Eastenders- When does Ronnie Give Baby Tommy Back to Kat?

Kat and Alfie will finally get their son back
Kat and Alfie will finally get their son back | Source
while Jack and the brannings will be left grieving for baby James
while Jack and the brannings will be left grieving for baby James

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When will Ronnie give Tommy back?

It has become the most controversial storyline ever in soap-land, with over 8,400 complaints from upset viewers. Second to that was when Ronnie's Daughter, Danielle died back in April 2009, just minutes after Ronnie discovered that Danielle was in fact her daughter.

This storyline received 7,000 complaints. Ronnie Mitchell/Branning has certainly had it rough since stepping foot on the square. She has been abused by her Father, made to give her baby up, told her baby had died only to find out her Daughter Danielle was alive.

Ronnie later discovered that her Daughter was living on her door step. Ronnie then fell pregnant with Owens baby only to miscarry after her Father Archie attacked her. She then found out love of her life Jack was the father of sister Roxy's baby and then accused of murdering her own father.

When it finally looked like she was going to get her well deserved happy ever after, Ronnie loses Baby James to cot death and swaps him with her friends Baby. I know Eastenders like to make their plots true to life but seriously, how much more bad luck can this poor woman have?

Eastenders executive producer Bryan Kirkwood has recently wrote a statement that read

"Our aim was and still is to tell a strong story that would, in the telling raise the profile of cot death in the UK. It's clear that we have managed to do this, and that traffic to the Foundation for the study of infant Deaths website has increased by over 500%, but we are also mindful of the fact that in doing so, sections of our audience have found the storyline challenging."

"Eastenders never set out to upset it's audience, not only would this be counter productive but it would be a breach of a long established trust that we can deliver truthful stories that inspire debate in a way that's acceptable to a family audience." "Although we have had complaints, we have also had positive responses from people who have been through the experiences we are currently dramatising who feel that we have done this well and have contacted us to offer their backing." "A large portion of audience are watching and being supportive of the storyline so we owe those viewers the opportunity to continue to engage with it and see the storyline through to its rightful conclusion."

Bryan Kirkwood said that whenever they do a storyline in Eastenders they always leave it open ended so that they can monitor and listen to their audiences reaction. He said

"With this in mind we have decided to bring the story to a close on screen in the spring, as the story progresses and Kat is reunited with her child, we hope to explore the impact of the tragic events that have befallen the characters in a way that is powerful, but true to the best public service tradition of the show."

See updated storyline and pictures of Alfie and Kat reunited and Ronnie in prison http://hubpages.com/_r6atc6lcln0v/hub/Eastenders-Ronnie-in-prison-after-giving-Tommy-back-to-Kat-and-Jack-Branning-goes-of-the-rails

The scenes are to be aired around Easter and will show Ronnie Mitchell handing Baby Tommy back to Kat and Alfie. The storyline will have a soft and emotional ending to avoid distressing viewers. When Kat Moon is finally reunited with her Son, the main focus will be on Kat's happiness at discovering her baby is alive and well.

This shocking storyline was thought up by a handful of writers who do not have children, and many of the scriptwriters who are parents were very reluctant to take part in the emotional plot. All the cast involved in the plot have said in recent interviews how hard they found filming their scenes and many took it home with them long after the cameras stopped rolling.

It has now been reported that Samantha Womack who plays Ronnie Mitchell has chosen to leave the soap in May. This has been confirmed by Eastenders but they played down the reports that her decision to leave was prompted by the recent storyline.

I think most people would agree that Eastenders were right to raise awareness for Infant Deaths, but what I believe people have found the most upsetting was that Ronnie instantly turned into a baby snatcher which portrayed women going through a similar situation in the wrong light. Having said that Eastenders bosses have just agreed to a meeting with bereaved mothers to discuss the recent storyline. The founder of Mumsnet Justine Roberts, wrote to Eastenders to request a meeting. Justine said

"The Mums at this meeting will probably be people who have suffered bereavement. They're the only ones who know how inaccurate the storyline is."

Although i think the Eastenders storyline did not have to end the way it did and can understand why parents that have suffered a loss would be affected by it, I don't think the storyline is necessary inaccurate. I have read many a story over the years of woman who have lost a baby or can't have children and then stolen someone else's. This does not mean that all woman are the same but sadly this does happen.

