Zombie Survival: How To Kill A Zombie

Zombie Kill Guide

 Zombies are them troublesome dead walkers that just get in the way of a good night out, they either want to eat your brains or have a quick nibble on your nuts, they are usually slow creatures that are easy to outrun, but in high numbers and in confined spaces they can be fatal, this is a guide of sorts on how to kill a zombie, it is common sense people so in the event of a zombie holocaust it is advisable that you take the necessary precautions against these undead deadites.

First and foremost, when you shoot a gun try to aim for the head shot, because in too many films have I seen some rather dumb people just waste valuable ammo shooting the zombies shoulders and chest, one head shot seems to do it and if you can't shoot straight, it's best to go to a shooting range to practice your gun skills, because if you don't you will probably be that bad at shooting a gun, you will pop a cap in some poor bastards arse who may not be a zombie and that would be bad.

Sharpen them machetis up, so that when the time comes you can have yourselves a zombie decapitation spree in the local shopping mall whilst doing the shopping, could be a bit of entertainment, as severing the head from the body is also a way to go for killing a zombie, the brain seems to be the main force driving these deadly rotting creatures.

Other ways you may not have thought of:

Liquid nitrogen could be a good alternative when thrown on the head, be careful not to get any of it on your hands and genitals as they will be as cold as a snowmans balls, liquid nitrogen may not be a common substance so a bit of carefully controlled fire in a confined room could do the trick, as always though aim for the head, try and destroy that brain as they are really quite thick anyway - don't let Bub fool you by flicking through a book and loading a gun like in the original Day Of The Dead.

Knives and other stabbing weapons, aim for the brain, you could get to it through the eyes, the nose or the mouth or even the ears.

Warning If the zombies are the fast running kind that is actually quite disrepectful to classic zombies, then you may get eaten, so stock up on guns to take them all down with a head shot, you may want to do this sniper style from the roof of a building, particularly if you want to gain access to a casino or cinema for a little entertainment and popcorn.

Household Furniture and other stuff - Around the house there may be just the thing for killing a zombie right under your nose, so prepare in advance, a chair for instance can be broken and made into a weapon to fend of those dirty zombie ho's, or a glass vase smashed over the head may just dig in the zombies brain and make them die....yeahhh kill the zombies!!

There may be other inventive ways to kill zombies with grenades or by lighting your own farts on them, but whatever you choose, make it count, before they over run the world and form political parties of their own and run for president and prime minister of all countries and they make us pay taxes and make us watch reality TV....oh no I've just realized it's worse than I thought, they are already here....reality TV is at an all time high...we will become zombies soon....noooooooooooooooo!

Zombie Killing

How To Kill A Zombie Drawing by Wayne Tully
How To Kill A Zombie Drawing by Wayne Tully

More Ways To Kill A Zombie

Zombies are horrible undead creatures and they should be punished for being so ugly looking, so with a few mentions in the comments below I am able to update this helpful guide on Zombie Killing and first things first go and buy a Chainsaw on Amazon below to really get the best killing tool for these zombie rotters.

Chainsaws are ideal for chopping the zombies head off, but be careful to have enough petrol in your chainsaw as running out of it just as an army of zombies are heading towards you is not a good sign....

Check out the chainsaws below and pick a good one....

Read A Well Thought Out Book....

 A good book that I read awhile ago that sticks in my mind is this one which I reviewed World War Z which is a fictitious account of a zombie apocalypse and it gives a good account of what could happen and through this book you can work out what to do to survive when the zombies spread over the world.

Knowledge is power when it comes to zombies, so prepare with as much tactical information you can acquire by reading articles like this and books on the subject of zombie survival, it's not who you know it's what you know!

