Catching Fire Movie: The Hunger Games 2

Catching Fire Movie Poster
Catching Fire Movie Poster

**New Updates! - April 2013**

A new Catching Fire trailer has been released! Check it out below along with more news about Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games out in theaters this November.

Filming for this movie is over. The movie filmed for 2 weeks more than slotted in Hawaii. It has also reportedly gone over budget. This could be a good thing because it means the production company is willing to put in the money to make the movie great.

The movie is now in post-production. That means that the crew is working on editing and adding special effects to put the whole thing together.

Casting calls for extras are over for this sequel. Keep your ears open for casting and filming for Mockingjay coming soon. Look below for links and info.

Fans anxious to hear news about the second movie in the Hunger Games series have come to the right place. Below is movie news, casting and filming updates, fantasy cast lists, and much more.

The series by Suzanne Collins has been a phenomenal hit worldwide and the popularity of the series is going to explode even more with the movie editions. The series has now reached the acclaim of other popular young adult series like Harry Potter and Twilight.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the Capitol controls its 12 Districts (formerly North America) by making two teenage tributes from each District fight to the death in what is known as the Hunger Games. The action centers around the main character, Katniss Everdeen, a girl who volunteers for the Hunger Games in place of her sister.

Catching Fire Trailer

Catching Fire Teaser Trailer

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Movie News and Tidbits

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games 2) is scheduled to be released in theaters November 22, 2013.

The film is currently filming in Atlanta, GA and in Hawaii.

There is a possibility that the Hunger Games may come out in four films rather than three. That means there is no guarantee that the Catching Fire movie is going to end at the same spot as the book. Mockingjay may not be split into two movies. It may be that Catching Fire and Mockingjay will become three parts instead of two.

**Update** Mockingjay Part 1 will be in theaters November 21, 2014 and Mockingjay Part 2 will be November 20, 2015.


Casting and Filming Updates

***NEW Updates***

  • There are now rumors that the main sound stage for the movie will be moving to Atlanta, GA. That means some filming will be done there instead of North Carolina.
  • A production report for the movie has Wilmington, NC listed as the location.
  • Parts of the movie may be filmed on the Hawaiian island Kauai. All of the filming locations have not been set.
  • Casting for co-starring and supporting roles is now underway in Los Angeles.
  • Extras will be cast in Atlanta, GA and possibly Wilmingtion, NC closer to filming in September.
  • Extras for Hawaii will be needed for November 2012.
  • The working title for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is "The Idiom" (formerly "Artemis 2"). Basically, it is a ruse to keep filming information as secret as possible.
  • Michael Arndt (writer of Toy Story 3) is rewriting the screenplay draft of Catching Fire written by Simon Beaufoy.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman has been offered the part of Plutarch Heavensbee.
  • Amanda Plummer has been cast as Wiress and Latarsha Rose has been cast as Portia.
  • Lynn Cohen has been cast as Mags.
  • Meta Golding will be playing Enobaria.
  • Tony Shalhoub (Monk) is rumored to be cast as Beetee.
  • Jena Malone (Sucker Punch and Hatfields & McCoys) has been cast in the part of Johanna Mason.
  • There are rumors that the casting for Finnick is down to the final three: Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund. Robert Pattinson will not be Finnick. There are also rumors that they are looking at unknown actors for the part as well. Grant Gustin (Glee) may have been cast.
  • **New rumors about Finnick: Update - July 29, 2012 Sam Claflin (Snow White and the Huntsman) may have the part instead.

Filming Information

  • Gary Ross will not be returning as the director for Catching Fire because of timing conflicts. Francis Lawrence has been chosen as his replacement for the Hunger Games sequel. He directed I Am Legend, Constantine, and Water for Elephants.
  • The screenplay is being written by Simon Beaufoy and is currently in the works. Beaufoy wrote Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours.
  • There were no open auditions for the principal characters in the Hunger Games movie. Catching Fire and Mockingjay will probably be similar. There are rumors that casting for main characters like Finnick and Johanna is already underway.
  • Extras casting was done on location in North Carolina for the first movie. Casting calls were held in the Cleveland Mall in Shelby, NC. Extras casting for Catching Fire will also be done on location as well.
  • Filming is set to begin in September 2012.
  • Some of the actors, mainly Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), may begin training as early as July 2012.