Ronnie Mitchell is playing the part of a woman who has been through so much and is mentally and physically exhausted. I do not think she set out to take baby Tommy she just heard him crying and wanted to spend some time with him for a while. Unfortunately by the time Ronnie had come back to reality the damage had already been done and she was scared by the consequences of her actions. Eastenders have always been renowned for their hard hitting story-lines based closely on true life events. They have covered rapes, murders, domestic violence, adoptions, death and even child abuse and although many of their plots have been shocking they have also raised awareness. I think Kat and Alfie have done an amazing job of portraying bereaved parents, and the awareness of infant death has been raised by 500%.

See the Baby Swap episode below.

See new spoiler and pictures of Kat and Alfie reunited with Tommy and Ronnie in prison http://hubpages.com/_r6atc6lcln0v/hub/Eastenders-Ronnie-in-prison-after-giving-Tommy-back-to-Kat-and-Jack-Branning-goes-of-the-rails


The Foundation for the study of infant Deaths

The Foundation for the study of infant Deaths is the UK's leading baby charity aiming to prevent unexpected deaths in infancy and to also promote infant health. The Charity offers a wide range of support such as

> A helpline for parents, carers and health proffessionals and bereaved families.

> A wide range of publications and resources on reducing the risk of cot death and safe baby care.

> A network of trained befrienders to support bereaved families.

> The care of Next Infant (CONI) sheme, with the NHS to support bereaved families when they have subsequent babies.

You can phone the FSID on their free helpline 0808 802 6868

Alternatively you can click on the link below where you will be directed straight to their website.

The Baby Swap

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Dani 6 years ago

Look, it's a joke, if your baby died, be truthful would you really swap your baby, and hey did alfie leave a newborn up there for so long, none of it makes sence, every night I can't wait for eastenders to be on and then something depressing happens, so don't wait until Easter for the baby to be reunited with his mum, do it on the funiral,it's all unreal, and surly when kat or alfie knows what there baby looks like, it's a stupid headline, ket kat have the baby back early !!!! Overwise I'm no longer a lover of eastenders !!!!

jamieleigh and zara x 6 years ago

omg finnaly she gives the baby back ive been waiting for her to do dat 4 ages i hated her 4 taking the baby in the first place xx

iya martin 6 years ago

i agree how could something so ridiculous like this happen it is sooo frustrating to watch as a mother of three i would recognized my baby from day one i don't understand why the writers done the baby swap. I mean fair enough cot death does happen but it was so sad that Ronnie yet again had to loose a child and it hasn't been easy for kat either. I know its a soap and not real life but this particular storyline has put me off and has cause me to become anxious about Kat being reunited with her baby. April is way to long for her baby back and is it even realistic about someone giving a baby back after all this time wouldn't she have bonded with the baby by this point. Another thing about this storyline that is totally stupid is the fact that the health visitor dismissed the club foot issue can a club foot repair itself in a matter of days i'm not entirely sure that's even possible, to the producers and writers of eastenders if you are going to cover such a sensitive issue please do not insult the British public intelligence please.

(angry mother)


I am totally disgusted that eastenders could think up a storyline so sickning and inhumane.I think to show a cot death alone was upsetting enough but to swap the babys was really a sick idea.People who have been through a cot death trauma had to suffer watching it but also parents that have had there baby snatched too.As parent myself i felt sick to the stomach what ronnie done an you actually felt the pain of what kat must have been going through.A midwife also comes out to you mostly nearly everyday before she actually discharges you and the baby off there records. ONCE!!! the midwife came out to ronnie only because jack phoned her!!!!And they put it down to postnatal depression so if she was that bad why the hell would they leave her like that so it gives the illusion to mothers to be, the whole health service don't give a damm,how could these people be so unsensative, the world is a bad enough place and it only puts ideas into peoples heads so if someone god forbid looses a child its ok so go and snatch one because no one seems to notice or recognise there own child !!!! look at poor maddeline being kidnapped no wonder the world is getting worse because these programmes show people getting away with murdering people especially in there own neighbourhood and getting away with it!!!!! kidnapping!!!!,,unreasnable deaths and always sad and depressing storylines and its not just eastenders doing it coronation street is the same you never see anyone ever being happy ,,,so GIVE kat her baby back u sick people and put something on the tele that will educate and enjoy watching rather than putting so much distressful and upseting things on and also safe enough for children to watch as you do put it all on before 9 o'clock if you was a parent who wrote these storylines then think again about what you are doing and relise that some people actually look at these actors as real life people and look up to them as a role model even though its not real life so consider this when you want to win the television awards what effects and influences you are putting on your viewers of a so called day to day life try and make the world a better place instead of showing the horrible and traumatic sick story lines you are doing lately THE TELEVISION DOES HAVE SOOOOOO MUCH OF AN EFFECT ON REAL LIFE PEOPLE YOU KNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A VERY UPSET MOTHER WHO IS DISGUSTED BY WHAT THERE PUTTING ON THE TELEVISION LATELY AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meow 6 years ago