World War Z - A Great Book About A Fictional Account Of A Zombie War That First Broke Out In China Available On Amazon

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How Would You Kill Zombies? 142 comments

ray 3 years ago

to kill a zombie u would have to destroy a major a part like the head if you shoot it in the chest enough time it will fall and stay down for a while but it will still be a live

waynet profile image

waynet 4 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

no I am not smarter than you....at least you have the commenting power......

spadkins 4 years ago

Yeah, cause you're smarter than Roger Ma, Max Brooks, and Matt Mogk? Or even me, for that matter?

waynet profile image

waynet 4 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

lol.....what a pile of shite!

spadkins 4 years ago

I'm sorry to break it to you guys, but this article is so low-quality with so much missing information, not even to mention the fact that it's hard to understand because of there being only 11 sentences in a page long article...

So I am going to write down a few of the things I would have changed about this article.

Chainsaws, for one, are crap weapons in the zombie apocalypse. Not only are they loud, attracting more zombies and drowning out orders or information your team, but they are heavy, clumsy, and they have a finite amount of fuel. And, most importantly, zombie blood splatters everywhere, including on you. One drop of their blood in your eye, your mouth, any open wounds, and you're infected yourself in around 24 hours.

Also, decapitating a zombie does not kill them in the least. Sure, they are 90% less dangerous than when they had bodies, but all decapitating really does is leave a zombie head rolling around trying to bite your ankles.

A "controlled fire" INSIDE a building during the zombie apocalypse is in and of itself an oxymoron. You cannot control a fire in a flammable structure. End of story.

The fast running "type/breed" of zombies is not another "type/breed" of zombies, just as there are not "classic zombies". There are real zombies, and there are fictional zombies. And all zombies can run. It's only a matter of how fit they where in life, how old they were as humans, how old they are as zombies, and whether their legs are still functional or not.

There is around a .5% chance of killing a zombie by smashing a vase over their head. It would be more effective to jam a shard of said vase through their eye.

And the last paragraph is just plain stupid.

By the way, in case you don't believe what I'm saying, I am simply quoting other 1%er zombie experts such as Max Brooks and Matt Mogk.

sabrina 4 years ago

I have a real ZOMBIE squade i have seen,heard and killed thousand's of real ZOMBIES.

carrie Lee Night profile image

carrie Lee Night 4 years ago from Northeast United States

Interesting article :)

Phamtastic profile image

Phamtastic 4 years ago from Florida

Awesome article. Just recently published a How to make your own zombie survival kit.

jman 4 years ago

i get a ak 47 flame thower and a uzi

mefajf07300302 4 years ago

LOVE this hub! I will now know how to kill them upcoming zombies!! Though I think I've watched enough zombie movies to know what NOT to do! Sharing your hub!!

waynet profile image

waynet 4 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

gotta olive zombies lol!

People 4 years ago

I olive zombies

isaac 4 years ago

I like Zomies!!!

zombie101 4 years ago

we zombies are a peaceful beings the only reason we try to to eat you is cause(1)if we went shopping you would all be afraid of us and kill us in the store when we tried to buy something to eat(2)when we do eat anything else we end up throwing it back up and finally(3)your brains taste really good

p.s bbbbrrrrraaaaaiiiiinnnnssss

wolf person profile image

wolf person 4 years ago

????. its called secret services

???? 4 years ago

What do you mean zombies there are not real i mean nothing at night but where could zombies be? give me locations where and ill check with a cam. ill give credits to you

cole mclean 4 years ago

war wod you go to servive a zombie apoculips

experience days profile image

experience days 4 years ago from England, UK

Useful information here. Especially in Hull!

wolf person profile image

wolf person 4 years ago

hey new zombie plan. aa 12 shotgun dragons breath shells in it

zomsuck 4 years ago

zobies aint real if dey wer u'd use 115 ray and thunder

waynet profile image

waynet 4 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

You'd still get eaten though lol!

Brandowilson 4 years ago

I would just shoot myself in the temple so i wont get bit and feel so much pain. This is a good idea cause a whole horde coming your way , pull out a pistol aim, and (boom) your not eaten.

