Go Diego!

Summer time welcomes in the sun, fun, and free live music. I was at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery a few weeks ago, getting ready to see an outdoor screening of Vertigo, while the guest DJ was spinning some records I hadn't heard before. Struggling with my bit about being anti-instant gratification, I hesitantly asked my friend to 'Shazam' the music. My love and hate for technology still gets me, to this day. One of the artists that came up was Diego Garcia, and the song was 'You Were Never There'. I was swept in by the familiar suave symphonies, and how listening to him placed me in another environment. I pictured a warm summer night in Spain, the gentle breeze, young love walking the streets of Las Ramblas. I know a song is good when it takes me elsewhere, and totally lifts me up from where I am.

Later that week, I was listening to KCRW, one of my favorite radio stations for indie music, when an announcement came on that Diego Garcia was set to perform live in Pasadena. 'What a coincidence', I thought. But I'd like to think that nothing is a coincidence, really. I jotted down the date and time, and convinced my friend to come along for the ride.

Garcia did not disappoint. His performance was exquisite, just as I imagined it would be. He played his set in a romantically lit environment with twinkling lights everywhere, under a full moon. Although Diego and his band were up on stage, the whole evening felt very intimate. It was honest acoustic music, simple and from the heart. And the cello was so spot on. His sound was reminiscent of latin romantics like Julio Iglesias, mixed in with gut driven American lyrics.

Diego's influences come from a variety of places. For one, his background. His family comes from Argentina, but his roots are planted in the U.S. He first picked up a guitar at age 14, and after attending Brown University, moved to NYC where he would later play in the band 'Elefant'. However, his greatest influence comes from the woman he titled his album after; Laura. In his album preview on KCRW, Garcia describes her as the reason behind his songs.

Diego felt his album writing experience was a growing period, but that he was inevitably, "singing to get my girl back", as stated in an interview through LA Weekly. He started from the basics, paying homage to the music his parents grew up on in the 60's and 70's. Where else should a hopeless romantic begin? Garcia's album is defined as a story of "lost love, the comfort and release provided by time and maturity and the triumph of love regained". I guess his music did the trick. After some time apart, Garcia won his lovely Laura back, and also succeeded in winning the acclaim of an album that wouldn't have been written without her absence. He and Laura are now married, living in NYC, and have a baby girl named Georgiana.

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