What Goes Around..

What goes around, comes around. You've heard it before. I'm not just referring to karma here. Sure I'd like to think that people get what they give (or lack there of). But what I'm really adverting to is something deeper. As the new year approaches, I'm reminded of cliché resolutions. Not that there's anything wrong with wanting to start fresh. Yet as the saying goes, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. And with that idea in mind, I'd like to return to square one.

One of the greatest lessons I've learned this year, is to truly allow yourself to take in experiences - the good and bad. That is to digest them fully, and go through the motions before moving on. Ideally this means reflecting on an event in a linear way, immediately gaining clarity. But often times, we naturally look back on our lives in hindsight -realizing things later in the game. We do so by sweeping thoughts under the rug, or distracting ourselves, which we know only temporarily does the trick. At the end of the day we always return to ourselves, our guts, and the mirror.

Earlier this year, a director asked me to listen to Gymnopédie No.1, by the brilliant French composer Erik Satie as an assignment for a script I was reading. I had never heard of him or his work, and was incredibly moved by it. I was so excited to incorporate it into our project. After a turn of events, the film was put on hold and so was my memory of the song. When in fact I was so disappointed everything fell through, that I chose to put it behind me. A few months later, I turned on the radio and heard a gorgeous tribute to Satie, interpreted by Pascal Roge.. I couldn't seem to shake off the sound, or the thought of his music. More recently, I was fortunate enough to be a guest at a performance of The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra in NYC. There I witnessed a seemingly unknown artist from Spain, named Antonio Lizana, who sang the most jaw dropping cover of Gnossienne No. 3. So haunting, and familiar. No matter how much I tried, the sounds kept returning to me throughout the year. I guess it was my own little musical version of the moral of this article - perhaps reminding me to examine what affected me from the get go.

In short, none of us can run away. Not from the music that triggers us, the love we feel, or the fears that lie within. Whether it's facing our faults, admitting our desires, or dealing with our pain, we know that just like a boomerang, life returns to us in an echo. Take the time to be alone, and look within to see what the past can tell you about your new beginning. Face yourself before you face the future. That is, start the life you want to love this year by fully dealing with what you want to resolve or leave behind. Working through it is the only way. Otherwise, you might as well press the repeat button. Cause what goes around, comes around.
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Elana 4 years ago

You're absolutely right! The only way out is through :) Great post!

avital 4 years ago

lovlt post my darling!

Moti 4 years ago

So very true "what goes around"... like your writing and

like the music. Happy new year hop to read some more posts.

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