Booking Political Comedy

Booking Political Comedy
Booking Political Comedy

Would you want a political comedian to entertain your guests at an event?

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Political Comedy

Every now and again everyone needs to laugh. In this day and age we can all use a way to escape the natural stresses of life and the challenges it brings and laughter is one of the very best ways. People have always used stories as a way to come together and have a good chuckle. In the 20th Century comedy has evolved into stand-up and every comic has an opinion and a point of view. One of the most popular ones today include political comedy.

When should I book political comedy?

Whether or not you should be booking political comedy for an event depends upon many factors. The most important of those are enumerated below:

  1. Guests. Though it is fun and entertaining, knowing your guests and their point of views is a must as they may find some jokes not funny or even inappropriate.
  2. Political Timing. Is there a current issue that deserves to be brought out? Then having someone to entertain you and the guest with regards to this may be a good idea.
  3. Nature of event. For what will you need an entertainer? This should also be thought out. Some events don't really compliment political comedians, like weddings.

Booking Political Comedy
Booking Political Comedy

Booking Political Comedy For Events

Political comedy can be very effective because for a mature audience it is a current topic to which everyone can relate. Thinking of hiring a political comic for your next company or private function? Here are some questions to ask yourself and some things to consider before you make that all important hire of a political comedian:

  • Why would you want to book a political comic in the first place?

This is a question many people ask themselves because politics among friends can sometimes be frowned upon.With a comedian though remember they are professional and present their political based comedy in a sharp witted, opinionated, and accommodating fashion.They will bring a certain intelligence to a comedy routine that will engage your audience.

  • Some comics feel it is necessary to fully exercise their first amendment rights. Is that ok with you?

When considering which comic to hire you want to make sure you know what you expect of the comic. If you have certain expectations be upfront with the comic so there are no surprises the day of the event. Be sure to have a comic that will live up to your expectations and not cross forbidden lines.

  • Do you want a comic that will customize their act to emphases your policies, positions and event?

This is possible and guaranteed not to offend those of differing beliefs. Do you have a certain agenda or beliefs you want your comedian to portray? If you do, let them know and ask if they can tailor their act that way. Many comics can customize for you. This could be an effective way to get your political message across as your audience will be united in laughter. Comedians are professionals and truly take pride in being funny, but also doing a great job for those that hire them.

Here are some sample political comedy videos, which will give you a way to view actual political comedians at work. Seeing the performers in action is truly the best way to know if they are a fit for your event.

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