Associated Press

Associated Press (AP) is a cooperative nonprofit agency that gathers and distributes news stories and pictures throughout the world. Its services are used by more than 6,500 subscribing newspapers, periodicals, and television stations and radio broadcasters in the United States and abroad. The AP has staff representation in all major American and foreign cities. Many local newspapers without their own foreign correspondents rely entirely on the AP for their international news coverage.

Most AP news stories were transmitted to subscribers by teletype, a system of communication that automatically converted an electrical message into a typewritten message at the receiving end. The agency used 475,000 miles (764,000 km) of leased wire in the United States and additional facilities in foreign countries. It transmitted photographs by wire, radio, and cable. Nowadays we have the Internet.

Founded in 1848 by several New York City daily newspaper publishers, the AP was incorporated in its present form in 1900. It is owned and operated by its members, who are broadcasters and newspaper publishers. Each member provides the agency with local news, which is then made available to other members.

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