Dispatch Unit 7 4 years ago

Zombies were once human too, show them the mercy you'd show a lame horse. Shoot it in the head to end it's suffering. Yeah it's gonna be fun, but it's the Humane thing to do... Wipe em all out, and may God Have Mercy On their souls. LMAO

zombiesurvival profile image

zombiesurvival 4 years ago from St Louis

Great stuff! Appears we have a common interest... :)

wolf person profile image

wolf person 4 years ago

plus dude us werewolves would have your back on full moon's so yeah have to watch out for some werewolves cause they will probably attack you so be prepared when this day comes

charity 4 years ago

I think this game is so stupid cause i didn't play it so it's boring

wolf person profile image

wolf person 4 years ago

okay here are tips. double tap. know your way out when in doubt and have lots and lots of ammo

wolf person profile image

wolf person 4 years ago

plus screw guns fight fist cause melee is more effective. plus @waynet. no offense but have u even thought about berserker zombies

zombiekiller 4 years ago

i would get an ak 47 and a desert eagle or a baseball to swing their head off and make a home runn.............. or just piss on their eyes it burns........hahaahah zombies arent real guys but i wish their was..

wolf person profile image

wolf person 4 years ago

... just shoot a zombie with a spas 12 with slug shells so when ur in the trapped situation u can spray with the spas 12

wolf person profile image

wolf person 4 years ago

... just shoot a zombie with spas 12 slug shells then the zombie is dead remember head and chest is where u would shoot a zombie

the huntsman 4 years ago

OK everyone listen to me. Zombies are just humans who have been subject to a virus that kills the brain then restarts it's basic motor functions. this virus uses the human body to feed itself and give it energy. to kill a zombie simply destroy the brain stem and cut off motor function. the virus will simply die. and when trying to slip past zombie hordes chop up zombie guts and act like a zombie. zombies sense you through sight,smell,and sound. so walk slowly, put zombie guts all over yourself, and try to avoid attention.remember to familiarize yourself with throwing knives and all of your basic crossbows,longbows,and other such long range weapons with REUSABLE ammo. If a zombie invasion does happen I will be in a place where the sun never sets. if you want to become part of the re birthing of the human race come find me. I will e waiting

waynet profile image

waynet 4 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yes blunt objects could dispatch those Zombies much quicker...a couple of hours a day doing this and you'll pile up the bodies of Zombies.

Michael 4 years ago

Well, in a real life situation, a zombie randomnly breaks through your front door and you still sitting on the couch horrified. Best thing to do: Run in the kitchen and get a friggin' frying pan or something that is blunt to you can easily kill it with one swipe to the head. I never liked Machettes they take to much out of you to be honest, only rely on knives and sharp objects if the zombie has you pinned down trying to bite you, or you can rely on your strength if you are blessed. Best way to kill a zombie up close? Blunt weapons. Knives are back ups. Guns are a so and so for me, I don't want all the zombies in the world coming to the noise of the gun, so guns are emergency uses: Blunt weapons are you primary, guns are your secondary, knives and sharp objects are you worst case senario weaps.

Alex 4 years ago

But if I would invent a anti-zombie-virus, how long time would it take before one of the zombies is dead?

zombies 4 years ago

i'm walker go away form meeeeee

waynet profile image

waynet 4 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

There should be zombie animals as it just aint fair!

Swetankraj profile image

Swetankraj 4 years ago from India

Now a zombie attack i should get ready with my weapons! -hahaha really nice hub made me laugh halfe on the way. Zombies are attacking.......runn.....!

zombie destroyer 5 years ago

i would get guns heaps i mean heaps of ammo for it than i would get an armored veircle like a tank or something and supplies and drive as for as far away i can than stay in the country for safty oh and is there such thing as zombie animal please tell me and save survivers as well

naya 5 years ago

Wow i may kill a zombe now

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 5 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

Friday the 13th is coming three times this year. Beware the zombie apocalypse. Get your ammo now!


