I'm looking for this old movie, black and white (1950's or 60's max) and not very popular....

A........ young woman is either kidnapped by this gruff man or she lets him into her home and he hold her hostage, and she stays with him willingly at the end. The majority (if not the whole) of the film takes place in a studio apartment with only the man and woman. I thought the woman was played by Lee Remick, but I can't find it under any of her titles. Its driving me crazy - please help

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Cyn (MystMoonstruck) says

5 years ago
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Delta King says

4 years ago
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    Cyn (MystMoonstruck) 4 years ago

    Something Wild (1964) starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker

    IMDb synopsis: Mary Ann Robinson, a young woman living in The Bronx, New York, with her neurotic, overbearing mother and kindly but ineffectual stepfather, is raped while walking home one

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6 years ago
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