I seen a movie YEARS ago with my mom, and need Help on the name of it! PLEASE HELP!

It's about a Teen Girl, she has a mental illness, and she runs off with a boy. I don't remember much after that, but I remember he drives a Jeep, and she covers his eyes while he's driving, and Directs him on where to go with him not being able to see, 'Playing Chicken'. I remember another part, where when she runs out of her medication, she starts freaking out, he wakes up, and she has all of the pictures of magazines cut up, she cut out all of the eyes, and put them all on the walls around them, saying that they will protect them, and watch over them! Can you PLEASE help?!

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Lisa Brown (lisasuniquevoice) says

3 years ago
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hawkdad73 says

5 years ago
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