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What is your favorite silly or lame joke or riddle?

We all know those dumb, lame jokes or riddles that give us a good belly laugh. One of my favorites is, Question: Why are there now only 18 letters in the alphabet? Answer: ET, flew away in a UFO and the CIA went after him! What's yours? Keep it clean!

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Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) says

12 months ago
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SgtCecil says

12 months ago
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Qmarpat says

12 months ago
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    Qmarpat 11 months ago

    I ran across some more, in a kiddie joke book:

    Tim: Why does your dog have duck feathers in his mouth?

    Jim: He's very obedient. I told him to get down!

    What did the circus lion say when he ate the clown? Gee, this food tastes funny!