Filming and Casting Locations for Catching Fire and Hunger Games

show route and directions
A markerCatching Fire Extras - Wilmington, NC -
Wilmington, NC, USA
[get directions]

Possible location of extras casting for Catching Fire.

B markerShelby, NC -
Shelby, NC, USA
[get directions]

Where Hunger Games was filmed.

C markerAtlanta, GA -
Atlanta, GA, USA
[get directions]

Possible location of Catching Fire filming.

D markerLos Angeles, CA -
Los Angeles, CA, USA
[get directions]

Casting for major parts in Catching Fire.

E markerKauai, Hawaii -
Kauai, Hawaii, USA
[get directions]

Part of Catching Fire may be filmed on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. These scenes are likely to include the arena scenes.

How to Be Cast as an Extra in the Movie

First off, don't get your hopes up about playing a major character. There are top actors and actresses in Hollywood who are fighting to get parts.

To get a speaking role, you will have to have an agent. That means having expensive head shots, acting resume, and the whole nine yards. So unless you are planning to be a professional actor, it probably isn't going to happen.

The good news is that you definitely have a shot at being an extra in the movie. The studio will need lots of people to play extras in the movies.

Here is what you must know to get a part as an extra in the movie:

  • They are mainly going to be looking for local people. This is because they can count on those people to be around and dependable when it is time to shoot. If you can definitely commit to being in the area during the filming, you can also be considered for a part.
  • Filming is likely to take place during school or work hours. You will have to be able to get out of any other obligations to be an extra.
  • You will need to register with the agency who will be casting the extras. (Check the links below for casting call updates).
  • If you are under 18, you will need an adult with you and if you are cast, you will have to get a work permit for the state it is filming in.
  • Taking along a good picture of yourself may help to get cast because extras are typically chosen based on a certain look.

Remember - Thousands of people are likely to audition to be extras and the production company may only need hundreds. Also, the extras will be picked based on having a certain look and criteria that is needed for specific scenes. You may not have a particular appearance that is needed for the movie.

Don't be too heartbroken if you aren't chosen. If being an extra or acting is something you are really interested in, keep pursuing it. There are other movies and you can always take acting classes or look into your local theater.


Catching Fire Story Summary

**Spoiler Alert**

After winning the Hunger Games by forcing the Capitol to allow them both to live, Katniss and Peeta are back in District 12 where life is much different for them. They live in mansions in "Victor's Village" and are both rich now. Food is no longer in short supply for their families.

But life is definitely not perfect for Katniss. She and Peeta have to go on a Victory Tour through all of Panem and must become mentors for tributes in future Hunger Games. So she will remain the Capitol's puppet for the rest of her life.

Not only that, but President Snow has threatened Katniss and her family because of the berry incident. He comes to see Katniss and tells her that some of the districts are becoming rebellious. He tasks her with making sure the people of Panem believe that her actions in the games were fueled by love and not rebellion against the Capitol.

That means she must keep pretending to be in love with Peeta or her friends and family will die. It also means that she will keep hurting her friend Gale as she tries to sort through the feelings she has for him and what she feels for Peeta.

Every 25 years, a particularly brutal Games are planned. The 75th Hunger Games are going to take place soon after Katniss returns from the Victory Tour. As the nation watches, it is announced that the tributes for the Games will be drawn from previous winners.

Katniss and Peeta will have to fight in the Hunger Games again. Who will come out alive this time?

Catching Fire Book Trailer

Fantasy Casting

Who would make the perfect Finnick?

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Fantasy Casting

Who should play Johanna?

See results without voting

New Characters Introduced in Catching Fire

There are new characters who first appear in Catching Fire. Here are the important characters who are introduced:

  • Finnick Odair - Victor from District 4 who won the 65th Hunger Games. He is known for being deadly with a trident.
  • Johanna Mason - Victor from District 7 who won the games a few years before Katniss by pretending to be a weakling.
  • Beetee - Also known as "Volts." He is a victor from District 3 and is an electronics expert.
  • Wiress - Also known as "Nuts." She is a victor from District 3. Though she is very intelligent, she has trouble expressing her thoughts.
  • Mags - Victor from District 4 from a much earlier Hunger Games. She was Finnick's mentor and has fishing and other survival skills.
  • Annie Cresta - Victor from District 4 who won the 70th Hunger Games. She was driven insane when she saw a fellow tribute beheaded.
  • Plutarch Heavensbee - He is the Head Gamemaker for the 75th Hunger Games.
  • Other victors - Cashmere, Gloss, Brutus, Enobaria, Woof, Cecilia, Chaff, Seeder, and the Morphlings