jesus women !! get a grip.. eastenders is amazing, it dares to do the storylines that no other soap would dream about,and in case u aint noticed we do live in a sick world which is actually REAL and bad things happen, and some poor family's don't get a happy ending! that's why eastenders wins the tv awards every year because it keeps you watching with excellent storylines, even if there not always comfortable to watch.. so if you find it so UPSETTING turn you're tv off women and jump back in your'e box!

Shaz 6 years ago

Meaw I agree with u matey, eastenders is just a soap that can be turned off if not liked, I think it's about time that someone raised the aware of cotdeaths, cum on u never ear of donations to coni care of next infant, Leicester royal infirmary do u, cot death is never talked about and I think it should be so people are aware, specialy young mums, my babey dyed of a cot death 16 yrs ago and I always wished that there was sumone that could make people more aware so thanku so much to my favourite soap eastenders for doin just that, aliula

 6 years ago

everyone is entitled to there own opinion !!!!!!!!!

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

92% of you agree that Eastenders are right to end this storyline early.

miss kissy 6 years ago

noooooooooooooooooo i love this story

not tellin yr 6 years ago

plz plz plz don't wait till spring dat just drags d story line out 2 long cmon how long can a real person hold onto anothers child seriously at the funeral!!!!!!I LOVE Eastenders but if u drag d story on and on and on.its just rlly vry rlly rlly annoying i want 2 find out poor kat!!!poor ronnie 2!she tried 2 get him bk!plz plz plz let the story finish at the funeral!!!!!!4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!

NB 6 years ago

the storyline is faaaaarrrrr toooooo long - I know at least 30 people who will not be watching! to expect people to wait until Easter for a conclusion is crazy! the 30 people I know will tune in AT easter IF we remember

not telling hehe 6 years ago

i think it is horrible what ronnie has done but i think that kat and alfie must be devistated i don't think you should have put ronnie swaping babays i think its horrible and affects many people like kats dad (charlie) because kat wont speak to him now but i know horrible things have happened in the past that is true but this is the worst thing ive seen so far to be honest she should have a happy ending to the show not a sad ending x

arite darlin  6 years ago

aaaaargh wanna jump in the tele an give poor kat her little baby back an now shes lost out on her poor dad,you really cant drag this on its too heartbreaking please please please let kat have her little baby back ASAP don't drag it on :-(

N.A.L 6 years ago

I believe eastenders should put a stop to this sooner than easter. I feel they have raised awareness and mums and mums to be are now clear on what can and may happen. It is getting frustrating now specially this evenings eastenders. Every body loves a happy ending so far its all been sad. Charlie has now left and kat is left to grieve on her own. Its gone on long enough and you should end the story now no mum wants to miss their son grow up and no body wants to watch kat miss that on the TV. Date- 13/01/11

Amy 6 years ago

This is getting boring now, good storyline and I agree with it making people aware but the dramatic episodes have done that, to drag it out to April will just get extremley annoying and people won't take it as a lesson in cot death they will just get annoyed and turn it off 2-3 weeks max to keep the story line going on for.

karen 6 years ago

Im a big fan of eastender haven't misses an episode since i can rmember but cant stand to watch it at the mo hurry up and give kats baby back, its sick even watching poor old charlie leave for no reason, that aint right!

Kat 6 years ago

Please let Ronnie hand Tommy back to Kat and let this story line take a different conclusion, with Ronnie getting the much needed help she requires and Kat having her baby back making her whole again. soooooooooo sad

Bridget 6 years ago

This is a good storyline BUT enough!! The baby should be handed back sooner not wait until easter, for god's sake if that's an early conclusion then when did the producers intend it to end originally........

Bella 6 years ago

EastEnders is not real Get A GRIP people

amy. 6 years ago

No two babies look the same, so how come Kat and Alfie believe their child is dead? And surely when they see 'James' they can tell that he is Tommy, even though the babies were only a day old. What annoys me is, that Ronnie was trying to 'put things right' and give Tommy back last night, but everyone thought she was crazy and was just giving the Moons her baby seen as they believe their child is dead. Why didn't Ronnie explain to them exactly what is going on? It's little things like these that make me wonder why I still watch the show. And to add to my boredom, the fact that the filming for this storyline ends in May (when Samantha Womack leaves the show), and then waiting a couple of months for it to broadcast on BBC1 is just silly. Who wants to wait until summer to find out what happens, because I sure don't! Ronnie should just give the baby back, and leave. I think she may commit suicide because she's gone a bit cuckoo...

