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What do the Bat-Fanboys think of FOX's "Gotham" Series thus far?

The show looks at the Batman universe from a unique angle - it takes place after Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered, but years before he becomes Batman. This is stuff that's never been covered in depth, either in the comics or previous Batman films. As a longtime Batman fanboy I'm impressed with "Gotham" thus far. The casting is great (I especially like Donal Logue as the slovenly GCPD officer Harvey Bullock) and it's fun to see "younger" versions of villains like the Penguin and Riddler. I'm hooked and it seems a lot of others are too, as FOX has just given the order for a full season.

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M. T. Dremer says

2 years ago
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    Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) 2 years ago

    Yeah, the guy playing "Oswald Cobblepot" (aka the future Penguin) is great. He's creepy as hell!

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NiaLee says

2 years ago