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Are you on fire for the Hunger Games? 123 comments

Elizabeth manriquez 4 years ago

I love these books I can't wait till catching fire comes out!!!

nica flores 4 years ago


cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Elizabeth manriquez - I think Catching Fire will be better than the Hunger Games. I'm looking forward to it, too!

nica flores - The books are great and the actors do a great job in the movie.

nicole 4 years ago

i want to be in the movie

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

nicole - Hope you can make it to the auditions then!

sabriya 4 years ago

I luv the hunger games omg i want to be a extra for catching fire but i don't no when they start to film the movie. Hopefully i will become an actress and maybe i won't have to be a extra and maybe be a star in mocking jay!!!Maybe Katnisses friend. I just can't wait!!!

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

sabriya - Good luck! Filming will probably start in the fall. Keep your ears open for casting calls.

Paige 4 years ago

I have been acting for a long time now! I don't have an agent so all I can really look into a speaking role, sadly. Are you going to post the exact date they will be filming and be able to go for being an extra?

Sarahi 4 years ago

Where do I sign up to be an extra?

Amanda Thomas 4 years ago

What if you have an agent and went to acting school and have been in commercials ? I've also modeled since I turned 15. And I am 21 now. I want to audition for Johanna. I don't care that there are already going on my talent should be considered so I'm going to try. I JUST NEED TO KnoW WHERE TO GO!! Please help me out. Plus I'm a perfect fit for the part:)

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Amanda Thomas - If you have an agent, your agent will have to be the one to get in touch with the casting people. The auditions for Johanna are very likely going to be done in secret, so there won't be any open calls. There is a casting call link above that has addresses for the casting agencies and the production companies involved in the movies. Have your agent get busy if you want to give it a shot.

alex ro 4 years ago

i really want to audition for an extra...but idk if i'll make it cuz im different ethnicity...will u post the exact date and info for the casting calls???

laxaroni 4 years ago

do u no if they're gonna film in nc again???

Samantha 4 years ago

I have always wanted to get into acting, but i don't have any experience. I would like to be an extra for this movie but I don't have an agent, and don't know if we can afford one. I don't live in North Carolina, but I can get there. I would like more information so I can finally start my acting career!

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

alex ro - When I find out the information, I will post it. They casting company may be looking for different ethnicities, so you never know if you have the right look or not.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

laxaroni - It hasn't been announced yet. Part of the movie may be filmed there.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Samantha - To be an extra, you don't need an agent. If you really want to be in movies, search for open casting calls for extras in your area. Parts of Catching Fire may or may not be filmed in North Carolina. It hasn't been announced yet.

rueforevs 4 years ago

i want to b an extra but do u hav to have a resume and everything professional? and is it possible to audition for one of the 24 tributes who die at the very beginning or does that require professional acting?

Heather Byrge 4 years ago

I am very eager to audition for Johanna and I'm in the process finding an agent. Do you have any suggestions for agencies??

Kristin 4 years ago

I really want to audition for an extra, but i don't now how. I don't know where it is, and i don't got an agent. I am 12 years old and i have been on theatre before, if that helps. And i have been searching all over the internet for how to audition for an extra. But i don't live in USA. I live in Norway, and that is a big probleme isn't it??

faith 4 years ago

u don't hav to hav an agent to be an extra i was in the hunger games and that was before i got my agent and also u hav to realize what u auditioning for its not easy when we filmed it was burning hot and people passed out and had to go to the emergency room

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

rueforevs - The tributes will more than likely be people who already have acting experience. To be an extra you typically don't need a resume or experience.

Heather Byrge - Here are some resources for finding an agent: and Be wary of people asking for money up front. Professional pictures will cost money, though.

Kristin - If you want to be an extra in Catching Fire, you will need to live in the US or be able to be at the filming location during the entire filming. If you want to be an extra in any movie, check for local casting calls for extras in Norway.

faith - You are right. Being an extra isn't easy, and it definitely isn't all glamorous.

