My YouTube Top Most Hilarious and Funnniest Videos Countdown

Haaaahaaaaaa too funnny!!!!

gracey, morguefile
gracey, morguefile

My You Tube Top 10 Favorite Funniest and Hilarious Videos

I was surfing You tube this one day, when I came across some of the most hilarious videos ever. I created therefore a great collection that have now been transferred from my ''favorites'' to this hub, so they are readily accessible for when I need to laugh out loud after a stressful day, or for when I have friends coming over.

These videos will surely have you laughing hard, so pop some popcorn, (or may be not as it could turn out being a choking hazard) invite some friends over and enjoy these You tube most hilarious videos ever!

Top 10 Funniest You Tube Videos Countdown

1 When you are really touched by the holy spirit...just a warm up...

2 Most Stupid Robber

3 Shut upppp!

4 Funniest Felines Ever!

5 When church is boring...

6 Funniest Videogame Glitches

7 ''Computer Say Nooooo''

8 Dad's First Diaper Changes, very funny!

9 When You Can't Stop Laughing!

10 Uncompassionate talk show guy

Ready,set vote!

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