Brigitte Lin(Lin Ching Hsia, Lin Qing Xia) ~Most beautiful Chinese actress

Lin Qing Xia
Lin Qing Xia

I know it's weird, I am girl and I enjoy looking at extremely beautiful women. They are just so pleasing to the eye. When I say a girl is extremely beautiful, she has almost got perfect features. What do I mean by perfect? A small oval face, a big round eyes, a small tall nose and a mouth that is neither too big or too small. A tall girl is definitely a plus because of those long legs. Anyway, Lin Ching Hsia or Lin Qing Xia or Brigitte Lin is the most beautiful Asian woman of all times (my opinion). She is just very delicate and feminine looking. So, enjoy this hub with lots of pictures and video on youtube.

ζž—ι’ιœžLin Qing Xia (Lin Ching Hsia,Brigette Lin) – She is a Taiwanese actress of Northern Chinese origin. This one is my all time favorite girl. Well, she is know in her fifty's I think. But when she was young, in her twenty's, she was just the most beautiful girl on the planet (okay, my opinion only). She's got the perfect little face with all the perfect features. The big round eyes, small tall nose, very cute mouth and a gorgeous little chin. She was 5 feet 6 inches tall with a very good figure. Beautiful legs for sure. Anyway, here are some pictures of her and almost some youtube videos. She is my favorite one, I put so many pictures of her!! Hope you enjoy.

However, she did not get to marry the man that she loved for twenty years. This is extremely sad because they look so cute together. Instead, Lin Ching Hsia married a Cantonese business man that look very average to say the best. Well, she says she is very happy. But who knows! Here are a few more pictures of her. Enjoy! I have never seen another woman more beautiful than she is, truly amazing face! However, time is killing beautiful memories of her.

Lin in her early movie
Lin in her early movie
Lin Ching Hsia or Lin Qing Xia or Brigitte Lin with the love of her life
Lin Ching Hsia or Lin Qing Xia or Brigitte Lin with the love of her life
Lin's beautiful face from the side
Lin's beautiful face from the side

Here are more pictures of her in movies and TV shows when she was younger. If you want to witness a true Chinese beauty, watch some of her early works and you will see nothing all natural beauty. If only I can be as beautiful as she is.

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ladyjane 5 years ago

just wanna thank you so much for your effort. You did a good job on her pictures. I've been her fan for a very long time,eversince, I was a teenager. Yeah, I agree with you that she is the most gorgeous actress of our time. Thanks again

noor mohammad 5 years ago


Blin 5 years ago

I stumbled over a YouTube video 2 days ago and just discovered Brigette Lin. I started to search for her and have been mesmerized by her beauty. I am a straight woman, but admire her beauty so greatly!! She is Soooooooo pretty and cute!! Her hair is nice, her eyes are stunning, her mouth is cute, her split chin is super gorgeous, her nose is so good looking, her skin is like porcelain. She is just toooo tooo beautiful! (I wish I looked like her too!) LOL

There are a lot of beautiful celebrities, but Brigette Lin is by FAR, the BEST of all!!!

hoang 4 years ago

she is the most beautiful Chinese actress I've ever seen, especially those days she was in Taiwan.

indian 4 years ago


I agree with all. She is really very beautiful. When i saw her in kung fu movies i was so attracted by her beauty and sexy looks.

nilson uy 4 years ago

I hope if ever Ching Hsia is already divorced with Mr. Ying. Then Chin Han should marry her. Chin Han should take this opportunity to marry Ching Hsia. He has caused her so much heartaches already. He owe her a sincere marriage to Ms. Ching Hsia. I hope everybody will agree with me. I really love Ching Hsia, she is the most beautiful actress of Chinese Movies of all time until today.

Tatatong 3 years ago

Yes, I totally agree with all of your comments about Brigette Lin, her beauty, talent & great acting skills. I've been her fan since young. Currently I was given a couple of movie DVDs with all of Brigette Lin's past movies, so I'm now re-living the good ole days & Taiwan's movies. Yes, she & Chin Han were an inseparable couple in all the movies!

jessegil1238 profile image

jessegil1238 3 years ago from Bronx, NY

I also happen to be a fan of Lin. I watch many HK movies of her including her wu-xia ones. I would highly recommend that you buy Akiko's Tetsuya's biography of Lin book "The Last Star of the East". it's a real opener into the real life of Brigitte Lin :)

Anthony 3 years ago

I just wished that I could meet her face to face one day and to spend a few 8 days with her to learn all her beautiful personalities and quality. Lin Ching Hsia was my favorite actress and still is. She is the most adorable GODDESS type of a woman ever live. Luv you Ching Hsia. Wishing you all the very best.

from philippines 2 years ago

love her movies! until now i watch and download her movies! specially swordsman II, east is red, deadfull melody, i have all her movies

julius 2 years ago

Oh yes she's the most beautiful chinese actress of all time. There's always this saying in Cantonese till this day "Lei wooi leang kor Lam Chin Har man" which literally means can you be preetier than Lin Ching Hsia. I first met her in Bug is Street in Singapore in 1970s where she stopped there after attending the Asian Film Festival in Jargarta. The entourage included Ker Chung Hsiong and Shangkuan Lin Feng.

sarahlee 23 months ago

watched nearly all her movies and love them All.esp 'dongfang bupai' simply awesome n stunning.Ching hsia,i love u.

Jenny 22 months ago

I just got curious about Brigitte Lin because one forum poster insisted that she's the most beautiful Asian actress. I got fed off reading these and then I searched her. Even I only saw her pictures on Google image, I was surprised that she's really beautiful unlike other actresses that you have to watch them first before you appreciate their beauty and charisma.

I though she will be like some pretty actresses that are somewhat beautiful but have boring personalities or can act but not extraordinary. I was wrong. I like how she acts in the movies and she was also willing to play cross-dressing roles which I did not expect from a very pretty actress. Aargh.. someone or directors (hello Quentin Tarantino!) must give tribute to her by including a scene that is a reference from one of her movies. By that way, young ones like me will be interested again. As of now, I am happy that she shared her experiences in Akiko Tetsuya's book and she is somewhat active in participating in interviews.

Kim 16 months ago

She is undoubtedly the most beautiful Asian Chinese Actress of all time.Her beauty is so natural. I keep a collection of her movies. Never get bored of watching her.

Sjeline L Tenardi 9 months ago

My mother and aunties all thought Lin Ching Shia the most beautiful as well. Perhaps Liu Yi Fei almost comes close to her 'perfection'.

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