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Have you ever used an Animated Video Background for any of your projects?

An Animated Video Background, or motion loop is typically a .mov/.wmv file which you would use in probably a presentation, a video project (say intro of something), a slideshow etc. Many people use it with softwares like Windows Movie Maker to create video projects. Have you ever used it? Free/Paid? Which software did you use it with? Were there sufficient options to choose from? If you ever have to use it in future, what kind of video background would you like for your project? Any specific color scheme or theme preferences?

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Larry Wall says

3 years ago
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    Anusha Jain (anusha15) 3 years ago

    Thanks for your response Larry. So the video you added were deeply related to the presentation - it seems so. What I meant was some decorative/supportive animation which may not be too specific - or it may be if being used as a concept illustrator.