know you want to sell it. If you've seen the show, you know you don't have to sell the item to be featured on a show. As an added benefit, you'll probably learn a little more about the item you are trying to sell from one of the workers at the pawn shop.

There are a couple of ways to get on Pawn Stars on the History Channel. If you are in Las Vegas, Nevada, you have a great chance to get on TV and become a TV actor, so to speak.

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Bob Delva 6 years ago

I have 2 old guns. One is an old double barrel shot gun with stage coach type hammers .I have had it for 60 years and it wwas old then .Needs a stock. Also have an old pearl handle revolver found in corn field in In. in the 50s. During the John Dillinger days. It would takt a lot of restoration.Ihave had posston since 1967. It was found in the mid 50s

Anna Willey 6 years ago

I have a 1943 Wheat Penny that I want to sell and I am wondering if it is worth anything?

Vegas Royal 6 years ago

I have lived in Las Vegas for 37 years. I worked for the NCR Corporation for 16 years. During that time being a loyal employee I wanted to get a brass cash register. My neighbors noved from Wisconsin to Las Vegas but vacationed in Wisconsin whenever they could. Anyway I asked them if they would look for a brass register when they did their antique shopping. They found a farm where the owner was selling off the contents of their barn. Tucked in the corner under a tarp was a Class 300 Brass Register. Anyway they bought it and had it shipped to me in Las Vegas. It is in pristine condition and even has the original bill of sale signed by the then President of NCR, William Patterson on the underside of the cash draw. The register was built for a store owner in Wisconsin in 1903. The going retail market price for this class 300 goes for $4,200 to $5,000. I would like to know if the Pawn Stars would be interested in it or feature it on their show.

Tina Dias 6 years ago

I have a 1933 New York Times newspaper with certificate of authenticiy. Is it worth anything? 541-510-4740 is my number. Thank you!

Bruce Homer 6 years ago

I have a Ty Cobb signed "Science of Batting" pamphlet from 1949 that Ty signed up in Lake Tahoe and gave to my grandpa which I have inherited. It is in Mint Condition and I would like you to take a look at it and see if you would like to buy it.I would like to know if Pawn Stars would be interested in it or feature it on their show. My number is 775-423-8228. Thank you, Bruce 5 years ago

what became of the ty cobb science of batting pamplet?

karen seiler 5 years ago

i have a pin from neiman marcus precious jewels bought over 30years ago with i think 24 karot gold with diamond muzzle ruby nose emerald eyes i recently heard a guest had a similar item would like to pursue want to sell

Paul Cozens 5 years ago

Have a miniature western leather saddle, hand tooled, constructed authentically like a real saddle. Would like to sell it. (presently living in LaPine, Or)

charlie johnson 5 years ago

I have a edwardian ladies dressing table 1900 three mirror three large draws with two small separate mirror tables that sit on the dresser

loretta parsons 5 years ago

i have a antique new royal sewing machine date 1897 would you like to buy it please call us 704-380-2997 thank you

rachel 4 years ago

I have a collection of 1942,43,44 world war ration stamp books with stamps in them.ration gasoline id's and gasoline stamp. 2 opa coins also a very nice big collection of presidential pins. CARTER,NIXON/AGNEW/REGAN,KENNEDY,HHH,TEDDY R.,GOLDWATER/MILLER,TRUMA,/ROOSEVELT,HONEST ABE OF THE WEST!!!!!! lots more..

Darin 4 years ago

I've got 4 Picasso drawings with documents.

Alinasku 3 years ago

Several strip hotels do watch for this kind of thing, and I have seen peploe caught for it by security.Oftentimes, housekeeping has a list of which rooms are occupied, by how many peploe, for how many nights, etc. So they could notice if there are more peploe in the room and they are often told to watch for it. If you do it, tip the maid well.If you get 2 room keys and always go in groups of 2, then you may not have trouble. And make sure that only 2 peploe go check in! But do know that you could be caught.I agree that it's safer, and much more honest, to just pay for the extra peploe or go to a cheaper hotel.

Ako 3 years ago

I do like the way you have framed this siauitton and it does supply me a lot of fodder for thought. Nevertheless, through what precisely I have seen, I basically hope when other opinions pack on that individuals stay on issue and don't get started upon a tirade of some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this excellent piece and whilst I do not necessarily concur with it in totality, I regard your perspective.