dead man 5 years ago

oh wow my zombie neighbor was just on my computer i think hes dead now what should i do if hes not dead ahhhhhhhhhhhhelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

dead man 5 years ago

we zombies have fellings we just cooe to not use them you should consider us a firend if you have a problem with zomies cuz our faces or how we rose from the grave withflesh peeling from our faces hen u should look at urselves in the morning trust e we never sleep and oe time when i was in this one guys house trying ot get a snack he lookedso ugly that i spit himback out when i really thought about how he lookd when i ate him while he was sleeping

p.s i like brain jiuce with my macoroni n cheee

sgt.Jordan 5 years ago

don't forget about bows and arrows cross bows work better .... the ammo is reusable so if u stick a zombie pick your arrow back up

waynet profile image

waynet 5 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Lol.....Yes them Government types always up to no good!

We might as well blame the Government on everything!

Down with the Zombies!!!!!!!

John Red rod 5 years ago

Zombies are Alive the government has them held underground that's how the outbreak will begin. then soon the zombies will evolve into quicker stealthier things its just a matter of time before someone slips up.

chocolate thunder 5 years ago

hey does a thirteen year old girl want to go out with me

Shadow Assassin 5 years ago

If you're in a Juggernaught suit and in a tank would that keep you safe or if your just in a juggernaut suit would they still be able to kill you???

Makeeyo 5 years ago

What do you thers a zombie called a tank

luis jurado 5 years ago

i want to kill a zombie where do i go show me amap

james m brown 5 years ago

In the Nam, I shot plenty of zombies, you head shot them. Nowadays, these politicians we have can take a head shot and keep coming back stupid. Nukes might be the only way?

matt 5 years ago

i woud use something quiet but painfull

cal 5 years ago

is zombie flesh weak

black and yellow (SONG) 5 years ago

i made a book about zombies with 372 pages and i maite make it into a proper book and show yous and also publish it b the way i am only 8

Noah 5 years ago

Wow I would use a pistie

Noah 5 years ago

Awesome I would use a pistil

xynga 5 years ago

I would run around it and use a machete to slash at its legs until successfully crippled then pour some lighter fluid as the zombie crawls toward me. I light a match and drop it near its head where I concentrated the lighter fluid. Eventually the fire will burn through the skull and kill the zombie.

waynet profile image

waynet 5 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Nice one! I'd go with the Molotov!

DO YOU CARE 5 years ago

I would say to chain them up and then bring them to my fireplace then get some kind of powerful fan and light them on fire either that or run them over with my lawn mower or chop them up with a weed whacker or get in my car and run them over with blood on the windshield

or a Molotov


michel 5 years ago

you can use a baseball bat to crack there heads

logan 5 years ago

Hey, don't burn 'em! The viral type zombies(disease or virus has reanimated them) will just get stronger, and the last thing you want is a flaming Spider(mutated zombie)

waynet profile image

waynet 5 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

What if? what if? hells bells what if? ..........just shoot them!

Rose 5 years ago

How could you kill a zombie with a head-shot even know they really have a brain...Like on Black Ops 1st leval you just have to get a head shot then on many other levels its harder? What if it is harder in real life? They could run without a head....

waynet profile image

waynet 5 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Then haul out the Barbecue!

bre 5 years ago

what if we have to eat zombies!!!!!!!!!?????

ur mum 5 years ago

Luke Skywalker, I choose you!!!

I would hold a lightsaber, and spin around holding it in front of me. Or get a self charging generator, hook it up to a roundabout to make it spin and strap myself into the middle.

yous all know 5 years ago

kickass 124563 you are so foolish go eat some brains you don't even know how to kill a zombie oh this page is on how to kill a zombie

kickass124563 5 years ago

they are so esay to kill love to eat them

angeladale2 profile image

angeladale2 5 years ago from columbus, ohio

thanks for the info we all just might need this one day!

waynet profile image

waynet 5 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

That would be an ideal weapon as it wouldn't run out of bullets and you can quickly jab them through the brain and kill the zombies at a distance...ideally the Walking Dead comic book explains this method of killing a horde of Zombies through a large metal fence with gaps to poke the stick at the Zombies with a knife on the end.

