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Why in Predator 2 when Danny Glover cut off the Predator's arm that the bomb didn't go off?

Can somebody answer this question...I may be looking too deep into the film, but I thought that it was just a huge movie mistake since that the bomb almost goes off but conveniently Glover cuts the Predator's arm off right before the bomb goes off. In reality wouldn't it go off anyways since the timer was counting down and Glover has no idea how to read the alien numbers or turn it off?

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Best Answer Martin Allan (RetroBrothers) says

4 years ago
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    Thefilmguy24 4 years ago

    Ok. Maybe I missed that. I've seen it many times. Thanks

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William E Krill Jr (krillco) says

4 years ago
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WhatTheHub says

4 years ago
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