Give it a rest ! 6 years ago

Seriously ! Get a grip ! It's a soap ! It's well sad but on this occasion it's NOT REAL wooahhh ! I can't wait to watch it every night & it's really frustrating that the story line is dragged out but what is with the anger ! The soaps always have outrageous story lines, we wouldn't watch them if they didn't !

11 6 years ago

its unreal as any mother knows no 1. there is a min of 12 hrs discharge from the hospital after giving birth, no 2. a midwife visits you and checks you and baby over every day, 3. you are advised to stay in with baby and rest for a while usually 10 days depends on how you both feel whether u do it or not 4. no mother would swap her baby if you lost your baby you would not want to put it down you would be frantic and calling 999 but you would not want to part with your baby and parting with the baby would be saying goodbye so there is no way a mother would swap her baby and leave it alone to walk off with someone elses baby. they should admit they have made a mistake with this story and end it soon a lot of story lines that they do are a bit ott but still entertaining but this is sick its not been thought through and makes no sense. i like eastenders and have been watching it for yrs i hope they fix this mistake before it gets too much like a bad episode of dallas and dannielle walks into the room holding the baby and its all been a bad dream of ronnies !

amy1 6 years ago

hi i think you shouldn't wait until easter because it is to long and ronnie might bond with the babay by then that's one and then kat will get used to being without her baby xxx

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 6 years ago from South England Author

Thank you for your comments and i agree a lot of the storyline is unreal. Ronnie gave birth on New years eve and wasn't released until the next morning when she arrived on the square in a taxi. When i had my Baby i was aloud to go home the same day as both me and baby were well. Also i didn't have one single visit from a midwife or health visitor the week after we came out of hospital, both me and my partner had to phone the number in my notes to ask why no-one had bothered coming out to see us and check our son was okay etc, and in the end my partner just took us to the surgery.

missy 6 years ago

it may all be a distasteful story line and oh well ya watch it or ya don't, but.... my children were really affected by this and my self. we dont watch eastenders anymore. i just feel for those who have been through this kind of situation. very sad.

6 years ago

the storyline at the moment has been very upsetting but has left me sitting on the edge of my seat everytime! It has been put together very well but i must say i am getting a little bit bored now, we've seen the start we've watched the middle now its time for an ending to the storyline

donna 6 years ago

Eastenders needs to concentrate on more happy endings.

Bianca 6 years ago

why did they let ronnies baby die i think that she should give the baby back but then ronnie should have another child its only fair i mean ronnie has had two children and they hasve died please let ronnie have another baby

Abby lee 6 years ago

This story line has gone on far too long and should be finished now-it is sick from beginning to end.

clare 6 years ago

eastenders is as real as never never land

clare 6 years ago

And another thing, will people please start writing "that" instead of "dat" i mean, come on people, how long did we go to school for? surely its not a time saving exercise especially if you have time to sit and watch soaps!!!! you are sounding like Harry Enfields "scousers" (we do doe don't we doe)

maryjane 6 years ago

i love eastenders but not any more cos that story i had a baby and it died of cot death

Dave 6 years ago

I think they will do the same as what they did with Danielle and that is a tragic death of the baby just as Kat was reunited and happy. The writers are useless and we all know it. can we have a change of writers please?

Poor quality indeed.

sally  6 years ago

i think that ronnie should give tommy back to kat because I'm a new mum and when I watched it i couldn't help but cry

sophie 6 years ago

befor i was boarn my big bro died when he was boarn but i have learnt one thing the closer u are to a baby u can fell a pain so deep u think ur world is going to endbut u get ust to it so put ur head up and never give up on what you have lost so please can ronnie give the baby back.