Hailey 4 years ago

I've got an agent, I've been acting for a few years now and i travel to most of these places anyway in the summer. I really wanna be an extra, but what commitments are there?

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Hailey - You would have to be able to commit to filming during all the scenes they might need you for. It might just be a few days, but it could potentially be several weeks depending on what part and what the need is.

Pinkypie 4 years ago

I really want to be in the movie, I have done lots of work with the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and have appeared in many commercials, television shows and catalogues, I really want to try for the part of leevy except there is only one problem... I live in Australia but I really want the role really really want it do you have any tips on how to get it, I have contacted lionsgate already, is there anybody else I can contact?? If so please tell me who and where to get the information to contact them :) thanks

smiley 4 years ago

I really want to be in this movie. I love the books and I love the characters. Makes me sad though that there is no open audition for Johanna. I know they want someone who has previously acted and such but they are going to miss out on maybe finding someone new. Its going to be really irritating to see someone like Emma Stone (or a big name) who has had an amazing year with acting roles, take the Johanna role away from someone who is new to the business but is just as good. Either way good luck to those that will play the new tributes!:)

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Pinkypie - Scroll up to the section above that says "More Filming Updates." Click the second link and ead the information on the site. There are postal addresses and email contacts for the casting agency and other people involved in the filming toward the bottom of the page.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

smiley - Sadly, Hollywood isn't very fair and it is hard for new people to get into movies. You are right. There are plenty of talented people out there who won't get a chance. Hopefully, they will find someone very talented who fits the part well. May the odds be ever in their favor!

Dynora Sean 4 years ago

I love to be part of this movie

Dynora Sean 4 years ago

please help me to be part of this movie I beg you please tell me how I beg

Claire 4 years ago

I have been wanting to get into modeling and acting for a while now, though i don't have an agent. I'm not sure if i want to be so serious right now since i'm still only 13. My friend had heard of open calls for extras in Catching Fire. What do i need to do? I live in NC, would that help? please reply(:

rueforevs 4 years ago

faith- was it boring or hard? do you hav to have a specific feature of some kind to qualify for an extra?

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Dynora Sean - Look at the starred links above. They are the best place to check for casting calls and filming info.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Claire - If part of Catching Fire is going to be filmed in the same place, it will help to live in NC. They want locals for extras. But the filming location for the movie hasn't been decided yet. So keep your ears open. You have plenty of time to follow your dream if you want to be an actress. You're right, you don't have to be serious at 13. Just have fun with it till you get a little older.

justin 4 years ago

i live in charlotte nc which is only an hour away from where the filming is so getting there is no problem but when is an audition near me?

fabuloushairtoday profile image

fabuloushairtoday 4 years ago

I enjoyed your review. I saw the movie without having read the book and I was a little apprehensive about the movie. But... wow! This movie was excellent. With 2 other movies in the making. I may seriously consider reading all the books. :-)

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

justin - Filming won't be until later in the year. So not for a few more months. And the filming location isn't set yet, so it may or may not be in NC.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

fabuloushairtoday - The books are much, much better than the movie. I definitely recommend reading them. You'll understand what's going on much more clearly. Thanks!

Ricky 4 years ago

If you have any details on where to sign up to be an extra please contact me.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Ricky - When details are released, I'll post them here.

I love the hungergames 4 years ago

I have absolutely no experience with acting and I'm only 13 is there anyway I could be an extra?

Hunger games number 1 fan 4 years ago

I'm from London so I have no hope or do I ? I'm so upset that I may just stay out of film making if only

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

I love the hungergames - The production studio will be the ones to decide what kind of extras are needed, but they will more than likely need people of all ages. So, yes, you could possible be an extra.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Hunger games number 1 fan - You might be considered if you can commit to being at the filming location during the entire filming. If you really want to do movies, don't give up. You may get a shot one day.

Jayme 4 years ago

I absolutely loved the books and then watching The Hunger Games become a movie and seeing how well they did makes me that much more excited for carching fire. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hensworth were spectacular, all were perfect for the lead roles.

