celebrities before and after photoshop (what they really look like)

 britney spears: smaller waister, slimmer thighs, bruises removed...anything making her look like a "real" human, removed...



britney, retouched again...

 kim kardashian, cellulite removed (yes, that tiny bit) waiste made smaller...

yes, even men are retouched.

model: before makeup & after

what do they really expect from a women of her age...

did this really need to be photoshopped?

before makeup and photoshop & after...anyone can be made to look "perfect"

 with photos being editied like this, no wonder the public eyes thinks celebrities are "perfect" when in fact, NO ONE is "perfect" we are all human no matter how much cellulite, wrinkles, imperfections, black skin, white, red. whatever! ....be yourself..not what you see in magazines because, what you see in magazines is false.

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dsimmons85 profile image

dsimmons85 6 years ago from Texas

Great hub! Thank you for showing the truth!

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