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Would you rather see a 1-2hr long or 3-4hr long film version of a favorite book?

Would you rather see a shorter movie based on one of your favorite books that left out a lot of the little details (which may include your favorite little side story or chapter) but generally stuck to the main story, or see a longer movie that included EVERYTHING (even those parts which were less interesting or downright boring)?

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Sp Greaney (sangre) says

4 years ago
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Eric Calderwood says

4 years ago
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Georgianna Lowery (Georgie Lowery) says

4 years ago
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P. Thorpe Christiansen (duffsmom) says

4 years ago
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    Adam M. Hanson (AM Hanson) 4 years ago

    a good example of this is the book "Dune." The miniseries are generally seen as being extremely superior to the 1984 film version, which cut out a good third of the book and took a good deal away from the whole "danger of being a hero/leader" message

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Marcus J. Guidry (MarcusJ) says

4 years ago