Ashlyn H. 4 years ago

Hi, I've been looking for auditions for Catching fire on the Internet, but nothing new comes up. I am 11 years old, and don't have an agent or anything. However, I do have a lot of experience in acting and have been leads in multiple plays. I'm looking into being an extra or maybe Leevy or another small part in the movie. I understand you will be posting any info here, but I heard that the auditions have already ended. Please let me know if that is really true, if I would be considered for a part in the movie, and where and when the auditors will be held. Thank you so much for any help.

Lily 4 years ago

i don't think i have the money to fly up to hawaii im 11 i don't think my parents can afford it and what if my parents spend all that money and i don't even get cast and if i did get cast do you think i'd be able 2 meet jennifer lawrence o and also do u have any suggestions of films i could try out for like auditions in LA like i said i'm 11 so just tell me what u think

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Jayme - I agree with you completely. Now that the actors are well acquainted with the parts, I think Catching Fire will be even more amazing than the first movie.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

Ashlyn H. - Auditions for extras haven't happened yet, so don't worry. It's very likely that auditions for speaking parts are going to be done secretly. So, notices for them won't be posted. Extras auditions won't happen until closer to filming in the fall, so just keep checking.

recappers delight profile image

recappers delight 4 years ago

My daughter is extremely interested in this movie and can't stand that it's a year away. We are excited about Catching Fire.

sierra h 4 years ago

i really love the hunger games and was hoping to be an extra or johanna so when do u think u will have all the info

sierra h 4 years ago

i really love the hunger games and was hoping to be an extra or johanna so when do u think u will have all the info... do u know what the extras would be cus i really want to be an extra tribute

Renee 4 years ago

When will extras auditions be??? My friend and I REALLY want to audition, even if it is just for extras.

Rebecca 4 years ago

Based on the book they will be needing A lot of extras for Catching Fire. The Victory tour stops through several new areas and of course they spend a good bit of time in the Capitol for this one as well. Keep your eyes posted for open extra calls

Amanda 4 years ago

Yes, I am one more of those people who want to be cast in The Hunger Games. Annie Cresta. I don't have any experience with actual movies, but I have done a lot of acting. There is no way to audition for a main role without an agent, right? And to actually audition if you have an agent you have to go to a place or send in information and an audition reel? I don't know any of this stuff and I have been looking but cannot find anything to help me with it. And yes, I do realize that even if I did manage to find an agent and did audition I wouldn't be cast because I have no connections and no on-screen experience.

Casey 4 years ago

if you want a speaking part and you rally want to get it how do you get an agent and get started?

Deltron 4 years ago

So I live in FL, but I might go stay with my uncle up in NC to try to be an extra. You said you need to get with an agency for casting extras? Where can I sign up for that? Do I wait till I get there to sign up with an extras agency? Do you need experience even for a small speaking role? Sorry for all that questions. Thanks.

Ashlyn H. 4 years ago

Thanks, cocopreme, for your help. I really appreciate it. I'll keep looking and searching for more info.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

@ recappers delight - I know what you mean! I wish that they had realized what a big hit it was going to be and started filming earlier.

@ sierra h - The tributes are more than likely going to be cast in a closed audition. The extra casting call info will probably come out later in the summer. I'll post something as soon as I hear more.

@ Renee - More information for extras should be out later in the summer when filming locations have been set. That's as much as I can tell you now. Sorry.

@ Rebecca - They probably will need a lot of extras for the movie. Probably more so than the first movie. I check for filming updates regularly. As soon as I hear something, I'll post it.

@ Amanda - You are right about it all. You would have to have an agent and head shots and all of the works. Sadly, Hollywood is all about the connections. If you are serious about being an actress, work on building up some credentials like local films or commercials. Most famous actors started out with commercials and built their way up. Very few landed a big role right at the start.

@ Casey - I would recommend taking acting classes and getting involved in local theater. You can also start looking in the yellow pages for agents close to you and search Craig's list and the newspaper for local acting jobs (watch out for scams!). Eventually to do anything in film you will have to have head shots, which can be expensive.

@ Deltron - What will likely happen is the company in charge of extras will do an open casting call in someplace like a mall. You will be able to sign up to audition when it is announced or maybe beforehand. They may, may have very small speaking roles that an extra can fill. Like one line speaking parts at most. No guarantees with that, though.

