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If Marvel releases a MCU Ultimate Collector's Blu-ray Set, would you buy it?

If Marvel Studios releases an MCU Ultimate Edition if it included all Phase 1,2,and 3 films, how much do you think it may cost fans? I'm thinking maybe somewhere close to $500-$600 due to the fact that Warner Bros. released The Harry Potter Ultimate Wizards Box Set on Blu-ray which includes all 8 films at a price tag of $400. Would you buy a MCU Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray Set if it was priced higher than $500? I probably would if it were priced right and had all the films from all the Phases and has a bunch of extras, but this may not be released until maybe 10 years down the road

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GreenMathDr says

4 years ago
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    Thefilmguy24 4 years ago

    Same here. If it were at a decent reasonable price, I may buy it. I'm actually going to pre-order the Phase 1 Briefcase Blu-ray Set since it's being released in April. But we have a while before Marvel ever decides to since we're only in Phase 2.