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FZ s information

Yamaha is looking to spradding thire market india ...recently there introduced R15 and Fz .After making presence felt with the r15,Yamaha is looking at FZ won't be in the 1 lakh range. As the Fz 150cc is the next bike look at , We preview the bike with some information and pictures

Yamaha Fz 150cc is a clear derivative of Yamaha's classsic street motorcycle FZ 1000cc

If you want to intimidate and want to have a commanding sense then FZ 150cc would be the ideal  bike .

Espescially the sharp edged frame mounted engine cowl , chunky fuel tank and stubby exhaustwould frighten fellow riders

yamaha FZ-S

How is the Yamaha fz-s bike

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gulsher 3 years ago

Add Your Comment.raly vary good bike i laike

pratik ulvekar 3 years ago


naven 3 years ago

am waiting 2 by this bike. . . . .them i missing 2 raide . . . . .

plabon 3 years ago

when i will get 1 of those

rajkumar 3 years ago

i like

sallu 3 years ago

super bike i like very much

kitnap pramoth 3 years ago


love fz …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4 years ago


VARUN 4 years ago

My Own Fz s. Its very cute to handle....

shahir 4 years ago

whery louking bike

prasath Abinaya 4 years ago

This is my dream bike........ i love this bike very much and my would be too...........

J.K 4 years ago


azeem 4 years ago

i have in blew coler but i like in red coler and mai laku raho ga

murshid kdm 4 years ago

beautiful bike......................................

super bike.............................................

fentastic bike...........................................


awesome bike.

jimmy pagal 4 years ago

My drim bike

johnnie 4 years ago

awesome bike very comfortable to ride in traffic & highway ......... no other bike can replace mine bcoz i buyed on 12/12/12 wow my dream came finally

jahaid raj 4 years ago

i love you fz s

dilip 4 years ago

omg ....''; awes bike ...;;;

Tabish 4 years ago

I love this bike

VARA 4 years ago

AWESOME BIKE. i wanna buy this bike now!

ravi 4 years ago

i hv fz nice bike i lv my fz supr bike

awlin 4 years ago

it's a great bike..i hv ever seen....best bike......best performance...in High way......its perfect for Riders not Bikers.

jiyon 4 years ago

riders choice

prashant 4 years ago

FANTASTIC bike ........n excellent bike also...

DHIRAJ GUPTA 4 years ago

Dear yamaha team,

Please tell me when you will launch yamaha FZ - 250.......

reply on dhirajgupta2211@gmail.com

Ashish 4 years ago

Love the bike.. its superb

dev@ 4 years ago

we have give no 100% thanks yamaha & jhon

chethan 4 years ago

i love u bike fz

DEEPU 4 years ago

This bike is more than dream

SUJEET 4 years ago




aditya rathour 4 years ago

Kya bolu is bike ke bare me... This is not only bike for me.fz-s is just like a dream for meb

amila 4 years ago

mge sihine obai;;;;; I;am sri lanka;;;;;;;;;;;;

sanalkumar 4 years ago

my dream bike..... i love yamaha fz

sumit.thakur.pratap@gamil.com 4 years ago

very very nice vi,,,,,,,,,,,.????????????

Hour 4 years ago

I love this. Fzs nas

kamal 4 years ago

My dream bike..................fzssssssss

Hardik Kulshrestha 4 years ago

I think that "FZ" is the besssssssst bikkkkkke innn the world this bikkkke is suuuuperrrr duperrrr cooolessst bike in the world I LOVEE U "FZ" ...............................................

LMS 4 years ago


raghav 4 years ago

It is a cool bike. and it has a good look.

umarfarooq 4 years ago

i love this bike it's my dream bike now i got my dream bike i love u fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

raj vaishnav 4 years ago

i love . This fz s

sunny mallick 4 years ago

i lick this

shailesh 4 years ago

vry sexy bike...& coolll...riding.....

sabin dahal 4 years ago

i love my drimzzzzzzzzzz bikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Girish 4 years ago

Aaj maine bhi le li ye bikee

anand 4 years ago

nice bike super speed

Harsh garg 4 years ago

Amazing collection we have !!

godson 4 years ago


Komal Dahal 4 years ago

Reall i doesn't see like this special bike in the world.. everything is about this bike.. bike body, (front-back) and over speed. high disigned & modified.....also for me this bike cost also very low.... I am sure i will by very soon.