@ Ashlyn H. - You're welcome! When I hear something, I'll post it here.

Bella 4 years ago

Where are the additions please tell me when and where are the catching fire auditions

Amanda 4 years ago

Thanks so much. The whole thing is so frustrating. Wouldn't it be nice it fairy godmothers were real? Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking. :)

profile image

diamondandhills16 4 years ago from north carolina

I am 16, and i would love to be a extra. I think it would be a great experience, because i wanted to do acting for a side from photography.:)

HungerGames4Ever! 4 years ago

I'm 15, and i'm really interested in acting. I'm in theatre at my school, and i'm in the national thespians club (a world-wide theatre club), and I've been in many plays, including "Grease" most recently. How do i become and extra? What do i have to do? I don't have an agent, but you don't need one to be an extra, right? What do i have to do to become an extra?? I've wanted to be in Catching Fire since i read it, i want to so bad! My favorite book ever!! What number do i have to call, or where do i have to go???

Hi!:D 4 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if you think auditions for a stand in will also be in the acting call. I'm 10, and I'm willing to play rue's younger sister. What is your oppinion? Btw I have brown curly hair, dark skin, and green eyes.

lindsey mills 4 years ago

i would love to be an extra in the movie but i live in oregon.....and if your an "extra" do you ever get to meet or see the leading role people (like peeta/josh hutcherson)???

vox vocis profile image

vox vocis 4 years ago

I'm looking forward to the next sequel of the Hunger Games trilogy. The first one was very interesting, I loved the costumes and everything else - Jennifer Lawrence did a great job there! Great information in this hub, voted up and shared :)

Brianna 4 years ago


I have looked everywhere for information on extras casting. I live in N.C. so it should be easy to get to auditions for me. Do you know when or where the auditions will be? I need any information or websites you have if at all possible. This is my dream, I just need some help finding my way to fulfilling it. Thanks so much!

Katie 4 years ago

I love the Hunger Games and can't wait for Catching Fire! I used to act when I was younger and I loved it, I just never have the chance to do it anymore. I live in NC and I'm 24 (but I've been told I look a lot lot lot younger) so I'd love to be an extra, but I don't think I'd have any success because of my body type (I'm obese and I'm not exaggerating). Good luck to everybody else, though....

ssie 4 years ago

What day will they be casting extras

Maddie 4 years ago

Hey um i want to be in Catching Fire as an extra.. i have no problem driving to North Carolina if need be because I live In Georgia. I'm 15 and I have had acting experience. I just need to know when exactly when and where auditions are. Does anyone know? I have heard it has happened already, is that true? Please I really wanna know! Thanks- Maddie

Avry 4 years ago

I have been hearing rumor about the filming of Catching Fire in the Georgia area. I am 14, live in this area, and I am desperately wanting to try out to be an extra. I have been involved in acting and want to look more into it. Is there any way you can help me find the casting dates and information?



Kirsten 4 years ago

It's really a shame that I live in Illinois and are still in high school. I could never be able to stay and work in North Carolina, despite my intense love for the books. I wish it were filmed closer to me. :(

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

To everyone - New filming rumors have recently come out. Filming and extras casting are more than likely going to be in Wilmington, NC. Filming will begin in September 2012. Extas will be cast closer to the beginning of filming.

renee 4 years ago


lexi 4 years ago

dear ashlen h.,

if you want to be in the movie u will have to try to be in many shows and movies. i understand that it may be hard to get into one so you can also join an acting school or a talent agent. they will have a coarse for you to take called screen testing ware u will be filmed by a camera. they will be testing photo genetic and how well u don't pay attenchen to the camera. i have been in many moovies and am also going to be in catching fire.some great talent agents are lisa maile.(my talent agent) FYI never go on the internet for auditions it is a total scam and they will take money from u yep i remember my first scam your talent agent will get you an audition and if you get in they will onley take a persentige of your money thet u agree on before u audition.good luk and i will see u on set if u make i will see u later,



p.s. thare was a whole line of smileies until i had to take them of frowny face frowny face. sorry about the spelling.

Ashlyn H. 4 years ago

Lexi, thanks for the info. It helps a lot. I will look into agents and stuff. I have gone to an acting place for multiple years,, so I am experienced. Hope to see you on set!


