Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" is More Like a Clumsy Stumble

Although paranormal investigation has been popular for quite some time in documentary television specials, it has only in recent years been popping up more and more in the regular series category. Hits such as the Travel Channel's "Most Haunted" and SciFi's "Ghost Hunters" have served to put ghost hunting on the map as a legitimate sub-category of the now-commonplace reality genre. Becuase this development is so recent, and because more and more of these shows are popping up, it will probably be a while before the cream of the field rises to the top. When it does, I have a feeling that the Travel Channel's latest addition, "Ghost Adventures," will sink like a stone.

"Ghost Adventures" premiered on Friday, October 17. The show centers around host Zak Bagans and his team, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. For their inaugural hunt, the boys set their sights on Bobby Mackey' Music World, an infamous country music nightclub that became widely known for its music and star connections and stayed widely known for its paranormal activity. The stories connected with the location provided some of the most interesting parts of the episode, but even these could not stand up to the over-the-top theatrics of the host and crew.

Any fans of SciFi's "Ghost Hunters" who happened to be watching saw absolutely nothing new. Bagans and his team followed the established formula to the letter, including the after-dark night vision exploration. The antics they engaged in the whole time gave the sense that they were trying too hard to compensate for their lack or originality. More than once, the team made huge deals of things that they could not share with the viewers, including numerous inconclusive voice recordings. The episode hit a climactic point when Bagans was "attacked" by a spirit, lifting his shirt to reveal "fresh" scratch marks on his back. All things considered, it was more laughable than it was scary.

Bagans, himself, was quite possibly the most irratating component of the entire show. He may have been pretty to look at, but he completely lacked charisma, often speaking and carrying himself like a bad actor in an independent slasher movie. He sounded more like a self-inflated drunken frat boy challenging an adversary than a paranormal investigator. Furthermore, he made it a point early on to repeat the most ridiculous and outlandish stories about the location (including a supposed "gateway to Hell") until they dissolved into utter silliness.

I'm a big fan of paranormal-themed shows and I do believe in the existence of ghosts. I really did try to like this show, but in the end, my interest in the paranormal couldn't stand up to the mockery that was made of it by Bagans and his buddies. Still, the location and the stories about it were very interesting and even a bit chilling, so it wasn't a total loss.

The next episode of "Ghost Adventures" airs Friday, October 25 on the Travel Channel. Check your local listings for time slots. Watch if you dare. There will no doubt be plenty of cringing, but not from fright.


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jesseeTIGGER 8 years ago

Well, I think Zak made the show and made it exciting because he has the brass cahonies to challenge evil spirits

RockyBalboa 8 years ago

This show ROCKED! Way better than other Ghost Shows and Zak is a hottie and reminds me of Braveheart-----!

IrishAzzhole 8 years ago

, seein zach's reaction was the only reason I thought the scratchin stuff was're a hostile little review writer! did you not get casted when they held auditions for this show? ha I like the beginning part too when they tell the history and thought the ghost hunting trio were fun to watch everyone has their own opinions especially on a sensitve topic like GHOSTS!

Meganzzoffun 8 years ago

I liked this show a lot

BUG 8 years ago


Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

They just re-aired the Macky episode a couple of hours ago. I saw the beginning, but I have see that story so many times I didn't watch. As soon as they were showing up out front with their equipment, I went back to writing. I'll take your word for it - that it isn't worth watching. Very nicely written review. Good job!

DirkDiggler 8 years ago

this review sucks...are you jealous of them? cause this is now the best paranormal series on the TV

Dustin in the Wind 8 years ago

Looks like Zack goes to Dustin from GHI hairdresser and gets his hysterics from Barry Fitzgerald

Not Impressed 8 years ago

I have to agree with this review. The dramatics were ridiculous and they things they tried to point out as paranormal were pathetic. I hate to say I can put up with the hysterics of the blond on Most Haunted more than I can handle the crap these guys came up with. I gave them 2 episodes to try to win me over and they failed miserably.

frankfertista 8 years ago


unixadm 8 years ago

I find this show to be actually pretty good. I don't know about you guys, but if you were in a situation where there were things happening you could not see, would you sit there in an ultra calm fashion. I don't find anything with the show over the top and I like the format where there are not a bunch of extra people running around. I honestly could care less about what the people look like on the show, I'm interested in what evidence, if any is caught. If anything I'm hopeful they'll get some better equipment to expand what they can cover while investigating. To me this is probably the best Paranormal show going right now. Great locations and some good findings.

