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Have you ever gone to a storage auction and has the show Storage Wars change the industry?

I went to my first storage auction this weekend along with probably half the town. There were 300+ people there. I don't know how many were serious bidders. The units seemed to go for a high price ($1000+) considering there is a good chance they flooded last summer which resulted in them being abandoned. I was wondering if anyone else has gone to a storage auction and have you noticed a change in attendance since the show Storage Wars first aired?

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Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) says

4 years ago
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rulesforrebels says

4 years ago
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idratherbe says

4 years ago
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    sls450 4 years ago

    I had looked into buying a forclosed house to live in near where our garage is. Problem is the banks run them up at auction. It was cheaper for us to build a new one by the garage than buy a 15+ year old house. The house still sits empty.