Brad Folsom 2 years ago

I have a team signed baseball from the Oakland A's three time world series winner in the 1970's I was in Junior high when the ball was delivered to me by the team. Someone my mom knew. The ball is in good shape and you can read the names clearly. I do not have a letter of authenticity. I would like to get it looked at to make sure the signatures are real. Catfish hunter signed it Jim "catfish"Hunter. If anyone can help me it is greatly appreciated.

Don Ehre 2 years ago

I have a booklet entitled "The Soldiers' French Phrase Book" from WWI. It was apparently given out wit the compliments of the Felt and Tarrent Mfgr. Co. of Chicago. For a paperback book that is nearly 100 years old it is in extremely good condition. While I am sure that thousands were given out, I am sure that many were lost over these past years.

J. Cicardo 2 years ago

I have a hari kari knife that comes from Japan. It is made of ivory and is very detailed, carving on the entire scabbard and handle. I have researched many times and in many places and can't find anyone that knows anything about it. I do have pics available if anyone would like to see them to possibly give me more info

MelissaMezo 2 years ago

I have a pool stick with Minnesota's Fats original signature. I would be interested in selling this item if I could find out what the approximate value may be. I also have a knife (with shield) that belonged to a Russian Naval Officer during the Cold War. I would also be interested in selling this item as well. Thanks for the information!

Larry Wilson 2 years ago

I have a 1986 program from Michigan Int, Speedway. This was Richard Petty 1000 race. On the cover I have Richard, Kyle, Dale Earnhardt and Bill Elliote , plus 21 other driver,that have sign this program, I have a picture of Dale singing this book, I would like to sell this,

Cindy Tomesek 2 years ago

I have a wood replica of the first airstream it is one of a kind it is called the silver cloud also have docents from the gentleman who made it. He made others for clients,museums ect

wagdaddy 2 years ago

i have a antique cast iron toy cannon i also have a native american water

vessel ,i'd like to sell these items

shane johnson 2 years ago

i have a dick perz 1/1 sketch card of carlos lee from 2008 topps allen and genter its part of a 30 card lot

Steve 2 years ago

I have a WWII Japanese Brass Oil Lamp from a Japanese war ship... It was brought back from the war by my Fater In-Law... I would like to check in to the value, and sell it on the show. It is major history and in beautiful condition. This will indeed call for an expert for opinion.

Dave 2 years ago

I have alot of old hitler pictures. I live in ohio and i have been told some are originals and some are duplicates. Just not sure what is what. Love to have one of your experts tell me. I would be willing to sell them if they are worth something to some one. They just have been sitting in my safe for years. Also my wife is a really big fan of your show. Thanks. You can contact me by email

Bruce Bertram 2 years ago

I have a 1960 Winter Olympic hockey stick, signed by all the players. My cousin was on the team and presented me with the actual stick played in the game between the win (first ever) USA over Russia 3to2.

CEE LEO 2 years ago

Hello, I have several items that might work for your show, I purchased several Gemstones over the Internet, Rubies Sapphires and Emeralds, some were found to be class filled crap and other were verified as the Real Deal with Gem Lab Documentation to prove authenticity and clarity and value. Red Rubies, Green Emeralds and Blue Sapphires some fake some Real. I think the scammers sent me real gemstones by mistake, Score One For The Goodguys. Contact me at

martha bullock 2 years ago

I hv a pardon document signed by john kennedy and robert kennedy.would love your opinion ...can send picture. It has presidents me it is the real deal! Email is

Mark S. Wallace 2 years ago

I have two photo albums from WWII. They have original photographs from Caledonie,Guadalcanal,and the Soloman Ilands.First marine landing at Florida Inland ,Solomon group.Photo of Kookum beach,Guadalcanal,bodies all over the beach.

Jesse Munoz 2 years ago

I have a real whale vertebra for sale. This bone is real and unique.

