10 Tips to Become Famous


How to become famous? This question comes to your mind? The answer is here.

Everyone wants to become famous right? No some people don’t really wants to be famous. But if you are not among few people who don’t want to become famous then this article is exactly for you.

Well being famous is really something unique and gives a feeling of proud that the whole world know you. Every person wants his unique identity and wants to become famous. But i would like to tell you that being famous in not so easy, you must have some extra ability which is different from others, then only you can become famous. Well I’m not selling here any product by using which you could become famous. Well I don’t think there is any product of such kind.

Well i will not take your more time now I’m going to give you some tips:-

Take part in 

reality shows:-

Gone are the days when people has to struggle a lot in order to come in television. Now the television and media itself giving a chance to newcomers to take part into this world of media, name and fame. Reality shows are really easy way to become famous. Once you got selected the whole world or the whole country is going to watch you. So just prepare yourself and take part in any kind of reality shows which are famous now a days and do miracle. Some examples of reality shows are - Big brother, Big boss and blah blah blah. The list of reality shows is broad. In every 2nd channel you can find one reality show. Because reality shows are today’s demand and trend. People love to watch reality shows as participants has to do some different kind of tasks in these shows and audience enjoys it a lot, as it is something different and unique from other TV shows. Not only you can try to participate in your country’s reality show but you can try to participate in other country’s too. There are many reality shows which are international and allows other country’s members to take part. Like ROADIES. Roadies is highest rated reality show of INDIA. But it is also an international reality show.

Become a singer, model or actor

IF you want to become famous world wide then go and become singer, actor or model. If you do not have above qualities then you can join some music or acting classes after that you can try in some music concert or some acting concert organised generally for fresh talent. Once you got selected then Hollywood is any time open for you. After entering once you have to do nothing Hollywood will do everything just for your talent and your obsession. True talent become famous very soon. There are lots of concerts for fresh talents some are :- American idol, Indian idol, saregamapa and blah blah blah. These concerts and shows are really a great platform for every talents. And also if can do something which others can’t do and which is something unique then also you can try to some of these concerts who want something unique.

Write a book

The third way but also effective way to become famous is writing. Just write a book about any topic you like but be sure the topic would be most attractive and effective and also its content too must be good so that it could become a best selling. A writer of a best selling book earns name and fame which is world wide. You can also become famous by writing in Internet, but here name and fame will not be just like an author of best selling book. So if you are good at writing then you can write a book after searching the best topic. you can’t even imagine the success of the author of some best selling book.

We can take an example of JKROWLING. She was not so rich earlier. she was really a poor lady having her 2 children. She didn’t even had money for 2 meal a day. But then she wrote the novel Harry potter series and now we all are familiar about JKROWLING. There is no best example then Jkrowling. Now harry potter is the most famous and best selling book in the whole universe. You can take inspire from the work of Jkrowling and can do miracle.

Take part in International sports

Now finally there is no need of writing anything, here you have to play, play and only play. Yes this is your childhood’s favorite task. Everyone loves sport but few are master among sport. Anyone can become a master in sport through proper training, practice and right guidance. This is something where you can always enjoy and can fulfill your desire of being famous easily. You just have to take part in some international sport events. But before taking part you have to practice a lot. Because got selection in international level is not every ones cup of tea. One has to do a lot of hard work. So just select your favorite sport take training, do practice and go. Once you got selected the success will surely be yours. There are lots of sport where the career is bright like- cricket,tennis,snooker,billiards,chess, Kayaking and blah blah blah.

Innovate something unique

For become famous this is also a very good way. You can innovate something new and unique and obvious which would be useful for others. Now the world is really modern and wants technological best innovations. You can try to innovate something in the field of technology. Make a robot or different car and mobiles.

Make some Software

Again this is in the field of technology. Now almost all people love to surf web. They want some software which could make their work fast and easy. They want software which are unique and good like anything. Do make some software which are really in demand then you will surely become famous. You can also become hacker, its up to your choice whether you want to be a black hat hacker [bad hacker who make virus for causing harm to others] or a white hat hacker[who help the general public,help in destroying the virus and help the police in searching the black hat hacker]. Technological world is another great way to earn name and fame.


Go and join some very famous institutes like NASA and ISRO. But for this you have to study hard you also have to work hard, and still it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you have the ability then no one is going to stop you at any cost.

Go for a world tour

You can go for a world tour, this is really easy. But you should have a lot of money for this. During world tour you can meet famous personalities of that country and have the chance to meet the press. But this name and fame is just for a while not for a life time.

The other two i will add later when i get them, you just enjoy this. But if you find some other ways do post here and let others know. Now don’t shy and don’t be miser in commenting I would love to hear from you so please post comments and do motivate me.


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