Alex 6 years ago

guys everyone is saying about how bad the storyline is about ronnie taking kat's baby well let me say your wrong first of all how shocked do you think ronnie was on the programm well i say a lot and if you know how shock feels you would do anything to get what you want ronnie only had the baby about a day when it happened on the show like i said before you would do anything especially to get your baby back and kat had the same shock as ronnie because if you watched properly kat didn't look at the baby whilst alfie was and he was crying and as other people said alfie left tommy he didn't charlie was sat with tommy but he went downstairs for only ten minuets and alfie went back up and it was james not tommy but alfie was also in shock you don't realise and kat said in the hospital that isn't my baby so everyone that thinks they know they don't thankyou for you time and did i mention it is only a programm and they are trying to raise awareness for cot death because it can happen but nobody knows why it happens

bethany 6 years ago

hi it is me agen jut reading what some one els hos put has just made me realalised thatit is just a programm so just thing if it happened to you you would be up set so just remember the good times.

katie 6 years ago

its a soap, if u dinne want to watch it then don't, no need to complain about it all the time, yeah it does happen in real life, but that's not real life, and for a lot of people, they don't know how they would react if that just happened to them, so all i can say is GOD SAKE...GET A GRIP

Melanie 6 years ago

I've never been comfortable with this storyline. As an advocate for missing and abused children, this is a mother's nightmare.

s.l.g 6 years ago

i thinbk every1 should leave samantha aka ronnie alone, givin her abuse in the street in front of her kids is a disgrace i mean all she is doin is her job its not her fault the directr came up witht that storyline for her i mean its part of her job i bet she hates the fact that shes playin the role in the woman who swaps her kid just as much as every else does its not her fault shes just an actresss doin her job

Letty 6 years ago

this is sad its not ral people grow up! blown right up for no reason what so ever! ive been through it and yh it brings bk memoris but remember this is not real

Trish 6 years ago

I am extremely sad for Ronnie, what she did was wrong but its her pain that jumps up at me. I don't think its right for her to have to have such storylines and not have any happiness in her life! how can one cope with playing such intense sadness in ones life. I don't understand why Ronnie was targetted by the writers to constantly have a sad life.

Kat will eventually be reunited with her baby, what does Ronnie have? Nothing.. Spare a thought for the Ronnie's of this life.

Snoopy1975 6 years ago

I am appalled that the devasting storyline of Ronnie's baby's cotdeath has been overshadowed by the baby snatch. Surely the point of this story was to raise awareness of cot death. I agree that it is a TV show, but it is a TV soap with many viewers, many of them young viewers. To watch Kat and Alfie bury someone else's baby as their own is nothing short of totally inappropriate, and sick minded. I have watched Eastenders from when it first began and have hardly missed an episode. I have avoided it like the plaque since Christmas and shall not be watching until after Ronnie hands Tommy back to Kat and Alfie.

pamela 6 years ago

its jst a tv programme ppl, yes its very upsetin 2 ppl whom may hav sufferd itha ov these tradgys, a cnt w8 4 kat get tommy bk ,av got kids n cud neva imangin goin threw this ,bt if u dnt lyk it dnt wat hppn switch ova !!! am not realy keen on the way its paned out bt wudnt go 2 far as 2 complain .

julie 6 years ago

i am a mother that lost a baby too not through cot death but i had a still born at full term i gave birth to my little girl and the pain was unbearable to cope with, watching eastenders as been heartbreaking watching kat in so much pain when really he baby is alive and well i really think this story line should come to an end now and not go on any longer. im sure i aint the only one that gets upset after loosing a baby and would give anything to have our children back... please end story line

HugeFan 6 years ago

The storyline is shocking but the fact is, these things do happen. You may not hear about it everyday but so much goes on that you never hear about. Kat knows that the baby they buried wasn't hers but Alfie thought it was the grief talking. What I do not get though, is why she didn't look at " Ronnie's baby" and realise. I as a mother myself know, that even after a minute I would know my own child. I sympathise with Ronnie as far as the grief took over and she is physically and mentally exhausted from having such a hard time but could only but wonder why on earth she would just leave her baby that she had longed for , for so long, dead in the vic. I wouldn't want to let him go if he was mine. I think the story line is dragging out now but then at the same time, it's a soap. It's all about the drama and everything is pushed that bit further. I won't stop watching as I love Eastenders and can't wait until Tommy is back with his mum. The negative comments are just a mother's point of view. Not about Eastenders itself. As for the people complaining and saying how shockingly wrong it is, change the channel. That's the beauty of television. If you don't like it... you can turn it off :)

bigmoma! 6 years ago

To the writers of the show.... if you wanna give Ronnie another baby, you can borrow one of mine :) i have 4 of the little devils :) all a joy to have but hard work! lol .... adopted auntie ronnie take your pick :p hehehe

Sunny123 6 years ago

For all those people who think people are over reacting, have any of you actually lost a baby? I very much doubt it!!!!! The point of the story was to raise awareness about cot death there was no need to take it any further.