Bladehero22 profile image

Bladehero22 5 years ago

Yo, waynet. If you could use any weapon against the zombies, what would it be? Mine would be a metal pole covered with blue duct tape. I could use some tools from my garage and duct tape to attach them to the pole and remove the tape when I want to change the desired weapon. And I'll have plenty of duct tape and tools at my disposal. They will probably be hardware tools, gardening tools, or maybe nail guns I could use too. And I'll even use rocks for throwing at them. What about you?

David 5 years ago

Well, her is a small list of weapons i have listed along with my emergency plan: Curtain rod, Spatula, Candle holder, Butcher knife, Rolling pin, Hatchet, Hammer, Pipe wrench, Baseball bat, Ice chipper, Saw blade frisby, Firearms(of course), some sort of wire as a last resort for decapitation, Sword( place to get one, mueseum, Rich family, Rich neighbors...), Machete, Crowbar, and a frying pan. Hope this helps you prepare for your zombie apoc!

L Lawliet 5 years ago

1. 95% of zombies can be killed by decapitation, so aim your improvised, desperate weapon for it's head and neck.

2. Do not slip up! Somebody WILL get killed and the next person to see them will think "Oh. That's my friend. I'll just turn my back on him and OH GOODNESS WHY IS HE EATING MY BRAIN!"

3. Do NOT set them on fire! The only thing worse than undead hordes trying to eat your brains are undead hordes trying to eat your brains WHILE on fire!







Congratulations. You are now educated in the way of zombie hunting. Any questions? And remember not to die!

kkdoom 5 years ago

i have seen a "zombie" and there normal people

if zombies are people who have died and come back to life

theres quite a few of them

ben 5 years ago

If you want to kill a zombie just shoot it in the head twice because the number 1 rule is double shot.

super fat man 5 years ago

WHY BURN EM. they can't feel it what would it do except burn the flesh and it wont burn through the skull and sever the brain so there is no point.

but.... if i were to kill a zombie i would just use a very heavy wieght and a very large drop!!!!

Me 5 years ago

Lol with a gun it's like cod black ops

Bladehero22 profile image

Bladehero22 5 years ago

You just have to hit them in the head? I got a metal broomstick covered with blue duct tape. I can probably use it to hit plenty of them in their heads. Course I have hammers and knives so I can use them too. But I'd mostly rely on the broomstick.

caitlyn 5 years ago

this is so gay anyone that is smart would know that zombies are not real!!!!!!!!!!!!

mcrawford76 profile image

mcrawford76 5 years ago from Greeley, Colorado

Very entertaining hub. And by the way, World War Z was absolutely one of the best books i've ever read.

joe 5 years ago

a crowbar and a cheese grater would make the best zombie fighting tool.

but i think that Thor's Mini gun would be boss

(Thor's mini gun is like Thor's hammer except that it has infinite Tracer rounds, it shoots 50000 rounds a minute!!)



Zombie killing is fun with Thor's MiniGun!!


fdddddddddasbdfb 5 years ago

i would get a trained zombie and make it eat other zombies

bob 5 years ago

i have every weapeon in the world so i will teach those zombies a lesson oh gosh a zombie stupid morons get loaded the zombie invasishon has started it amost ate me people every zombie created is in this brain eating group i live in alberta call the fbi or come here and help......................we have killed your friend he is now one of us and we are loaded perpare to die.bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnsssssss

lorddraven2000 profile image

lorddraven2000 5 years ago from Wheelwright KY

very entertaining. I think I would opt for a sword and a gun myself but than again who couldn't have some fun with a grenade or two?

whatever 6 years ago

yea, a headshot always works, but what if you shot it in the heart? if you are stuck with a semi-auto and 20 zombies, you don't have time to aim every time.

