Young YouTube Singing Stars: Rising Fame, Millions of Subscribers

More and more young stars are finding an audience on YouTube. After watching hundreds (if not thousands) of videos over the years, a few of these singers have stuck with me. Of course, as my list of favorites continues to grow, so will this list.

Justin Bieber

YouTube Account Names: kidrauhl and JustinBieberVEVO

When many of us think of a star who became popular thanks to YouTube, most of us think of one person: Justin Bieber. After being discovered by Usher, this star has millions of adoring fans around the world. Although not my favorite singer, he offers us a reminder to “never say never” to our dreams.

His success is incredible. From songs to movies to toys to backpacks-- the list goes on, it's easy to forget where some of these stars started. His movie, Never Say Never, documents Justin's rise to fame.

Maria Aragon

YouTube Account Name: rojuanearagon

Originally from Winnipeg, this young starlet was discovered by Lady Gaga after singing “Born This Way” (video featured on the right). The emotion in her performance is phenomenal and definitely worth a listen. Young stars who both sing and play instruments are becoming more and more common. From this song, we can tell Maria is not just a great singer, but a singer skilled at playing the keyboard, too.


Make it on YouTube

Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider

YouTube Account Name (for both artists): KurtHugoSchneider

Sam Tsui has an incredible vocal range and shows genuine emotion when he sings. You can tell singing is his passion. Kurt Hugo Schneider, who has an amazing voice himself, often produces Sam’s music videos and accompanies other singers. This duo has definite mega star potential.

Christina Grimmie

YouTube Account Name: zeldaxlove64

Recently being compared to Christina Aguilera, Christina Grimmie has a powerful voice with an incredible range and an ability to produce complex riffs.

She has opened for Selena Gomez at one of her concerts. Her Hollywood connections are sure to grow in the future.

The music video to the right features Christina Grimmie singing a Miley Cyrus medley, which was written by Kurt Hugo Schneider using the lyrics from the original Miley songs. Kurt also produced this video.

Tiffany Alvord

YouTube Account Name: TiffanyAlvord

Tiffany Alvord is another YouTube star who started singing in her bedroom. Now, with a fan-funded album underway and her own VEVO channel (under the name “TiffanyAlvordVEVO”), her popularity is continuing to grow.

The video featured on the right is a medley of Taylor Swift songs. The medley was written by Kurt Hugo Schneider using the lyrics of a number of Taylor Swift songs.

Nick Pitera

YouTube Account Name: goonieman86

Nick Pitera started out working at a Walt Disney animation studio. Now, he is recognized as a fantastic singer with an extraordinary gift: his falsetto voice. He is able to sing both female and male parts of songs! Even Ellen couldn't believe his performance.

Julia Sheer

YouTube Account Name: JuliaSheer

Julia Sheer has sung with many of her fellow YouTube artists. Some of her most popular songs feature Tyler Ward (TylerWardMusic) and Jake Coco (jakecoco). Her original songs, many of which were written with Tyler Ward, have great lyrics, vocals and accompaniment. Her voice seems to be getting more and more incredible with each song she posts.

The video to the right features Julia and Jake singing “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (originally by Jason Aldean, ft. Kelly Clarkson).

The video below features Julia and Tyler singing “The Way I Loved You” (originally by Taylor Swift). Another reason why it’s fun to watch these two sing together… their chemistry!

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black's popularity on YouTube seemed to come out of nowhere. After 3 months, her song "Friday" has been downloaded nearly 150 million times! The lyrics may not be the greatest nor the sound of her voice, but the tune sure is catchy. But, be careful... she'll have you singing Friday, Friday, Friday when you least expect it!


YouTube Account Name: guitarjosie

Josie is a young artist who started posting videos at the age of 10. She plays the guitar wonderfully and has a real soulful quality to her voice. Keep an eye out for Josie as she continues to make new covers of songs. She has also posted some original songs that are worth a listen.

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lorddraven2000 profile image

lorddraven2000 5 years ago from Wheelwright KY

Very nice list.

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 5 years ago from Massachusetts

Great list,youtube is the place to be discovered and show your talents

Joshua526 5 years ago

Very truthful list! The rise to stardom is very easy these days, but to be on the career for a long time is a very hard one.

jake 3 years ago

hm ia wnt to b a star .i can help me

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