I wish this bike will be sold highly in the word.

Best & wish to be sold perfectly..

K.. Dahal

Biratagar, Nepal

NISHANT MAHETA 4 years ago


Ganesh.puttur 4 years ago

My dream bike FZs

RAMEES 4 years ago


krishna 4 years ago

super bike....very comportble bike

Swapnil gode 4 years ago

I love this bike......

PRIBEN ABINOW 4 years ago

I LOVE MY BIKE(FZ-BLACK)black color FZ bike looking very stylish..,im already have this bike guys it really very........... STYLISH..., then MY BIKE NO: 9333 ,NO Bike can COMPARE with MY MY MY MY MY FZ bike..... bcs its really dfr...nt.......

Nidhin P Kumar 4 years ago



Shafeek 4 years ago

is yamaha fzs full black available?

srinivas patil pattan 4 years ago

its my dream bike i love this bike

Gopal Singh Bisht 4 years ago

Super Bike

Super Duper.........................

sahil 4 years ago

nice bike but i hvnt rupees for bying fz

someone gv mer as gift????????????????????????

dathis fernando 4 years ago

very nice your model Fz.. super.........

iffy ahamed 4 years ago

Suber suber fz

divu 4 years ago

Very stylish..........

chandan singh 4 years ago

I like bike

Raje555 4 days ago 4 years ago

FZ-S bike very nice and looking super my life partner with compare no bike.

tarun jhamb 4 years ago

yamaha fz s is awesome bike

fazil fb 4 years ago

it my future bike .i will buy this bike before i die . it my breath . it my all . really i love this bike vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery much .n its really a sexxxxxxy bike . by fb

jacky 4 years ago

It's my dream, i have do it modified this bike

rajashekar 4 years ago

i want diz bike

nather 4 years ago

i love bike

Sharath 4 years ago

This is a awesome bike. What a bike? This is just the men waiting for. It got everything from power to muscle

uday kumar 4 years ago

dani amma bike ante atla undala

SHARDUL GOA 4 years ago

superb bike...................................................................... +919011795852 shardul goa

hridoy 4 years ago

i like this bike its look awsmmmmm

kcuf 4 years ago

it want airfilter,ground cover then it b com the bst

sonu 4 years ago

what a bike yarrrr

Janak Adhikari 4 years ago

I think this is the best bike all over the world...........

jatin patel 4 years ago

I Love my drims biksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss?

fzkhan 4 years ago

i have a design letter for (fz)

krunal 4 years ago

i love this bike. This is supar bike.

zohan 4 years ago

iam going to buy my dream bike next month

raj 4 years ago

bad naked bike..i love my r15 v2..

luhenba 4 years ago

very beautiful

sachin kate 4 years ago

very nice fz s bike

Soumesh 4 years ago

5 month

very nice bike fz

Mapuia mizoram 4 years ago

Fz s is just like king of bike , it smooth ,it fast this bike have good balance .and good perfomence ?I reall like this bike ?

Käm£ë$h kümär çhätürvëðï %-) 4 years ago

My fav bike FZ %-)

It iz my drem bike B-):-/

prakash 4 years ago

my fz is the best and love 2 ride it..... awesome look, awesome comfort and i think its amazing.......

rajjjjjjjjjjj 4 years ago

it is very very hot

Rajesh Rajput 4 years ago

i love fzs nice baik..

pankaj 2151 4 years ago

nice bike

Nandhumon 4 years ago

absolute stylish my dear fzzz.....................

deepak kumar 4 years ago


namal 4 years ago

best bike in srilanka economy and comfort

i love my fz 16 black

Vishnu p menon 4 years ago

Yamaha FZ was a wonderful bike. i love FZ very much

sampath 4 years ago

vry gd bike.... 1year,sri lanka

IMRAN 4 years ago


gani 4 years ago

a surerb bike

which is very interesting .....!!!!!

love it guys


anish 4 years ago

its very beauty

radhakrishnan 4 years ago

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery good 200

chamok 4 years ago

its realy a

great bike

kamal saini 4 years ago

fzs my best & perfact bikes.thease superb & saxy.i like this,love uuuu fzs.