Vic Williams 2 years ago

I have a Sradivarius violin in original case. The faded paper label inside the "f" hole says "Antonius Stradivarious Cremonenfis" in one line and below it, "Facibat Anno 1725" and a logo which is a circle with a cross in it above the letters A S. It is a printed label except for the 25 in the 1725 date the 25 is written in with ink. The violin has been in my family for over 60 yrs. I had George Liberace look at it years ago in Reno and he said it was real, I have had it appraised by the curator of musical instruments at the University of Nevada, Reno and he thought it might be a Cremoneous, but wasn't real sure, however he did date it to the time period on the label. I used to be a producer/ director for NBC television in Honolulu. 2 years ago

I have a memorial cd called Hell or High water and is a compilation of all of Rhett Forresters music I actually recieved this cd from Rhetts mother he died in 1994 and im a big fan of anything he was involved in he was the lead singer of a band called riot also he has 2 other cds which i have anyhow the cd ihave is not even opened and ive wondered how many of these were made and how much its worth is TCE RF 7-9599-2&TCE production my number is 7015417598 i would appreciate a call 2 years ago

I have a Honolulu Star-Bulletin dated Sunday, December, 7, 1941 complete newspaper, many pages, front page stoy as "WAR ! OAHU BOMBED BY JAPANESE PLANES" Six known dead, 21 injured; At Emergency Hospital----"the Day that Will Live in Infamy"!!! I know there is bound to be a World War II veteran or collector who would love to have this memorabilia in his collection! Do you think this would be worth anything? Also have 33 albums including Johnny Cash, Elvis Pressley, Hank Williams, Sr. and Conway Twitty and some rock and roll artist if anyone is interested? Please contact me: David or Patricia Measles (256) 770-9916 I would love to be on your show!!!

david 2 years ago

I have multiple collectibles First I have multiple pieces of JFK pieces including campain posters , campaign buttons, and much more

I also have a large Elvis collection of many items.

Kevin 2 years ago

Have a few sweet items to sell, Mays Card, Tom Seaver rookie card, Bill Walsh's College Year Book.........

Diana Vlahos 2 years ago

I have a Saul Hudson ( SLASH) full page etching that he drew for me in 1981 before he was in guns and roses,..I grew up with saul and he grabbed my scrapbook and started drawing and he also signed it..I have had it ever since...I also have a Henty Winkler autograph (FONZIE) from 1978 when he was currently filming Happy Days! :)...I grew up in Hollywood California.

Larry Mowinckel 2 years ago

I Have An 1858 Senate Campaign Signed Letter By Lincoln.I Would Love To Have Rick look At It.I Will Be In Vegas April 20 thur 25 2014. contract Me At :

Bob Kleber 2 years ago

I have a original ink sketch by John Lennon, and handwritten lyrics to Blowin in The Wind by Bob Dylan. I would like to sell if Rick is interested.

Sam Hall 2 years ago

I have an Iskandar matar and sons hand made brass serving tray set. One plate is 31 inches and the other three range from 12 inches to 14.5 inches across. All are hand made from Isreal.

I also have two Sandizell porcelain German art pieces I'm looking to sell.

Last item is a Alexander Backer chalk ware 3 d wall plaque.

I would like to sell these items if interested, I have no use for them.

Gay Andrews 2 years ago

I have an old photo album of Harry Holboth a pioneer showman of the movie industry back in the 30's -50's. It is full of newspaper articles congratulating him on many years of business. He owned the Midway theater in Michigan. Anyway included in this album are signed photographs of John Wayne, Jane Russell, Dixie Willson, Linda Darnell, Dale Robertson, Mala Powers, and Gilbert Roland. There are also many Western Union telegrams from old movie stars like Bing Crosby, William Holden, Mitzi Gaynor, Liberace, Deborah Kerr, Errol Flynn and many more I do not recognize. Just wondering what they would be worth and I would possibly be interested in selling them. I will be in LV from 3/11/14-3/14/14. If this sounds interesting for your show let me know asap. Thanks. G

bruce o'cull 2 years ago

I have arrow heads and thumbies from south Dakota I found in the late 1970's

Cynthia sent 2 years ago

I have a penny that nobody has any luck finding it's very small has 13 stars Indian head back side says California gold 1/2 date is from 1860

kevin van damme 19 months ago

I have a old painting/print called (the crying boy) bought it in an auction tucked in with other stuff 15 years ago. i know it is old but don't know what it is worth.willing to sell. history of this (crying boy) painting/print if very spooky.check it out and you will agree.

kevin van damme 19 months ago

for got to give email with my comment here it is thanks

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