Creating Your Own Music

Creating Your Own Music
Creating Your Own Music

Creating Your Own Music

They say being good with music comes in the genes, while this may be true, creating good music requires not only a talent in hearing but also the heart to work for your goals. It's true that there are people with God given talent to sing but often this isn't enough if you'll build a career in the music industry.

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So, What Do You Need To Create Your Own Music?

1. Theme or Genre

Before pulling out the strings and working out your mind with composing, it's always advisable to pick the genre you're interested in getting on first. There are lots of them to choose from, and each requires a different kind of workaround. In pop music, for instance, you might need help from a DJ or someone of that sort. Other genres worth considering are the likes of alternative, jazz, reggae, or rock.

2. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

After picking your genre of choice comes the hard part. Composing! For this, you'll need help activating your brain for ideas, like, lots of help. Going to a cafe of your choice might work, but I'm telling you, this won't always do. What you need to generate worthwhile ideas is not coffee by itself, you will need inspiration.

But, how would you get inspired? It depends, in what kind of a person you are. Some people are nature-lovers by heart, and therefore a walk around the park would do. For some, strolling in a beach would bring out the best in them, but for those in love, just think about your partner, that would most be enough.

The thing is, you would need to find a way to inspire yourself. It's the sweet spot of music composing, as every piece would need a different inspiration for you to work around it. While this may sound hard, this is actually the most enjoyable part of music making. Just let your creative juices flow, it's the best way to make own music.

3. Recording

Vocal recording is pretty tough, especially if you don't own a personal home studio like some artists do. Well, though, even if you own a personal studio, it is hard to mix and master your music on your own.

What I would recommend is you go hire a professional, or hire the studio to do the mixing and mastering, so you can focus on your lyrics and song. This saves you a lot of effort, plus the you'll get a better quality output. Call it like investing.

4. Making Your Promotion Plan And Stints

As a budding artist, you'll face the fact that you cannot hire a huge PR firm for marketing your songs, thereby you'll be responsible for getting them out in the open. This, is where the advantage of music academies, or music production agencies come into play.

Don't Forget to Use Social Media!

In making your plans, be sure to include social media especially streaming services like SoundCloud and Youtube. These sites get a lot of traffic, and many artists have become successful using this avenue.

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