Bosa Nova

I was stuck in a snow storm yesterday, literally and figuratively. My friend and I were driving down the Grape Vine from San Francisco, back to Los Angeles on the first day of spring. The rain was miserable, but it quickly turned to pounding vengeful snow. Suddenly, the cars stopped, and the snow quickly fell, trapping us on the freeway. Unbelievably frightened, we began to get caved in, with no where to go. I had to think fast.

Luckily my instinct and adrenaline kicked in. Shaking behind the steering wheel, with my friend nearly in tears, I left thousands of stuck cars, where they would remain for hours on end. No food, no water, no heat, no bathroom, no fun. I illegally drove off the emergency lane to the closest exit, and found shelter at a nearby inn. Within in minutes, my car was covered, but we were safe for the night. Definitely one of the lucky one's.

My friend and I later walked through the freezing black ice and snow to find food. And at that moment, I realized something. I knew that my soaking cold socks would dry, and that I would take a hot shower once we checked in. I even knew that we would laugh about this adventure one day. What I understood was that where trouble finds you, you must look into yourself for comfort. It was a simple reminder. Yes, we had one another, along with the wonderful locals that helped us, and the concerned loved one's back home. Yet in the end, we could only find our own inner peace. So I tried to relax, and get to a place of tranquility. I smiled through the fear, and reminded myself that this too shall pass.

As I sit here and write this today, safe at home, this song comes to mind. Whenever I need to find that 'place' within myself, I turn to music. And for this occasion, I'm reminded of Bossa Nova. It's spring time, so I figured I would serenade you with this lovely treat that's perfect for the new season. It seems we've all had a rough past week or two, so this is my gift to calm you. Whether it's the news, family, love, or career that brought you down, just relax, and listen to this. It's soft, acoustic rhythm and beat will bring your mind to the beach, the warm sunset, and the embrace of someone you love. It's wonderful to escape sometimes, even if it's just in your own head. That's exactly what I did. There in the middle of no where, I took my mind else where. Perhaps to Brazil, who knows. And although I know that troubles may follow you wherever you go, this music can help you heal, if only for a few moments.

Enjoy the music, and may this season be a safe and peaceful one, filled with fresh new beginnings. May we always grateful, and take advantage of the moments that lead us by our hearts.

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Did you know? Bossa Nova means 'new trend' or 'fashionable wave' in Portuguese. It is a mixture of samba and jazz music, originating in the 1950's beach culture of Brazil. The first Bossa Nova song to gain international attention was 'The Girl from Ipanema', followed by 'Quando, Quando, Quando'.

Want more Bossa Nova? Try the beautiful soundtrack to the movie 'Woman on Top', staring Penelope Cruz, or Putumayo for their world music collection.


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