slayem all 6 years ago

u know u could use a molotov and a baseball bat or a motorbike or a car but chainsaw no 2 heavy i think the best way 2 survie the zombie apocalips is 2 stay at a milatary base or a gun shop

Michael  6 years ago

lots of different ways to kill a zombie and some realply useful , i would try a toy hellicopter to distract the zombie and try make it dizzy , the go full speed into its head to knock it out !! that's my idea lol but these idea's arre good to .

starctraft 6 years ago

get all supplies and a gun....that's way zombie will hard to kill us..if they were so many..

belphegor 6 years ago

hi my name is belphegor but people just say bael you may not believe me but im the 5th prince of hell the one who controls the sin vanity and sloth and i would just like to say i love the hubpage and i don't love to many things

drunkpeopll 6 years ago

thx when we get taken over i know what to do

The undead 6 years ago

How to kill a zombie well it would depend is it The Apocalyps or joust a small group are they the military kind or the run of the mill cuz each question gives a different answer think about it is it fast and smart like those in asian movies wich are like superman on steroids or slow and Dumm but in any case I would prefer a state of the art military super tank and a group of highly trained people

Granny's House profile image

Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

Great hub. I enjoyed reading it

Al 6 years ago

Diving chainmail, armoured vehicle, a bunch of guns and ammo, some machetes, and a lighter and hairspray. Also travelling with friends is a good idea :)

Zombie Expert 6 years ago

I must agree with all who dislike the chainsaw, one because they are ridiculously heavy,and two because they are ridiculously noisy. I would stick with my hand pump ten round shotgun if im facing under twenty zombies because im a crack shot. but if im facing more than twenty id have to go with a SCAR. Best wishes for the apocolypse,

Zombie Expert Wayne Marcitello

DarkDisOrder profile image

DarkDisOrder 6 years ago from B.A.D. (Beyond All Dimensions)

Thinking...... What would i use to kill a zombie, hhmmmmm, a flamethrower seems good and some grenades, C4, acid. I would make a zombie trap since it would be the end of the world and people are dieing all around me anyway, I'll just find some people I really didn't like and befriend them, act like we're really cool and tell them I now a safe place and use these fools as bait, LMFAO!!!!!

What's News profile image

What's News 6 years ago

Some funny stuff here dude. Great hub.

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Oh, they are real, in fact just last week I had to fend off the undead hordes who smelled my beefy armpits, all I had in the house was a rusty screwdriver to poke in their heads.....

Nadia 6 years ago

um I actually heard dat zombies are real. but i dnt kno to believe it or not. great advice on killing zombies anyway. :)

OhhhhYes!!!Zombies 6 years ago

When You Put It That Way I Have Got To Agree With Ben But I Would Definitely Visit A Local Hardware Store. Or Just A Walmart or a Mall Would Definitely Help Too!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Swords like katanas would work well on a few zombies, but just imagine be-heading a whole army of them, you'd eventually be ripped to pieces and then watch your intestines snapping like elastic!

devon 6 years ago

your forgetting the mutated ones and some woint die with ehad blow's and im with katanas and sword all theway

Lachlan 6 years ago

This is great information for all of us Kinemortophobics out there such as myself haha

MickS profile image

MickS 6 years ago from March, Cambridgeshire, England

Watcha Wayne




waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yes cheers for that, extra ammo is always a good idea!

zombiekiller 6 years ago

if your going to kill tons of zombies make sure you have tons of amos and extra guns if run out of amos

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Hahaha lol sorry daydreaming can be a problem cheers now and yes the hardware store would be a great place to get some zombie killing tools!

miller200 profile image

miller200 6 years ago

i used to work in a hardware store, and whenever I saw an item which was new, i always thought would it be useful in a zombie attack? i lost my job due to daydreaming too much.

