Music Quiz - 50 Band Singers Who Went Solo

Put Your Music Knowledge To The Test

I'm a massive music fan and I like quizzes, so if you're the same then please relax and enjoy the following 50 questions. All questions relate to singers who have recorded material in famous bands and have gone on to enjoy some sort of success as a solo artist. No prizes then for guessing that I've included Michael Jackson in there somewhere.

Some are cryptic, a few are downright tough, and a few or the multiple-choice answers are just plain silly. I've given you 5 choices for each, so you stand to get an average of 20% just by guessing. But if you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror with a little bit of pride, try aiming a little higher! :)

I've given each set of 5 questions the names of traditional anniversaries. There's no reason why - just go with it. I thought it made the Contents Table more appealing, but it just looks like Ivana Trump's Christmas list!

Enjoy and please feel free to tell us your score. Oh, and you can leave a comment in the Guestbook too if you like.

Paul McCartney Talking About Leaving The Beatles

Take a break - You're halfway there!

So what was your final score?

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Did you enjoy this quiz? 15 comments

anonymous 3 years ago

Yes I did,

Baddew Fibes profile image

Baddew Fibes 3 years ago Hub Author

@anonymous: Glad to hear it - thanks Mary.

jdwheeler profile image

jdwheeler 3 years ago

Loved it!

Baddew Fibes profile image

Baddew Fibes 3 years ago Hub Author

@jdwheeler: Glad you liked it - and thanks for the SquidAngel Blessing too!

LabKittyDesign profile image

LabKittyDesign 3 years ago

Heh heh: Tin Q4: - just image Bjork in The Replacements...

Baddew Fibes profile image

Baddew Fibes 3 years ago Hub Author

@LabKittyDesign: Tell you what, I'd pay good money to see that!! :-)

captainj88 profile image

captainj88 3 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

Great fun! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

othellos 2 years ago

Lots of fun. Enjoyed the lens!

BarbaraCasey profile image

BarbaraCasey 2 years ago from St. Petersburg, Florida Level 1 Commenter

I'm amazed at my score.. I must have been paying more attention than I realized. Fun quiz, thanks.

Baddew Fibes profile image

Baddew Fibes 2 years ago Hub Author

@BarbaraCasey: Well done Barbara! And thanks for taking the quiz. I had lots of fun putting it together!

tonyleather 2 years ago

Great quiz! Really had a great time head scratching and trawling my memory! Thanks!

kehsiberry profile image

kehsiberry 2 years ago

Great quizz!!!!!

Lynn Klobuchar profile image

Lynn Klobuchar 24 months ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota


aaxiaa lm profile image

aaxiaa lm 21 months ago

Phewff, that was a long one but I really enjoyed it!

Scindhia H profile image

Scindhia H 21 months ago from Chennai

Good quiz. It was fun!

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