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What Happened Today

Today on All My Children Adam Chandler came home from the hospital after having a heart attack. His new wife,Annie, told him she was pregnant but later told Adam's nephew that this is not true.

Kindal is still on the run because the court system still believes that she is guilty of killing Stewart Chandler, Adam's twin brother.  She is in a small town with Aiden who has confessed to the owner of this house that he will not lose Kendal again.  This seems like the beginning of a new story line for All My Children.  

In the meantime back in Pine Valley, Zack, Ethan and Erica are still trying to get someone to confess to Stewart's murder so that Kendal can come back home.  It has now come out that Adam killed Stewart because he was having hallucinations and thought that he was killing himself but shot Stewart instead.  The people who know this, Adam, his nephew and J.R. will not admit this to the authorities.  Therefore, Kendal still needs to be on the run.

This is a wonderful soap opera which is very entertaining.


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