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SO many hubs written by some! Are any big hubbers active on main social media? I doubt it. No time!

Where do you find all these subjects? Frankly some are so trivial and menial it seems some are just trying to write as many hubs as possible. I'm busy SOCIALIZING on facebook and two Twitter accounts. So, I don't have the time to just stay on here AND doing the other required tasks (like maybe what I'm doing here to just fill up time and space.) I'm joking. But I DO have a job and a life. Go see for yourself and find me on facebook (same name and nickname.) But, really, so many subjects and some on the most nit-picky subjects. Maybe I just have too much testosterone in my blood.

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John Hansen (Jodah) says

13 months ago
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    Dan W Miller 13 months ago

    Not most hubs and I'm quite eclectic in interests. But most EVERYTHING under the sun is covered in here. How do I keep up? Subject get stretched out so often. Short hubs get ousted. (Poetry? Ha!) Twitter is geared for young but links are interesting.

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Vladimir Karas (ValKaras) says

13 months ago
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