Sydney 4 years ago

Hi, I'm 16 years old and I would love to be an extra in "Catching Fire" I have some experience with acting, but not a whole lot. I loved "The Hunger Games" and also, I love "Catching Fire" I live in Ga and was wondering where the additions are going to take place. I read they're going to be in N.C. But I don't know if that's true. I would love to gain more experience as to acting.

Carsyn 4 years ago

This movies gonna rock. I wish I could watch it be made. Not gonna happen though.

Larry Fox 4 years ago

I would LOVE to be an extra in "Catching Fire". I have watched the first movie and loved it. I have read all 3 books and can't wait for the release of the second movie. I Truly want to be in it. I am retired, 62 yrs old, in good health and can be anywhere I am needed anytime.

Larry Fox 4 years ago

I wanted you to know that I live about 20 miles from the Henry River location where some of the "Hunger Games" scenes were filmed, as District 12. I have visited this location recently and was actually "inside" of the house which was used as Katniss's home. I loved the sight and would LOVE to be an extra in "Catching Fire". If I were only seen for a second, I would be content with that. Please let me know where and when the auditions will begin for extras. Thank you.

Seth 4 years ago

I want to audition for young Haymitch when he wins the 50th Hunger Games! Are they even filming that part? I they are I want to know when and where so I ca hopefully make it!!

Lillian 4 years ago

I really want to audition for an extra but i am very shy I live in a very small town i can't find any website for auditions around where i live I am only 12 and this is my lifelong dream I can sing and good at archery. I really want to audition because this normally doesn't happen to a small girl like me and i wante dto know if you could try to find an audition maybe around Columbus ohio

Reagan 4 years ago

I'm waiting for the Gale and Katniss kiss scene. :O

Sofia 4 years ago

i really want to be an extra in the films, but i live in canada. What should i do?

Anne-Marie Barnard 4 years ago

I adored the ooks and the film; however, I don't think Jennifer Lawrence truly suits the role of Katnis....

Renee 4 years ago

Wait, so do I really have t9 register with the agency to be an extra??? I'm heartbroken :'(

Amy 4 years ago

I would love to be casted as an extra in this movie and I live in the Atlanta area. Where can I start to get involved in the process?

Brianna N 4 years ago

Hi, i am 14 years old. I would really love to be an extra in this movie so bad!!!! I live in NC so would it likely for me to get an audition. I am part of an agency as well. Any ad advice for me????

carly 4 years ago

i really want to be an extra so bad idk if i can ive only been in musicals and things like that but i would do anything to be an extra any help?

Dakota Pearce 4 years ago

Well i kinda wanted to be in a extra so where would i contact to vollentere? sorry ....spelling

Savannah Williams 4 years ago

I really want to be in this movie. I'm 12 and I will turn 13 in September. I've never been in anything, expet maybe a school play or two. I am not with an agience. I live in the NC area is there a way for me to get involed. I would be really grateful if I got to be a part if this movie.

alex- luvHG 4 years ago

Hi, I'm 13 and would love to be an extra for the second movie of the Hunger Games trilogy Catching Fire. I loved the Hunger Games movie so much that I had to see the movie twice and I finished the book on two days! I can't wait to see the Catching Fire but what would make it even more amazing is being an extra. I have never acted in a movie or in commercials , but I practice acting every day and have acted in school plays! I also like modeling, the thing is, is that I don't have and agent and am not part of any agency!:'( I live in California, orange county, which is only like an hour away from Las Angeles and would not be that big of a hassle. If you could comment on how I could get an agent or even audition and where they would be that would be wonderful! Even trying out to be in the movie and not being an extra would still be life changing!


Fannie 4 years ago

No offence but I don't think Alex P would make a good Finn, and astrid formannie

Shannon 4 years ago

In general does extras get paid at all?

Edith 4 years ago

please can i be in the movie i am 10 years old

teamgalerue1211 4 years ago

It would be SOOO cool to be in Catching Fire I stinks that you have to have an agent and everything though. Maybe I can be an extra.

teamgalerue1211 4 years ago

I am shy though, I wonder if there are auditions near Milwaukee, WI??? It would also be cool to audition for Madge, but I don't have an agent or anything, well, whatever.