Ben (zombie hunter) 6 years ago

sorry robertsloan2 but a chainsaw is one of the worst weapons for fighting zombies. here's why:

-They're heavy. A chainsaw can weigh up to, and in excess of ten pounds compared to a two pound machete

-Their fuel supply is finite. Once drained they provide as much protection as a hand held radio

-They're noisy. this noise will attract zombies

if fighting zombies an experienced hunter like myself may recommend a crowbar, trench spike or shaolin spade

if unsure ask yourself:

1. can it crush or decapitate a skull in one blow?

2. is it ligh?

3. is it durable?

Regards Ben

Ben (zombie hunter) 6 years ago

Though not necessarily evil, zombies are creatures that need to be eradicated. Although there are rare exceptions, zombies exhibit no brain function due to necrosis or natural decomposition and therefore cannot feel emotions. much like a virus, they exist only to consume and nothing else.

The exception i was talking about earlier was the 'nzumbe' this is where the word zombie originates. Nzumbe refers to the soul of the deceased and is the proper term for the voodoo zombie(perhaps the case with Xombie). although they may be similar, if you look closer they are different to true zombies:

-They show emotion. they may show anger, sadness or even smile, unlike a true zombie

-they feel pain. they may nurse a wound or even attemt to treat it, but unlike true zombies they wont ignore it

- they recognise fire. though not necessarily afraid of it they will often avoid it, unlike a true zombie

-they arent mindless killers.like a human, unless provoked, they don't show agression

-and they can be reasoned with

Basically if you are sure of a voodoo zombie, don't immediately kill it just let it pass.

if you need more info Max Brooks(a fellow hunter) has written a detailed guide called 'The Zombie Survival Guide'

regards Ben

PS. sorry to be a butthole :(

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers now!

Zombies are everywhere!

Jim Strutzin profile image

Jim Strutzin 6 years ago

Useful information, you've definitely read the survival guide my friend.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yes that'll do it kill the zombie!

nameless 7 years ago

a more funnier way to kill a zombie if you live in an apartment building and u live on the top floor trow the tv out the window and hope you hit the fucker on the head haha

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Your welcome! spread the word!!

film critic profile image

film critic 7 years ago

Thanks for the list. It is very helpful. I will make a list and post on fridge just in case.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Er yes snake eyes...!

I liked the Return of the Living Dead and the zombies were ace as they would say what they wanted and that was BRAINS!!!!!!!!

Cheers Jellydonut25

jellydonut25 profile image

jellydonut25 7 years ago from Buffalo, NY

also, we need to hope that the zombies are not of the "Return of the Living Dead" variety since they were unkillable...still, at least they were pretty funny too...

Snake Eyes profile image

Snake Eyes 7 years ago from Canada

Lets not forget to belch/fart while doing your best Al bundy on the couch impersonation.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

I would chain them up and do some kinky stuff....ugh just kidding, no I would chain them up and do all the things they nagged me about in front of them, I'd throw my sockson the floor and leave them there for weeks,I'd leave hair in the sink,I'd eat my food whilst talking and I'd fart in their face and laugh!!!

Snake Eyes profile image

Snake Eyes 7 years ago from Canada

So here's a question for you, you have an ex girlfreind of boyfreind that turns into a zombie.....now do you still respectuflly be-head them in an honerable fashion. Or do you take you anger out on them for always nagging to take out the trash when that oh so important game is on.....usually at the most pivitol moments to boot.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers now Richard!!

Yes I've read your zombie survival guide, so cheers for the link back, I just think if we all know how to kill them, then we'll be ready for them when this Swine flu turns into a zombie virus!!

livewithrichard profile image

livewithrichard 7 years ago from Charleston, SC

Nice job Waynet, I think I'll link to it from my Zombie survival guide. In my guide I outline how to survice the attack and not how to kill the Zombies...

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Thanks Xomby for those common sense words of zombie killing wisdom...you heard it people, zombies are to be respected so chop off their heads with feeling!!!

