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It has only been a day since the Jackson family woke up to the nightmare of Billie's horrifying death caused by alcohol poisoning. Mum Carol has just retreated into herself and the only strength she can find is anger, Bianca and the rest of the family just feel helpless as Carol continues to spiral out of control. At first she tries to drink herself thought the grief but later directs all her anger towards her friends and family who are all very worried about her. When Carol visits her father Jim she suddenly notices that he has no pictures of Billie on the mantelpiece, this angers Carol and she accuses her father of being a racist and then bans both him and his shocked wife Dot from her son's funeral.Things don't get any better for Carol when later while back at Pats house, Carol's grandson Liam accidentally spills tomato ketchup on one of Billie's hoodies, Carol lashes out at Liam and cuts him with her ring as she strikes the blow which leaves the poor lad with a bloody forehead. When Carol realises that she is pushing her loved ones away she organises a family meal, but all hell breaks loose when Bianca discovers her son Liam's injury and after yet another heater row Carol bans everyone from Billie's funeral the next day.

Next morning Carol gets ready to say her final goodbye to her youngest son as the hearse arrives, but she is left angry once again when Billie's gang arrives to say farewell to their friend, and Carol is seen telling them all to get lost. Only Billie's Dad Alan and Gran Blossom attend the funeral with Carol as she has banned everyone else from attending, and Carol is left feeling embarrassed when she misreads the signals from her ex husband and leans in for a kiss only for him to turn her down. Feeling rejected and alone, Carol returns from the funeral to find the house empty, Carol just wants to be with her son Billie and feels her only way out is to take her own life so she gathers together some pills along with a bottle of vodka and sits down to write daughter Bianca a goodbye letter. Carol places the letter on the side and just as she is about to neck the pills Billie's best mate Connor bangs on the door and starts shouting at Carol for banning him from the funeral and not letting him say goodbye to his best friend.

When Connor and Carol have both calmed down we see them bond over their loss and in true soap style one thing leads to another and they end up in bed together. After the deed Connor makes a quick exit just as Bianca arrives home but Carol has got in the shower totaly forgetting about the suicide note she has left on the side, and when Bianca finds it she is left both angry and devestated that her Mum would take her own life without a thought for the rest of them and a confrontation between the two is set to follow.

Billie's funeral can be seen on Monday 25th October at 8pm. See video below.

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andy hunter jr 6 years ago

hopefully we see more of alan at the funeral. we barely seen him on tuesday. i am disappointed though that billy died. yet another pointless enders death.

anita mills  6 years ago

hi billie.i am be in acter in eastenders from anita mills

anita mills  6 years ago

hi billie.i am be in acter in eastenders from anita mills

halima ali 6 years ago

what was the point of killing off one of the best characters in eastenders so prematurely? why dont they get rid of Kat again, all she does is scream and shout...

aysha minhas 6 years ago

i miss you too

love you billie jackson

hello billie

love you


zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

Thanks for your comments guys :)

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Thanks for writing. It's a pity the way Billy died, just after his birthday. I am behind on viewing, I tend to catch up on BT Vision replay. Glad I read this. :)

I miss Peggy....

Emma louise burton 6 years ago

carol kisses Connor and more ever she has sex with him

she with end up pregant again.

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

@Lady_E pleased you liked it, thanks for stopping by :)

kymarah 6 years ago

I'm so disappointed that they bring young good looking Connor on eastenders and they end up putting him with that old trout Carol!!!

Come on Eastenders, find a better role for him than that!!!

aysha 6 years ago

come on eastenders billie love whiney dean

whitney miss billie all beat boy

frome family xxxx/x

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