Deepak kumar meena 4 years ago

I lick it fzzzzzz

My luck is a fzzzzz

suraj and pradeep 4 years ago

awesom bike

Akbar_vellore 4 years ago

Its looking too beautiful like a race bike...but the problem is only one mileage,but i like it so much...

suresh 4 years ago

i love you bike

nadeer pp athazhakkunnu 4 years ago

sexyyyy look bike

chandan 4 years ago

my fz is best bike

sanjeewa 4 years ago

super bike

dipal chaudhary. virar. 4 years ago

very sexy bike love u fz s

Ramesh Thatipamula 4 years ago

Its Really Super Bike I Like It Superrrrrrrrrrrrr

mohsin 4 years ago

very nice bike i like soo much very very nice bike

sonu kumar from udaipurwati 4 years ago

I love this bike. This's my favorite bike. My dream bike. Love you so much Yamaha * FZ - S *

seenu 4 years ago

suberb love to drive FZ

Mo shanu 4 years ago

Supar bike fz s i love u dek yar keya bike hai. Keya sital hai.

sumit verma 4 years ago

fzs my dream bike i like fzs i love you fzs

Nirob das 4 years ago

I think it is the best bike for all over.

Sakthi s. 4 years ago

This is my faveret bike supper speed fentastick luk i love fz

Naizam Kp padne 4 years ago

Fz king style

afrbf 4 years ago

naes bike my favrat bike

afrbf 4 years ago

naes bike my favrat bike

shiju 4 years ago

fz seat length wary shot two people seating wary tight the seat

risan 4 years ago

fzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i love you

sunil saini 4 years ago

I like FZ-S most due to it,s lok very different & sporty bike .


I think that,this is a super bike for indian road ......

k k bhai 4 years ago

i want this bike

Ranjithgowda 4 years ago

Iam ready to buy fz bt iam worried abt mileage pleas say me correctly guys abt mileage

jeru 4 years ago

l like sweet bike,verry nice i love fz

raza 4 years ago

verry butiful

Govind bhardwaj 5 years ago

Roking bike hai

Shishir 5 years ago


THARIDHU HEMAL 5 years ago


arun 5 years ago

super bike

venki 5 years ago

number one bike in 2011 and 2012

selvaa 5 years ago

super stylish.........

aditya 5 years ago

i love u fz. pls yamaha company next bike launch very nice super i wait for yamaha next bike

Abhishek Biswal 5 years ago

ths bike iz my heart.....my fvret bike nd my dream....thnks 2 YAMAHA fr ths bike...yup.......

mapuia,mizoram 5 years ago

mizoram ah ka om a mapuia ka ni a bike ah hian ka tui a chuan fz bike hi a nalh ka ti em 2 a mizoram ah a pian nalh pol a ni in ka hria chuan in tlan siak na ah mizo ho hi ka n duai bik lo mapuia aiz awl mizoram thak thing dam veng agathos school chal tlag ah ka lut ani

rohit 5 years ago

i like fz bike

markradneygaela 5 years ago

astig !!!!!!!!

Rocking manzur 5 years ago

its my favourite byke if it has more speed then it is best byke than R15

Madhab 5 years ago

fz s is most amazing bike for me

ARYA Mj 5 years ago

Hiiiii Friends This Is Very Latest Bike FZ-$ Fastest Street Bike {.GR££N COLOUR AW$ON£.}

sandeep kumar 5 years ago

super bike from yamaha

rahil 5 years ago


gnani 5 years ago

My first wife is a fz bike

rama 5 years ago

by dream bike... my color is full blake... i love it

john hayls profile image

john hayls 5 years ago

These are really very fantastic bikes. I really appreciate your work.

Jitu(kjr)orissa 5 years ago

I loveit.bikeisvery sexy.&hot.try itand c

mohame irfan 5 years ago

white color fzs bike look like very stylish...

anil 5 years ago

i love this bike

Palok 5 years ago

Coooooooooooooooooooool bike I ever seen.I'll get it soon.

yeps 5 years ago

gr8 bike 2 ride;

Guddu saifi 5 years ago

...Nice bickes.....