Xomby profile image

Xomby 7 years ago

This hub and the corrolating comments are rather offensive to us enslaved undead. It's not offensive due to the graphic nature by which you would dispose of said zombie (we do not fear death, we long for it), but rather because since death eludes us it dredges up feelings of isolated desperation. Loneliness is our only friend, and our Bokor will not allow us redemption. I therefore implore you, when killing your next zombie, do so with compassion and dignity because though we are not to be considered human, we were at one time. Sleep is wasted on the living.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers now HC23!

Zombies are everywhere, so lets stop them!!

HC23 profile image

HC23 7 years ago

Ah read the Zombie Survival Guide people. Chainsaws are a no no. I love this article. I never thought to think that household furniture could be used.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 7 years ago from Southern Oregon

Awesome hub, fun and well written. Please check out mine Waynet http://hubpages.com/hub/Killing-Zombies. Keep it up and again your writing style is cool.

BChini 7 years ago

nice post. you have to be you hit the right spot on the zombie. check it out.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yes that's it sorted then, the marketing slogan is there!

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

glow in the dark zombie sticks sticks that move on their own arrrgghhrrr!!!

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yep that'll do it Bill, ground them into dust and make them into glue sticks and market them in a cool way, could be quite lucrative!

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

how to kill a zombie?hmmmmmm?lets see lets see how would I kill a Zombie?I guess the only way to truly kill a zombie is to cremate them burn them down to ashe.total destruction of their bodies if not they will keep coming and coming and coming......

loveofnight profile image

loveofnight 7 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

i am a sci-fi, horror,action movie fan but i just haven't been able to get past cannibalism to enjoy zombie movies....great hub none the less

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Light sabers would be cool if they actually had them, I'd be happily killing zombies with them all day and it would be great if as soon as you strike them down they just dissappear like obi wan kenobi after darth vader whacked him with a light saber!!

Oh yes I liked that game...! killing zombies could turn into an actual olympic event!!

Mrvoodoo profile image

Mrvoodoo 7 years ago from ?

lol, great hub, I ran a poll on another site to determine the best weapon for zombie slaying and the most popular choice was a 'light-saber', not sure where you'd find one in the event of a zombie outbreak though.

Not sure if you've played 'Left 4 Dead', but that's a great game for a bit of zombie slaying madness. =)

sibajar profile image

sibajar 7 years ago

Great Zombie hub, I gave it a rate up, I am a big zombie fan too. I got a Zombie Movie Hub http://hubpages.com/entertainment/Best-Zombie-Movi , check it out and leave a comment, I'd like to know what you think.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Thanks Val

Current classics you have there and I call myself a horror film buff, especially the helicopter rotor blades slicing up some zombies or rage infected nutters, but the vinyl LP's and the winchester I should have remembered(but don't mention the Z word!)

Script for a zombie project?

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yeah Chainsaws, how could I forget this, or even a lawn mower from that classicly funny movie Braindead(loved that film!) oh yeah Return of the living dead was the main films for body parts that wouldn't die. cheers Robert for the chainsaws, can't believe I forgot that one!!

Valerie F profile image

Valerie F 7 years ago from Idaho Falls, ID

I think it's rather happily ironic that you would post this the day I got a script for a zombie project approved. There are a couple anti-zombie weapons you forgot, however. Helicopter rotors and vinyl LP's have proven effective against zombies. As for guns, well the best to take them out would of course be a... Winchester!

robertsloan2 profile image

robertsloan2 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

ROFLMAO!!! Love it. You forgot the ultimate classic though. Chainsaws are great against zombies, albeit leaving messy stinking rot splashing everywhere. Watch out for the kind where the pieces keep going after dismemberment too.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Yes we gotta prepare for zombie invasion and they'll have such reality show classics of their own like "I'm a zombie get me out of here" and "Zombies Kitchen"

We have to end this when the time comes...zombies bah! we know how to stop you!

Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

Damn...that was on my list to write :)

You did a much better job than I could have, this is must-have information!

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