Cameron Diaz Hot or Not?

Introduction to Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is a model and an actress, but is the San Diego beauty one of the hottest actresses in the world? Over the coming article I will help you why Cameron Diaz is hot, or why she is not!

Cameron Diaz was born August 30th 1972 and started modelling at the young age of 15. Her striking features sent her flying to success with modelling contracts for clients such as Calvin Klein and Levi's.

At the age of 20 she forayed in to the adult entertainment industry, a video was made but Cameron Diaz managed to stop the video from being published.

When she reached the age of 21 the career of the hot Cameron Diaz escalated dramatically when she was cast in one of the lead roles in the film 'The Mask' alongside Jim Carry. This in itself was an amazon achievement, since Cameron Diaz had no prior acting experience to this role.

Unlike most young actresses Cameron Diaz did not immediately chase the money, instead opting to appear in several smaller independent films to hone her acting talents before she re-entered the Hollywood realm.

This must have worked admirably, since her next hollywood films were 'My Best Friend's Wedding' and 'There's Something About Mary' both of which were hugely successful.  Since then she has appeared in a huge number of films, from Shrek to Charlie's Angels, which have helped earn her a large number of awards, and celebrity relationships.

Cameron Diaz Hot or Not?
Cameron Diaz Hot or Not?

So is Cameron Diaz Hot or Not?

In my opinion, Cameron Diaz is most definitely hot, not only because of her stunning looks, but also because of her down to earth nature. When you have an actress who is both as famous and as beautiful as Cameron Diaz, it is a surprise to find her basically good natured, with a simple taste in clothes, style, and lifestyle.

Maybe it is just me, but a down to earth attitude makes a woman seem a whole lot more attractive. That is of course helped by her beautiful looks and near perfect body.

My opinion is probably one of the most common when it comes to the hot Cameron Diaz, not everyone agrees with it though, some people find her simple carefree style an annoyance, her lack of effort in dressing deplorable, and her popularity unbelievable.

So What Do You Think of Cameron Diaz?

I might think that Cameron Diaz is one of the hottest hollywood actresses, but what is your opinion?

Hot Cameron Diaz Portrait
Hot Cameron Diaz Portrait
Hot Cameron Diaz Smile
Hot Cameron Diaz Smile
The Beautiful Cameron Diaz
The Beautiful Cameron Diaz

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A.Villarasa profile image

A.Villarasa 6 years ago from Palm Springs

Cameron Diaz, as most actresses do, tries to project the best image they could to the viewing public. Sometimes they get caught (by paparazzis) in the most unflattering light and the public then realize that they are all too human after all. Now Audrey Hepburn is another matter. She is the most transcendent of all the beautiful actresses that ever graced the big screen.

Now let's go back to the topic of Atheism, Objectivism and Reductionism. A topic that you tried to bite into but didn't quite finish off the job, and you left quite a bit of mess on the floor, with all those crumbs.

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

I like Cameron Diaz, what kind of name is Cameron btw? She is pretty and a good actress. I found her beautiful in The Mask, but since she got older it seems like her mouth is as wide as Miami Beach...I sometimes think her looks are odd but she does look beautiful too other times. She does have a nice body but I find voluptous women more beautiful in my opinion ! :-)

TnFlash profile image

TnFlash 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Great Hub! How can anyone say Cameron Diaz is not hot!? She is not only beautiful but she's just plain old fashion adorable!

callum 6 years ago

Well i think she is realiy hot shes great

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