Dhananjay.S.Parmar 5 years ago

Yamaha fzs is super nd stunty bike ...i luv fzs... My fvrt clr strek yellow why yellow because i luv banana.....okkk my lvly fzs frnzzzzzzzz......:)

Srikanth reddy 5 years ago

Fz bike is so good & very smooth. LOOKES STYLESH

navin bhatt 5 years ago

my favrioute bike in this year.

alvestheo . 5 years ago

Hello friends, This is really good bike.

Shubham 5 years ago

Xamaha FZ is my HEART.....

sexy bike...awsum

Kannan valapad Trichur kerala 5 years ago

I love this fz yamaha bike bt my friend said to me.......

Its not given enogh milege.....

Littr/ 32

martin 5 years ago

my desire to take f z bike anyway i will get it sure . beautiful & looking very nice

Rajendra 5 years ago

very very good bike i love uuuuuuu fz

MANISH 5 years ago

it's a good looking bike

but her average performance is not good 35km/pl

apache rtr 160cc or apache rtr 180cc is better than it

i'am not telling that yamaha fz-s is a bad bike i'ts a very good bike but tvs apache is best i love apache

----- APACHE RTR IS THE BEST -------

jess 5 years ago

this is super dopper awesome i like it .........output is awesome even its engine power is cool and nice acceleration........I LUV IT

prashanth chary 5 years ago

evergreen .i love soooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch fz

KAVYA 5 years ago


Osama bin laden 5 years ago

Humko mangta he....

p.s.jai shanmugam 5 years ago

my favourite bike fzs white colour.fzs friends so enjoy.

imtiyaz ali 5 years ago

it's my favirate bike and i under a bike my bike color is cyber green and black and i also yamaha fzs is my interesting bike all friends this bike is very very nice! bike

sajas 5 years ago

This is a super bike.is a very very nice looking bike.i like fzssssssssssssssssss

Satya 5 years ago

Nice bike

Himat saradhara 5 years ago

super duper bike i like this model

Akash dhoke 5 years ago

Very nice bike ....... .Tumsar.

nithin 5 years ago

nice bike. stylish bike.. good output

Aman 5 years ago

My favorite bike is fz nd good looking

KARTIK GOHIL 5 years ago

My Fevarit bike

KARTIK GOHIL 5 years ago

My Fevarit bike

muzaffer 5 years ago

ilove fzs bike its really nice bike

sreekuttan 5 years ago


moin 5 years ago

ma favorite bike is fz-s and its gud luking in all performance & pickup !!!!!!!!! i love it

imtiyaz ali. 5 years ago

it's bike is very nice and today buy a bike yamaha FZ-S HARYANA nuh[mewat]-122107 ~

Raghu.hakkalli 5 years ago

I like this.it's very very nice to travelling time.i like very much

Saif 5 years ago

It a very good bike

amalaravinda 5 years ago

njan 6month fz s drive cheu nnu goood perfomence anu but 35km 1 itter

Ragesh.m 5 years ago

Yamaha best bick cabani

Imtiyaz ahmed. 5 years ago

this bike is very good and he is my favrate.

Deepu ravi 5 years ago

Its my fvrt bike..its my dream.. .i have no wrds 2 say ds bike..its my hero..i lk 2 see my bk everytme...ilove yamaha...thnks yamaha

(k,v,b,)bhasker 5 years ago

fz is my favarabule bike i like fz;sssssssssssssssss

Budhiman Darnal 5 years ago

this byke is very beautiful n this is not mush more faster than R15

VISHU PRAJAPAT 5 years ago

Yamaha F Z wonderful bike. I love yamaha. Thanks yamaha company

CHETANA 5 years ago


thellu 5 years ago


Guru 5 years ago

super bike

super look

super style

super super

rajput jignesh 5 years ago

very very hot looking bike

Arun 5 years ago

I love fz...awesome,its only for me.. friends if you want to impress girls or lover pls try fz ..

vikas chauhan 5 years ago


gh 5 years ago

50 avg

mohanraj 5 years ago

hi i like this bike very muchhhhhhhhhhh.....i am gng to buy thiz bike at next month.....

