Do BLEACH characters stand a chance against DBZ characters?

Dragonball Z and Bleach

Dragonball Z and Bleach are among the most popular and loved animes of all time. They originated in Japan and became very popular in many parts of the world. Dragonball Z, although very old compared to Bleach, is still becoming more and more popular than ever since videogames that are based on it are still being developed at least annually. Bleach is one of the newest animes that aired in the United States and is a competitor to Dragonball Z in terms of popularity. One question connecting these two exist. In terms of raw power, are Bleach characters strong enough to take on Dragonball Z characters? We shall find out right here and right now.

Bleach Fighters

Shinigamis and hollows are the main beings of the series; they make up the largest percentage of it. Shinigamis and hollows are eternal enemies. There are 3 classes of shinigamis. First, an ordinary shinigami which is commonly known as those who reside outside the Gotei 13. Second are soul-reapers. Soul-reapers are given the task of subduing hollows or any inhabitants of Hueco Mundo that are wreaking havoc in the human world. Third are the soul-reaper captains. They are superior to regular soul-reapers in terms of rank and power. General Yamamoto, the founder of the Shinigami Academy and the captain commander of the Gotei 13 is usually regarded as the most powerful captain in the Soul Society, if not the most powerful in the series. There are also many types of hollows in comparison to shinigamis. The most powerful type of hollows are the Espadas, Aizen's top 10 most powerful arrancars. These mighty Espadas greatly surpass most soul-reaper captains in power, leading them to being the central antagonists of the series. There are also the hybrid of hollows and shinigamis called the Vizards. The Vizards are among the most powerful beings in the series whose powers even surpass most Espadas'.

Everyone in the series are capable fighters. However, their powers are still nowhere near the powers of our next contenders, who have the ability to blow up planets in the blink of an eye without much effort.

Dragonball Z Fighters(The Ultimate Fighters)

 When it comes to displaying overwhelming strength, speed, and power, surely no one beats these inhuman beings. They are billions of times stronger than an average human and they are devastating fighters. The impact of their punches can be felt from miles away. Their energy blasts can destroy large portions of the battlefield without them putting much power behind the blasts. What's more, powerful villains such as Cell, Kid Buu, or Broly can blow up even the largest of the planets with an uncharged blast, in contrast to Bleach fighters whom even their most powerful attacks, may not even be enough to destroy a large city. The only thing that makes DBZ warriors inferior to Bleach fighters is their inability to survive a ridiculous hole in the chest punched by their opponents. Over all, DBZ warriors are invulnerable to Bleach warriors. Krillin and Yamcha alone are more than enough to murder everyone in the Bleach series.


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Comments 18 comments 6 years ago

caoooooo imo

draonball gt 6 years ago

draonball z one picec

Ian 5 years ago

Is it possible for any Japanese anime series to surpass Dragon ball series

Toshihiro 5 years ago

DragonBall z was my first anime. Yes, it was awesome until I started watching Darker Than Black. But the problem about Dragon Ball z was never the filler. Yes DBZ is amazing in every possible way but so is Bleach. Bleach tends to make sense and it dosen`t have this certain pattern of the fights and powers. In dbz there`s super sayain, an even stronger level and so on. But in Drangon Ball z the characters are kinda over powered. I mean Roshi was so strong in dragonBall now he can`t even harm Bulma. In the battles of Bleach they have good strategy that will kill or defeat the enemy in few mintues or few episodes, when dragonball z takes 4 whole episodes just to charge a kamehameha. Yes, i do understand how dbz would win against certain characters in bleach but it really depends on who fights who. Because if a fast charcter fights a slow character the slow character will surely die for example Chad aka Sado fought Goku aka Kakorot. It is pretty even but as far as power Dbz wins

Rahul 4 years ago

Dbz is the best anime.and I think that vegeta is the no. 1 character of anime.

Blackstar 4 years ago

I think that overall the DBZ characters are more powerful, but like Toshihiro said, it takes 4 episodes for the DBZ guys to charge an attack. it takes mere seconds for the Bleach characters to throw a powerful attack. I think that Ichigo in his form during his final showdown with Aizen would be more than enough to kill a DBZ fighter. His speed was off the charts (power level over 9000) and he was breaking mountains with a flick of his wrist. Yamato and Aizen would be the only others who could win in a fight to the death match but Zaratchi would probably kick someones butt in a fistfight.

Common Sense 4 years ago

Sorry but I cannot Believe that Toshihiro and Blackstar seem to think that bleach character have a chance whatsoever to beat any DBZ Character. Hell DB Characters are more than enough. Seriously speed? Bleach characters are not even moving compared to DBZ characters. Honestly I'm not a Db series fanboy, but for peat sakes this shouldn't even be an argument about this. The only thing that stacks up with the DBZ/GT verse is the DC?Marvel verse. Simple.