Tessa 6 years ago

You need to understand that babies do die in real life. So how can you call this storyline sickening? It happens in real life. I have never heard of a mother swapping her baby though, that's maybe too much.

bob 6 years ago

you stupid people. If you don't like it, don't watch it... it's a soap for crying out loud...

Me 6 years ago

Eastenders only want to make people watch the show, people who are upset by this need to relise that they actually dont have to watch it .

The storyline is a bit far fetched i have to admit, being friends with the women , but mainly the fact that if your baby dies you would be distraught, and it is a liitle to unrelistic to be put on tv :/

Helenn 6 years ago

Oh my gosh, This is Stupid, If you don't like it why watch it? Idiot. This Story line is exciting for people, and upsetting for others... JESUS its not real, FFS.

people have wrecked the Christmas Story line by complaining, People have put the writers through so much stress, IT IS NOT REAL.

-.- 6 years ago

Eastenders have taken this story line too far and they are dragging it out way too much, give Kat her baby back already! Were all anxious for this story line to be over.

Alex 6 years ago

well it's me again just to say i agree the storyline is abit to long and your lucky because we get to see kat have her little baby tommy back in April or may but they was going to let it carry on till 2012 but because all the abuse that (samantha,ronnie) has been getting in the streets they have brought it forward thankyou for reading this again and remember its a PROGRAMM thankyou

cainsmummy 6 years ago

soo upseting just wouldn't happen in real life but the good news it aint real life soooo that's makes it even better cant wait to c kat get him bk hurrrrrry :)

ellllz 6 years ago

i don't agree with people that say it wouldn't happen in real life, i mean shes had a tough time and then her baby dies, she becomes stressed and confused and does something on impulse in a very low state not thinking of the consequences, she just wants her baby back, someone to hold. i think it is right that she gives it back and i just hope they play it out right...

PEOPLE NEED TO REMEMBER ITS NOT REAL LIFE THOUGH...ITS A SOAP! It is meant to be exaggerated on real life but also point out points that do happen, the story might be a bit over the top but cot death isn't

nickcole 5 years ago

i ba waiting so they can swap

nickcole  5 years ago

i,ve be waiting for a long time and it,s boring

Bushrah 5 years ago

I am a BIG BIG FAN of eastenders whenever i don't get to watch it i just quickly the next day go to bbc iplayer and watch it. East enders is never gets boring therefore i don't understand why people are complaining it is only a SHOCKING act its not like she did it in real life ! I think easte endersz is one of the best shows in BBC 1 . & i don't want Ronnie Mitchell leaving

Amie O'Brien 5 years ago

i am very very disgusted by eastenders, YES raise awareness but DO NOT keep it going on for so long!! i want the baby to be given back to kat, and for ronnie to cope with the death of her baby out in the open!! also i want her to find out why she keeps losing her children! make her under-go treatment where she has to attend a hospital every week or something for check ups whilst pregnant!!? i liked ronnie, and still do, but my feelings of this storyline are bad. i feel sorry for alfie and that poor little baby who ronnie has got (tommy). give the baby back ronnie!! END IT EARLY BEFORE EASTER!!!!

ejmog 5 years ago

yes i agree the story was slightly over the top however played brilliantly by the actors i couldn't see how they would pull he storyline off because you expect a mother to know her baby however that was explained quite easily (quick birth followed by a snooze then the bleed so whisked off to hospital didn seem to have chance to see the baby) ronnie freaking over james why didn't she just phone an ambulance (easy landline was dead couldn't find mobile in her panic nonody answers doors or in the street)so shes panicked and confused and hears tommy crying when she picked him us she did say just let me be a mummy for a little longer she really wsnt in her righ mind and still isn't she seems to want to do the right thing but no one is listening alfie has played the story so well he seemed to really bond with tommy before he was born and now is shut out by a kat consumed with her own grief. Please give ommy back to kat it has been dragged out but brilliantly played and i think the writers managed to make the implausable seem plausible

Corksta 5 years ago

I hate this storyline its really depressing cant wait to see the look on Kat and Alfies face when they find out xxx :)

shannon 5 years ago

i think ronnie should give baby tommy back because its not her baby and its making people cry when some people are actually having a baby!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

connor 5 years ago

i think tronnie should give baby tommy back because its selfish because its not her baby and in realife people are having babys.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dionne 5 years ago

the sdtoryline is depresssing and i don't think its right for ronnie to have baby tommy and let kat and alfie go through that grief that their new baby boy has passed away. ronnie is right the story line is sick but come on its just a story its not real life so why is everyone moaning about it, switch your tv off if you don't want to watch something that's so depressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph 5 years ago

Its just a soap.. its not real life, so why are people getting so upset?