Vishal 5 years ago

Sali katiiillll byk...

ronit 5 years ago

very good bike

AJAY 5 years ago


vidya raj 5 years ago

hmmmmm i dnt hve any words 2 say abt FZ it's superb i love itttttttttttttttttttt....!

rohit verma 5 years ago

i love fz.......

rohit verma 5 years ago

i love fz.......

Bhuwan 5 years ago

Superb.. Even mileage is good.. I got 48kmpl..

Harsh 5 years ago

Fz-s is superb bike ya.i like it.

Maha 5 years ago

I love this bike'

it's look is very nice

karthik 5 years ago

suprb bike yamaha is the brand image......vry one can busy

easily.....simply suprb...

shankar 5 years ago

its ok da

prabhu150389 5 years ago

yamaha fz is my haert...

Tushar 5 years ago

owesome yaar

i wanna owner of this sexiest..

guys we have lucky to will be /to be owner of international fz series bikes..

faisal 5 years ago

i cant give any comment bcoz dis bike is a living dream to me

Chanuka 5 years ago

It is a superb bike.. I like it very much

Sandy bhagat 5 years ago

Fz bike is so looking defrent to the any other bikes that's modship muffer is difrent front disk breck is so large and the best part of this bike that's REDEAR TYRE

i mean i want to say fz is good looking and nice bike

Shashinka 5 years ago

wow......its super design and really atractive........its my dream

Rohit 5 years ago

Koi muje es bike ke milege ke barre me bataiga?

hari prasad 5 years ago

i love bykes

chandu candy 5 years ago

ssss i buyd dis be4 3mnths ago jst rocking the world

Maqsood 5 years ago

Very cool bike

ALNAZRI 5 years ago


Prabakaran.s 5 years ago

Yamaha fz s bike my dream bike i love u...

halesh 5 years ago

its nice bike i love Yamaha fz

SAMSUL ALAM 5 years ago

Its very good looking and very attractive.

Sagor 5 years ago

I luv this.it's my dream bike.

SIJO KONNI 5 years ago

its wonderful designed,good confortable 2 ride..............

Akki 5 years ago

yeeh!!! ol d guys u r ryt fz-s is also my dream bike n my gf also like to ride wid me in dis bike.....!!


Manu 5 years ago

This bike is hansom and yougesters like

saddy 5 years ago

my parents not interested to give this bike. they think it's a root of accident.

CHANDU 5 years ago


rajat 5 years ago

faad bike boss

samithavel 5 years ago

i love to yamaha fz bike

shahid 5 years ago

jo is bike ko lega wo mentle men

parthi 5 years ago

super bike

ruban 5 years ago

wat s tis best mileage? pls give

Uday Kiran DAS 5 years ago

I had bought this bike a month ago..This bikes rock.... if u ride.. you will feel floating in the air.. so smooth... and I am damn sure..all girls would watch at you and your bike when you ride it..

It change your personality

gokul anand thykoodam stallion 5 years ago

adippan onnuparayananilla super

ravindra 5 years ago

very cute bike

wilfredo tabutol 3rd 5 years ago

very nice

Nishant 6 years ago

(its yellow+black colour is supuv.................) dont buy it dear just earn it.................................

Amit Singh Seo 6 years ago

fzzzzz is my passion bike

zairu 6 years ago

fzzzzz is my passion bike

Nagraj 6 years ago

it'z AWESOME............ M buying it 2Maro itseems.

Ashok 6 years ago

What a sports bike

Sree 6 years ago

Nice bike

dileepkumar 6 years ago

im buying dis bike how it wil be b_coz im gng fist time for yamaha plz inform me any defécts wit fzs

Lee 6 years ago

I am going to buy my dream bike next moth

donex 6 years ago

pre,, kung cbr 150 ,, wla dyan ,,, sa fz.. puno ng design un,,, fz n ako,,,,,

Nitesh Ajmera 6 years ago

But when it comes to Servicing Sorry but pathetic is the word I prefer to use...

my mail ID is nitesh.ajmera at ymail dot com

 6 years ago

I kike (love) YAMAHA FZ-S. thanks to yamaha coop and engineering....

Manjunath K L 6 years ago

its excellent designed made for youth superb RX Nxt is Yamaha fz s

Biki kumer 6 years ago

It feels like heaven when it is driven.josh bike and jor performance.