Blackstar 4 years ago

I think the DBZ characters are stronger than the Bleach characters and in general, Bleach would get rocked in a fight. I just think that Ichigo is op to a point that if he is in his strongest form, hollow or otherwise, he would be able to beat some DBZ fighters. I'm not trying to say that he could take on the whole DBZ universe but Ichigo could kill some of them with a blindfold on. Of course its the same way the other way around too but its wrong to say he could beat non of them. And with the Marvel comment, I'm a big fan, but the hulk is the only one with a chance of winning in any of those fights because of his regeneration and brute strength.

Blackstar 4 years ago

and just a small fix to the previous comment, I like Marvel, but I'm still getting into it so I can't compare all the heros

What!? 4 years ago

@Blackstar Are you insane? He could possibly kill one of their non-fighters. Heck, I'll give you one, Yajirobe. Someone made an analogy of Roshi's power based on him not being able to beat Bulma....What!? Roshi never fought Bulma in a serious fight and why would he try to harm his friend anyway? Besides that, DBZ has set the precedent in anime for power so high, not even Bleach can touch it. It's like Bleach likes to say over and over again with regard to power differences "The gap between their powers is like earth to the heavens". Goku could take on all Bleach characters with a minor power-up of his finger. Also, another idiotic Bleach fanboy argument I'm tired of is "They can't see them!" The only people who can't see Soul Reapers are humans with weak spiritual awareness. Hell, even Bleach's side characters can see the damned things. Goku has been to a world full of spirits and his awareness all around outclasses any Bleach character and even in the event he couldn't see them (which is unlikely), he doesn't have to see them to sense them (this is documented well in the fight with Frieza).

Blackstar 4 years ago

Really throughout the series Krillin isn't that strong (compaired to the others). Pit him up against a hollofied Ichigo and I think that Krillin would loose. I also think that Ichigo could kill the Androids. I dont think and I never said that he could beat Goku or any of the Saiyns or really any primary characters. When you get into the secondary characters of DBZ is when he would start winning SOME fights.

Monster of the East 4 years ago

Throughout the series whenever Krillin is beaten up, it's by people who can destroy moons or planets.

DBZfan 4 years ago

Dragon Ball Z is the best anime i have ever watched in my whole life i started watching it when i was only six years old so DBZ is the no.1anime of all the time

????? 4 years ago

hate to buster your bubbles but gohan is the best and dbz will so beat beach that lame show!~!!!!!!!

SomeEldarGuy profile image

SomeEldarGuy 3 years ago

DBZ is incredibly powerful in scale, destroying planets with a half-hearted attack from the weakest of characters (or so it seems), so I can't see how they could lose to be honest. But then you get characters which can beat all of them without a second thought from other series, for instance Sephiroth (from FFVII) and Accelerator (from Toaru Majustu no Index) completely irrelevant animes yes, but IMO the point is valid. It's all a case of scale, Bleach and DBZ aren't balanced to each other at all, so it's not a fair comparisson...

taylor 10 months ago

I know for a fact there are bleach characters that can defeat a saiyn period anyone who says otherwise is a bias fan boy because I can give cold hard facts

Taylor 10 months ago

Bleach has gotten really op in the last year with hundreds or feats equal to that of blowing up a planet. They can use nuclear level attack in under a second while traveling at hypersonic speeds. While as in dbz time and stability is needed to fire a planet bursting ki blast. I've seen both shows love em but where things are rate now in bleach they be cut in 2 before that blast ever went off. And for those who think that a zanpakotu wouldn't hurt goku. It's a literary a suns worth of power in spiritual energy and it's all compact in a razor Sharp cutting edgewhich at points I the story cut space Itself let alone matter. They are also capable of getting an insta kill in a dbz character in a second. As living beings with would they would have a soul chain and soul sleeve the points that keep you soul attached to ur body and the other that outputs energy if they hit these to points it will result in instant death. Any of they can do it . Disagree let me know plenty of proof

Taylor 10 months ago

And just so u dbz fanboys know bleach has more than enough destructive power to destroy DragonBall characters. Bleach characters whole reason for being there is to keep flow of souls normal they can'tjust blow up the soles not one of them even goes close to full on earth. But just so you guys know ichigo blew up not a small little planet or moon but the whole multilayered demension of hell. Dementions have been destroy over 3 times in the show they are God's lol abovedbz cconsidering they couldn't even see the bleach character unless it chose to be seen haha

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