Young UK Hip Hop Artist Gee: Up and Coming Talent


Young UK hip hop artist Gee is on his way to becoming the next big thing on the UK hip hop scene. The 24 year old hails from Tottenham in North London, the town that is notorious for gang violence and street crime. However, this is not all that Tottenham has to offer. There are hundreds of young artists just like Gee who are talented and willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. All they need is a chance to break through, when the world frowns upon youths who come from single parent homes and grew up in the so-called ghetto, it can be difficult to think positive. However, rapper Gee has managed to maintain a positive state of mind even though he has had a seriously tough life.

The 24 year old lyricist began putting his pain on paper in the early part of 2005. He realised that he had a gift. He could think of poignant lyrics and put words to music. This realisation allowed him to pen his first official mixtape in 2008 entitled "Positive State of Mind." He recorded, pressed and promoted the CD entirely on his own and managed to sell a significant number without any help or guidance. He performed at Clapham Grand for Feedme Music, at the Radio 1 Festival and North London Anti-violence peace festival. He has gone on to work with some well known artists and producers in he underground scene. His latest offering is a compilation of old and new, he says it is a taster for his up and coming projects which should be touching base in the next few months. When asked what he has planned for the future he said "watch this space."

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