Five Things You Didn't Know About Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood right now. I am a huge fan of his work and I have seen every movie that he has ever been in. You may know him as the terrifying musical genius in Phantom of the Opera , the super-ripped Spartan leader in 300 , or a character from one of his other various roles. You may know that Gerard Butler is a very talented and accomplished actor and director, but what about some of the simpler things that you don't know about? Here are a few facts about Gerard Butler that you will find very interesting.

Gerry & Lolita
Gerry & Lolita

1. He has a dog named Lolita
One of the biggest fads in hollywood is to have small dogs that resemble new species of rodents. Many celebrities like to dress them up in pink tutus and carry them in an over-sized purse. Gerry seems to have fallen into line with this trend (except for the tutu and purse get up) with his adorable female pug named Lolita. I can appreciate him adding a pug to his family, but I would have imagined him getting a male dog like a German Shepard or a Doberman Pinscher and naming him something a little more manly. Maybe something along the lines of Bronco or Mac. It's really hard trying to imagine the King of Sparta walking around with a cute little pug.

2. Gerard Butler was awarded A Certificate of Bravery

During the filming of Mrs. Brown in 1997, Gerry saved a 14 year old boy from drowning in the River Tay. According to a Tayside Police spokesman, the boy probably would not have survived if it hadn't been for Gerry. He was awarded a Certificate of Bravery from the Royal Humane Society of Scotland for his heroic act.

3. Gerard Butler has a law degree

Gerry has a law degree from Glasgow University, where he was also president of the school's law society. However, after landing a role in a theatre production, he decided to give up his career as a lawyer to pursue his dream of acting. Look at it this way, they did the world a favor by firing him. We would much rather see him half naked in more movies like 300 than in some stuffy suit in a courtroom.

4. He used to be in a music band called Speed

Gerry met Alan Stuart (founding member of the band) while he was a trainee solicitor. They became friends and Gerry auditioned for the band and started off singing backing vocals. When the lead singer Gill left the band, Gerry became the lead singer. They often packed out night clubs when they performed, and even did large gigs including an open air gig in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh to an audience of about 10,000 people. The band did make recordings, including the song “Going Down Slow”, but they are not available for purchase. Although Gerry still likes music, it's comes second to acting for him.

5. He flashed the attendees at his sister's wedding ceremony

We all know that it is a Scottish tradition for men wear kilts, but unfortunately, they can sometimes cause wardrobe malfunctions. Gerry gave a reading at his sister's catholic wedding ceromony and then sat down in front of the 400 or so people that were in attendance. He sat down in the normal way a man sits, legs spread open, but unfortunately, he must have forgotton that he was wearing a kilt (apparently with no boxer or underwear). After he realized that his mother was not trying to tell him to pray (she repeatedly clasped her hands together in an attempt to get him to close his legs), he crossed his legs. You would think that he would have felt a cool breeze going on down there.

Gerard Butler is one of the sexiest hunks in Hollywood and also one of the most talented actors. I've been a huge fan of his since I saw him playing the role of Terry Sheridan in Laura Croft: Tomb Raider . I also love his Scottish accent and really enjoy listening to him talk. You can always find some new and exciting news about him, but sometimes it's fun to just know some simpler things as well.

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Rich W2K profile image

Rich W2K 3 years ago from Gold Coast

Hi madscientist12, I'm from Scotland and also went to university in Glasgow like Gerard Butler. However, can you explain the link you have placed for 'Glasgow University' going to a hub about African-Americans? I couldn't find any information in that hub about it. It would be great if you had some info about the connection between those five amazing people and Glasgow University. Thanks

madscientist12 profile image

madscientist12 3 years ago from Paterson, NJ Author

@Rich W2K I'm not sure why I had that linked there, it must be a mistake (although that's a pretty weird mistake) but I unlinked it. Thank you for pointing that out, and if I do find any connections between African Americans and Glasgow, I will definitely write about it!

Rich W2K profile image

Rich W2K 3 years ago from Gold Coast

Thanks for letting me know. I forgot to say that I really liked your hubs. Keep up the good work

madscientist12 profile image

madscientist12 3 years ago from Paterson, NJ Author


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