YouTube Video For the NC Bikini Bombshells (America's Got Talent 7 Tampa Bay Auditions)

Below, you can see the YouTube video of what was apparently some kind of joke audition of the NC Bikini Bombshells. This group of North Carolina women came out scantily clad in bikinis to do a dance act. But the dancing was just ridiculous, and they ended up getting all NO votes from the judges.

This audition is from Tampa Bay, and that episode aired on Monday, May 28, 2012. We will not be seeing any more of NC Bikini Bombshells in the competition unless there is some kind of special surprise. That is because any wildcard rounds in the past have included only acts that actually made the voting rounds but were eliminated by the public vote.

I still scratch my head at these auditions. But judging by the traffic I get on some of these articles, it seems there is some market for this type of act. I'd just rather see someone like the NC Bikini Bombshells who has talent instead of just relying on sexy bodies to get attention.

So far, the YouTube user rating on this video is quite low. There are 22 Likes and 25 Dislikes.

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