Ramya 6 years ago

i love so much,,,,,,,i love bike

JK 6 years ago

i like this bike very much & i'm going to buy bcoz in memories of my x girl fren her name is ".E...."nw she belongs 2 sum 1 else but i still luv her & i cn't 4get her(she like dis bike very much & i also like it very much)...So on d past days i.e 1 yr bk,,,when i'm in luve with her she asked him 2 buy

Bappy 6 years ago

I simple luv fz sssss....i m in luv with fzzzz

tashi dendup 6 years ago

very very good show

prasad 6 years ago

its excellent designed,good confortable 2 ride.

i like this bike

ketan thakkar 6 years ago

best bike

subbu 6 years ago

i love fz more than my lover sujatha. we go honeymoon with this bike only

Nordin 6 years ago

Export that bike to Malaysia.. I like the bike.. That awesome bike..

busettynaveen 6 years ago

very nice bike

shivam sharma 6 years ago

it iz outstanding bt itz attraction iz itz wide tyre & ptrl tank bt engine should be strong & covered.

shashwat 6 years ago

it is very nice bike but it's average is very low

 6 years ago

sexy bike

nomaaawani. 6 years ago

not good at all beause i have raced from srinagar to sonmarg its engine was so hot

shakti 6 years ago

sexy bike

sumit 6 years ago

owsssssaaaaaaammmmmm bike

brinitson 6 years ago

very racing the bike,very speed in the bike

Risu 6 years ago

Mast bike hai

Pawan chowgule 6 years ago

I m owning fzs silver red color.the performance is superb & its favourite of my girlfrend

MISHAL { BOSS } 6 years ago


Sure hp kullu 6 years ago

This is nice bike

gaurav 6 years ago

my dream

Abhi 6 years ago

Wow awesome. . . Bike i lyk fzzz. . . Its ma dream byk

binod magar 6 years ago

before slc this was coolest bike in life

raosahab 6 years ago

good stylish bike

nasrudeen 6 years ago

its wonderful designed,good confortable 2 ride..............


sanjay 6 years ago

its a amaging boke i have to see in my life

when we r driving its littrly smoothing to drive;d and comfrt to handling and taking aal of the parts of bike is truly strong but in mileage its normly .......

Sanjay Debbarma. 6 years ago

I like this bike.when i sleep every night it come on my dream.

Sanjay Debbarma. 6 years ago

king 6 years ago

ahhhhh.......owesomeeee.....bike dude no wrdz to say......tiz bike gudz look in black color..cooollll....

minto 6 years ago

superb bike

sanyam 6 years ago

beautiful bike

sameer 6 years ago

im already havin ths bike guys it really rocks dude muscle hunk stylish bike thnx to yamaha........

sandeep valmiki 6 years ago

my favarite byk iwant it

Mubasheer 6 years ago

its an awesome n mantling piece....


Bijay limbu 6 years ago

I got fzs .....this bike rocks.

jeff 6 years ago

Do they sell this in Malaysia...i saw the face lift for the model FZ150i...the front lamp look similar

nabin bohora 6 years ago

i like this bike. really it was so cool bike. i will buy it after finish my exam. really i like this bike.

abhi 6 years ago

very good bike

fahim 6 years ago

i buy ths soooooooooooooooon

i lile fzzzzzzzz bike

 7 years ago

FZ-S is joota

prateek 7 years ago

what a sexy model is this

ASIF 7 years ago

wht a alsome bike . . .niceeeeeeee

 7 years ago

Habn't tried yet!! Tell ya afta I try it!!!

santhosh 7 years ago

'll catch u soon.. cant miss u fzzzzzz.....

arshad 7 years ago

excellent and gorgious bike

windana 7 years ago

my dream bick--FZ-S

RAMAKANT 7 years ago


Bijoy  7 years ago

One of the best bike in my life

jiten patel 7 years ago

this is very soft bike

sabari 7 years ago


Hakim Hinglawala 7 years ago

Very Very good bike.

gaurav 7 years ago

prateek uppal 7 years ago

this is very latest

and and very styliosh bike

hip hop hemant 7 years ago

no bike can compare with fz

sameer pednekar 7 years ago

awesome bikes, interested to buy one at least.

rajesh 7 years ago

very good bike

rajesh 7 years ago

very good bike

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