absolute boyfriend: robot vs. human

Needing to take a break from writing some very dark stuff in a current story, I looked once again to my Asian drama sites to relax a bit. Then I saw it. I could not believe it. A manga that I had thoroughly enjoyed... had read eons ago had become a live action series from Japan. Taking a deep breath, I cleaned my bifocals quickly and sat down to watch... and, of course, read the subtitles. Sigh....

The manga written by Yuu Watase started in March 2005 was called "Absolute Boyfriend or Zettai Kareshi". It was a manga series in Shoujo Comics and later came out in a six volume book series. A kind hearted serious Japanese student by the name of Riiko Izawa has bad luck with boys. Every one of them that she confesses to dumps her, or rejects her right off the bat. She thru a series of accidents meets a salesman from Kronos Heaven and accidentally orders her ideal boyfriend. Serious, devoted, only a little jealous, kind, and is to only love Riiko... needless to say, what Riiko thought was only a computer game, becomes a huge package delivered the next day.

As she opens it, a life sized, doll like man appears with instructions. Riiko activates him with a kiss. And suddenly, her ideal boyfriend appears in front of her. There is an old American saying that comes to mind here... something like... be careful for what you ask for...

Soon the fun, the angst, the trauma, the reality weaves its way through the art and the words of Yuu Watase bringing the reader along into a world that almost becomes believable. This is not just a romantic tale by no means.

copies of the manga series... falls under romance, drama, comedy and sci fi
copies of the manga series... falls under romance, drama, comedy and sci fi | Source

As I started to watch the live action Japanese drama series, the same fun, angst, troubles and woes were brought to life, again, drawn in by the story line and the great acting, it was a great escape from my current reality, and gave my mind something else to think about and contemplate... I would recommend this breather to anyone who wished to partake.

The Absolute Boyfriend aired in Japan in April 2008. It is an eleven episode series with an extra episode as a special. Riiko Izawa is played by actress Aibu Saki. The Robot is played by actor Hayami Mokomichi. Soshi is played by Mizushima Hiro. The story line is altered as Riiko is grown up and works as a part timer in company that specializes in deserts. It is well thought out and clear drama. The never ending questions it brings to life makes the viewer ask those questions of themselves.

"What is love?"

"Can an appliance develop true feelings?"

"Men... are they worth it?"

"Can a robot become self actualized? Have an ego? And if it does, is it just a machine with a soul?"

"Is it fair to be in a relationship where one will grow old and die, while the other cannot do either and is left behind with the sole purpose of loving that one person who is gone?"

Oh, questions, questions, questions... the viewer goes along on this ride as the three main characters find their answers. Believe me, it is worth the trip. In preparing this, i also found in my research that Taiwan will also be producing live action series of this. Ah, the possibilities....

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Fortadam profile image

Fortadam 5 years ago from Portland Oregon

I want to watch this now! Where did you find it? :)

meow48 profile image

meow48 5 years ago from usa Author

fortadam, thankyou for your comment, i sent you a mail, since i don't know if i would get in trouble for promoting other sites here. take care.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

i want one! lol

meow48 profile image

meow48 5 years ago from usa Author

from your mouth to god's ears... heeee.

RachaelLefler profile image

RachaelLefler 5 years ago from Illinois

A lot of anime deals with cyber love. I think it's a real possibility given the country's advanced technology, these manga about it aren't even in a futuristic setting usually like with bubble houses and flying cars and junk like in the Jetson's. It makes you wonder if stuff like this is common in Japan already, it probably is. What I wonder is is it right for a person to have a romantic attachment to a machine when they could be loving an actual human being who's capable of needing their love and reciprocating it better? Is it real love or just a kind of pathetic play-acting for someone who's too afraid to go talk to the opposite sex?

meow48 profile image

meow48 5 years ago from usa Author

more than likely, but i think it is also the same sense of love for a pet, it relies on you... for a purpose instesd of having one of its own, solely for itself... kinda thing... the resolution of this live action drama is probably predictable but great, considering the fact it is the machine who makes the decision... and logically puts forth a solution for the happiness of all concerned. thankyou for your great comment, i appreciate it...

profile image

Aka Professor M 5 years ago

Interest concept, Jean, which puts me in mind of "Mr Data" of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"! Or if one is of a "Comic Magazine" buff the "The Vision" in Marvel Comics married the "Scarlet Witch" and that too, had very serious ramifications!

One could even use the old "Frankenstein Monster" as the first prototype or even Dare I say, "Pinocchio" and of course The "Tin Man" in the Wizard Of Oz. In fact Most Mythologies likewise has many incidences of statues becoming human.

Again the hub was interesting and illuminating! Thanks for posting it, Jean!

Regards Mike (Aka Professor M!) ;D

meow48 profile image

meow48 5 years ago from usa Author

thanks for reading this. it is my escape... heee heee

djeff37 profile image

djeff37 4 years ago from Converse, TX

This is a very good assessment of the manga, which I have not heard of before viewing the Taiwanese drama version of the manga. I found that the biggest thing was the overwhelming desire that people have to be loved and the question, can we truly love someone or something incapable of returning that love. The answer, according to the drama, seems to be yes.

meow48 profile image

meow48 4 years ago from usa Author

thankyou for taking the time to comment. i appreciate your comment.

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