Yes it does happen to mothers all over the world, but so does rape, and child abuse but i see no one started to complain when eastenders made a storyline on those subjects?

People need to switch off the box and switch back to bloody reality



Steph 5 years ago

Just another thing, if you lot find it soo depressing just by watching a story line played out on eastenders, im buggered what you would be like if you had to experience it in REAL LIFE

bev 5 years ago

totally agree with you on that one steph its just tv u don't like it don't watch it simple eastenders is great i just don't see all the fuss over a storyline sorry bt my opinion

emma  5 years ago

i think that it was a very good story line and very unusual

for viewers and if people have problems with it they can stop watching it.

it is not as if we are making you watch east-enders just turn over the channel! and don't blame Ronnie for this when it was the writers fault!

Vix 5 years ago

The most stressed person here seems to be Steph....

Sure its only a TV show but its offensive to many people. Wouldn't have the same reaction if it was a race related issue would you.

sam 5 years ago

this story line is offensive to sum parents i have recently become a mother myself and if what happened to ronnie happened to me then i would be devistated i think people need to understand that cot death happenes a lot and is no ones fault i think eastenders done a good thing by making people aware of cot death. not every one will agree but that's my opinion.

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 5 years ago from South England Author

Thank you for all your comments. The final scenes have now been filmed showing Kat and Alfie reunited with their son Tommy. See it all here http://hubpages.com/entertainment/Eastenders-Ronni...

jsabvkjbsdvbdf 5 years ago

aahahahahha ,,,,ofc eastenders should end the storyline its just getting stupid now and im sure we all wanna see kat and alfie happy ??!!

live.love.laugh  5 years ago

i think tht ronnie should just give back kat's baby and stop feeling SORRY for her self yeah sure she has lost a baby but kat's has to live with thinking it was her fault..... now im all sure we wanna see her finally get tht holg/hug withh babyy tommy so just give him back for god sake :/ :| :\

Melanie 5 years ago

I think it's a great storyline. Is there a video to show the giving back of the baby episode cos I literally can not wait till April to see??....

laura 5 years ago

I think Eastenders and especially the actors involved were good enough to pull off the cot death story line and help a lot of parents with this ordeal. Instead viewers are concentrating on when Kat finds out the baby is hers, rather than the issue of SIDS Too much drama.

cheryl 5 years ago

you are great!! nothing on tonight!! by most moaners they don't want there kidz to see!! easy really record it people, its not rocket science!! I HAVE KIDZ TOO! they don't watch yet! but when they ready i will explain everything its not that bad..its good prep for when ur kidz flee the nest! xx

michele reid 5 years ago

a lot of people are saying this would never happen and it would be nice if it never did......but in harsh reality it has happened and it will probably happen again....it depends on how the mother reacts to the loss of her baby...in some cases the mother will go into shock and then start to suffer with temporary insanity...it is a very sad fact the lose of a loved one especially your own child can lead to the parent acting out in ways they normaly never would....i believe it was very brave of eastenders to point this tragic case of events out and the fact that they are getting such a negative amount of support just proves my point that yes it does happen and it has happened but not many people know about it as all the cases have been handled so delicately...

kells 5 years ago

ofc eastenders should end the storyline its just getting stupid now and im sure we all wanna see kat and alfie happy

sarah 5 years ago

would just like to say that it does happen every day and it happened to me, it took me 2yrs to get my daughter back so i am glad that eastenders are raising awareness for abduction of babies cos that is what it is. Some people never get their children back....

Tammy 5 years ago

People need to get a girp. people complaining because of this storyline is pathetic !! don't watch it if u don't like it . Yes its not a nice thing that happened but theres allways nice thing that don't happen in real life. plus that could have happened . if i were the eastenders writer i would not change it for anyone if u don't like it don't watch it ! i know loads of people who watched eastenders just because of this storyline .

zoey24 profile image

zoey24 5 years ago from South England Author

I can understand what woman are saying, when they say that the focus is on Ronnie stealing a baby rather than the fact her baby died from cot death. However i have read plenty of true life stories and seen movies on the truth life channel where babies really are stolen. Eastenders have always been known for their hard hitting stories such as child abuse, rapes, murders etc. But their main aim has always been to raise awareness for these tragic cases. If people find any of the scenes upsetting then there is a number provided at the end of the programme. No one is forced to watch the storyline but judging by the amount of complaints the BBC have been receiving as well as the show ratings rocketing, i am guessing they still choose to watch it anyway.

