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What size guitar amp for gigs?

we're talking electric guitar here ... big enough for back room of pub/bar kind of places .. ie not too big ... would 20w be sufficient or would I need more?

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Nik Farr (The Public Image) says

3 years ago
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    Nik Farr (The Public Image) 3 years ago

    D'oh! Just re-read your question and realized you specified the type and size of venue right there. I would say 20 watts is just fine for pub/bar gigs, provided we're takling about a tube amp and not a solid state amp.

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BobMonger says

4 years ago
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    BobMonger 4 years ago

    I'm with guitar bum-100watt should be enough. I can't tell from the video how big a room they're playing. You can fill a space with that kind of sound using only a 7.5watt Pignose amp if you're playing in a broom closet. Bigger rooms need more oomph


guitar bum says

4 years ago
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