Edith 4 years ago

it would be really awesome

alexis 4 years ago

I am in south carolina and I need to know how I can be in the movie this only shows about extras plz help me. I know almost every page in the book and I have read all three.

Jaclyn Swanson 4 years ago

I really want to become a extra but how do you sign up and where and when

sierra h 4 years ago

hi do you know when we can sign up to be a extra and what do you think we will have to do to make it in?

HGExtra 4 years ago

I was an extra in The Hunger Games. Catching Fire will be primarily filmed in Atlanta, GA.

Cayte 4 years ago

@HGExtra - Do you know anything about where the extras casting calls will be? (I'm guessing in Georgia?) What was it like to audition? I'm just trying to get a feel for what to expect.

Emma 4 years ago

I love the hunger games I am a girl I am 4'4 I have curly dark browne hair and have freckles I have always wanted to be in a movie a can act pretty well and I don't mind who I am I would love to be in the movie so pleas thank you.

Sophia 4 years ago

I would love to be in this. I am a great actress.

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 4 years ago from Far, far away Author

A casting call for certain extras has been released! Check above for the link and info!

grace 4 years ago

who do you call for the extras casting call

Ash 4 years ago

Hi i would love to be a extra in the movie because i LOVE acting but i have never been in anything big before like this also i live in texas so im not sure if i can go to the calls unless their somewhere in texas or maybe los angelos i would love to be in catching fire i love the books so much!!!!!

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

Oh I'm quite excited by some of the castings there!! Should be good, just hope it does justice to the books

alicia hernandez 4 years ago

I'm an actor but I'm bearly starting and i have to start from somewhere so I'm want to be an exra for any movie :) or show .....

Ciara 4 years ago

I would love to be in this movie!!! I have been experienced in modeling and I want to switch things up a bit. I have been waiting for the day when I can audition for a red carpet Hollywood movie!!! It would be my honor to be in a movie like this, if I do get a part (which hopefully I do) I will try/do my best to mention your name and or website so that you can be noticed as well(:

cupcake 4 years ago

Do you get to see the movie early if your an extra or in it

jenna 4 years ago

i want to play an extra in Catching Fire maybe Rue's sister? PLEASE HELP

Anne-Maree Lofipo7 4 years ago

Hi my name is Anne-Maree and I am a 14 year-old girl who is living in Australia. It will mean the world to me if I was chosen to play a part in the Hunger Games 2. I love this movie and I also love acting, its basically what I want to be. It's a dream I am trying to succeed but I'm just waiting for it to happen. I would like to audition for a part, but I need your guys approval. For me to be in this amazing movie can you please email me on anne-maree_lofipo@hotmail.


Me 4 years ago

I love the hunger games and it would be awesome to be an extra...

but things like that don't happen if you live in South Africa =D

Best of luck to all of those who audition.

karmen 4 years ago

The hunger games is so s

Awesome i have read all of the books and i have the first movie (awesome!)

pathrick 4 years ago

Is it to late to apply for an extra in Hawaii? Because I was wondering if you needed some locals.

Nykki13 profile image

Nykki13 3 years ago from Germantown, WI

I really wanted Garrett Hedlund to play Finnick. I'm stoked for Malone and Hoffman though! Great hub and thanks for all the great info!

Rachel808 3 years ago

I'm really happy that Sam Clalfin is Finnick! He is so good for the role! Can anyone please help me find a casting call for Annie Cresta? I have always wanted to act but agents are expensive so can someone please please help me find a casting call!?!? Email me at

Thank you so much for helping me!

cocopreme profile image

cocopreme 3 years ago from Far, far away Author

Everyone - Filming is over for Catching Fire. If you didn't get a chance to be an extra, you still have a chance for Mockingjay Part 1 and 2. It will be several months before filming begins, but be sure to keep your ears peeled for any casting news. If you want to pursue acting, look into acting lessons and plays in your local area to get started. Good luck!

kayla smith 3 years ago

i am sooo happy that they r going to do part 2 of hunger games that is just awesome the books r awesome to read n i hope they do all of the book into a movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Lineback profile image

Katie Lineback 3 years ago

This movie was amazing!

torrilynn profile image

torrilynn 3 years ago

Really great hub and well put together information. I saw the movie and it was amazing, it left me wanting more! Voted up.

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