nicola wright  5 years ago


katie 5 years ago

give her baby back

Chloe 5 years ago

i want her to give kat her baby back ... how could they write such a story like that

toni 5 years ago

Its ridiculous that people take the time to complain - it is a soap. Although things are supposidly true to life, they are always exagerated as they are in every other soap. I almost died at 22 after being diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, but did I write a letter when Hollyoaks had a far fetched story relating to it because it upset me - NO, because I am not stupid enough to think of it as a documentary, it is merely for entertainment purposes. Its a tragedy loosing a baby, its far fetched she would steel a baby but could ultimately happen. Who cares - turn it off if you don't like it you sad sad people. Maybe when you get over yourselves you will realise there are people that are always in a worse situation than you, and if making Eastenders makes them feel better - who gives a damn! So pathetic - anyone would think your remotes didn't have batteries in them!

K88ABY 5 years ago

What a pantomime, Eastenders has completely failed with this storyline, and it's quite frankly, SICKENING. I wonder.. if there hadn't been so many complaints, would they have dragged this out until Tommy was an adult or what WAS the plan? Sort it out for goodness sake, before Peter Griffin thumbs it into the square claiming to be Ben Mitchells 'real' father...

Anna 5 years ago

Need to go on holiday! Give tommy back 2mrw.. So annoying everyday I wait for donnie to give baby back and I'm getting depressed!

Enough to the story writers and please no more sad stories involving children

MD24 5 years ago

My best friends 4 month old died of cot death in December..This Story line has been more than devastating to her and many others :(

Dave570 5 years ago

I don't think most people's grievances are with the storyline, upsetting or not. It's how long they've dragged it out for, week after week of mind numbingly boring episodes going over the same ground.

XxXxXCLAIRExxxX 5 years ago


Leanne 5 years ago

I think its still going to be such a sad ending, kat and alfie may be happy to get tommy back but poor jack!

jade  5 years ago

i cant wait 2 kat gets her baby back because it was a really stupid storyline like who would steal some1 else's baby it is just crazy if i did that i would feelso bad 4 doing it but i wouldn't do it anyway it is really stupid i enjoy it i absouloutley luv eastenders i can never miss and eposode of it i luv baby tommy he is a we dote. i cant wait 2 c the luk on kat's face oj.out of all the soaps eastenders is my favorate.roxxie,kat jodie and vanessa r so pretty. i would not of had that scene because it is really silly and no1 would be that stupid 2 do that but i luv the show xxx bye

chloe  5 years ago

i think ronnie is sick minded and she should not take anyones bay ever agin cause rubish actor i hate her she should not be on eastenders she thinks everyone is going to feel sorry for her just because she lots her bay doenst mean she needs to nick someone else baby but i no she going thew a hard time but i think she needs to quit but i think kat and dot are realy good actors

byex lov the show xxx

Dee 5 years ago

My baby died taking someone elses was the last thing on my mind!!!!

Katie J A Edwards 5 years ago

i think its pointless complaining its not as if its real is it?! and the storyline is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long now its getting ridiculous ronnie said i need to tell you something i got my hopes up thinking shes gonna say and she said she hasn't been going to her therapist sessions :@ GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR just say jeez! xxxx

betty 5 years ago

Well, i think Ronnie is a fab actress, the story line is a bit far fetched yes, but that's what it is, a story!!! Lol.. gripping too

Nikki 5 years ago

For all of you that keep saying that it shouldn't be dragged out this long, it has to be because they have already acted all the other scenes and recorded it all, its not possible for them to do it any sooner. It is just a soap, and its not impossible for some one to leave a baby that long or swapping it. Kat never really saw her baby and Ronnie wouldn't let any one see hers! I have heard of a lot worse real life things to happen. It is possible! It only makes the people look bad that have done in theirselves! and i'm sure it has been done, in the hospitals babies get swapped.. Its a soap, everything gets found out in the end. If you don't like it turn the tv off?

gabriela 5 years ago

I just came here to see how thngs goes with Eastenders. I thought that Kat already got her baby back, im not watching eastenders since Ronnie stole Tommy. It's been so long now and Ronnie is still not able to open her mouth and tell the truth? I don't believe that this storyline will end up sooner.

alex 5 years ago

im in australia and i think that i was quite disstressing for most viewers over here, to see this type of kidnapping and death take part on one of the soaps that they watch ive been turned off the show and i think that many will have to agrre that eastenders has gone to far

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