How To Copy and Back-Up Movies

Many DVD collectors find scratches and scuffs on their CDs that impair them to watch the movie. There is an easy way to make this problem history. Simply BACK UP the movie onto another disc. The disc is a complete replica of the original movie making scratches and scuffs history.

The problem with some people is MACS. Macs do not have a lot of programs and software that will let the person copy the disc. But there is at software that I personally use that is always good enough for copying the movies.

MAC THE RIPPER. Mac the Ripper is a free software available on The software extracts the DVD content and makes a file off the DVD on your hard drive.


  1. Insert Movie Disc (For Example I Inserted TERMINATOR)
  2. This Menu Will Be Brought Up

  • The Top Title In Bold Is The Movie Title (TERMINATOR)
  • Under the title is size of the file. Usually between 4.00 GB & 7.5 GB
  • And The Save Location - I went with my the file - Movies -

3. Choose Save Location. Go to File - Save to

4. If the - DISC RCE: - says -CLEAR- then hit the GO! button on the bottom. If not then click on the tab -RCE REGION- and click RCE 1

  • The process shows you how many MBs has been transfered
  • Most movies take about 20-30 minutes to completely finish ¬†
  • And the Progress bar shows you how much of the movie has been copied¬†


  • A friendly Bomber man screen comes on
  • It explains that the download is complete
  • It shows how long the download took (19 mins 27 secs)
  • And Bomberman reminds the downloader that DONT COPY DVDS YOU DO NOT OWN ITS A CRIME!
  • And finally press the close button


  1. Click on MODE button
  2. Click on the Pull Down Key under the MODE button
  3. Then Select: Full Disc Extraction, Main Feature Extraction, or Title Extractions
  4. Once you choose, click on the DISC button

Once this process is completed. The go to the location of the file on your hard drive. It should be a folder with the title of the movie. Now all you have to do is put the movie onto a disc.


Toast Titanium is the best way to disc the movies. You can find Toast Titanium in the Apple Retail stores, or online. I even found Toast Titanium on Limewire.

For a full guide of how to disc the movie using Toast Titanium, look at my related websites and look for Toast Titanium tutorial.


These products are for Mac users

And Please do not seal movies using Mac The Ripper

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