Jim 8 years ago

Give me a break, Zak belongs more to a B horror flick than a ghost show! The music is TOO loud to hear the things they "say' they hear and I didn't ever see a damn thing that 'frightened ballsy cahonies Zak. A rip-off show. But for those who want to beleive I guess the priducers are getting their money back for such an inept crew bent on hysterics and so-called bravdo.

Kyl 8 years ago

I agree with the writer. As a person interested in the supernatural and having experienced seeing a ghost twice in my life, I wanted to like this show but it's impossible. It's always easy to make a TV audience believe what they want to believe with "TV magic and trickery", but Zac and his buddies make it look obvious they've rehersed their "re-actions" to supposed sounds and visions that the majority of the TV audience never really sees or hears. Plus, Zac is irritating with his authoritive attitude that it's easy to get on anyone's nerves. It's easy to create a "flying brick" or a small burst of "mist" or manipulating "voices" on TV and convince an audience that's not actually there with them that they're seeing and hearing what they say they're seeing and hearing. I'm not saying these guys are frauds since I've never been on a "trip" with them, but they leave themselves open for a lot of speculation. Just my two cents.

Darren 8 years ago

Yeah it's easy to create things and make people believe they're real. And that applies to ANY ghost hunting show, not just Ghost Adventures. You're also forgetting that Zak and his crew submitted their video footage to specialist people who confirmed the footage was 100% aunthentic and had not been tampered with. If you go watching such shows with the attitude and the belief that what you are watching might be all fake and fabricated, you might as well don't watch this kind of show at all, or at least be fair and criticize all ghost hunting programs, not just this one. Personally I think it's a great program... far better than Most Haunted, where 99% of the things they say they see or hear is never sse/heard by us the audience.

paranormadict 8 years ago

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paranormadict 8 years ago

I Want to like the show, but orbs.. I saw one Zak claimed was an orb and it was clearly an insect you could see the wings! Plus acting like a tough guy not afraid and then running like a coward when/if something does happen. Like the Gold... something hotel... very very unprofessional. If you are afraid of finding a ghost then don’t go looking for it! I have no problem with “provoking” a spirit, especially, Zak, (Nick does a much better job, calmer and more professional) …. And then running like a coward. Like I said if you are afraid of finding a ghost then don’t go looking for one.

Anne Goff 8 years ago

I think the show is awesome,Its probably the best paranormal show on TV,They don't have big camera crews ,They just go in and do there thing.I think all the guys are great,Their reactions to things are truly real,I make sure Im home every Friday night at nine o clock to watch my favorite show! The show rocks!!!

Melissa Smith 8 years ago

I wanted to thank you for posting this commit about the show. I agree with you that the main guy, "Is an Idit!" He constanly yells and screams to get the ghost to AKA "come out." Also, their AKA "EVPS" aren't cleaned up at all. Put them through a filter in the computer so that we can hear them better. You can tell that Zak Bagans and his two man group has never ever ghost hunted before they got this TV spot. You don't need to yell out or scream at the top of your lungs to provoke the ghost, and when you get a response, don't scream like a little school girl and RUN! You guys make the real paranormal investigators look stupid. No one needs to have an investigator on a real location acting like a fool and unprofessional. The audience that truly needs an investigation do watch these types of ghost shows on TV. They take notes. This show makes it very hard to look like you really try to help people understand what is going on in their buildings or home. Please remember that you are professionals and not idits!

Melissa from GA "A True Paranormal Investigator!"

Big-time fan of the paranormal 8 years ago

jdeschene: I couldn't agree with you more. I absolutely love paranormal shows, but "Ghost Adventures" has to be the most ridiculous paranormal show I have ever seen. Zak is such a buffoon----he loves to provoke and taunt the spirits----however, when a spirit makes contact, or when Zak thinks a spirit makes contact, he runs away screaming like a little girl----it's sooooooo freakin' funny!! And another thing: I thought the whole point of the show was that these guys were supposed to be "locked in" with the ghosts all night----yet when they were investigating that hotel out west (I think it was called the Goldfield Hotel?), the sissies got so scared that they ran out using the fire escape part way into the investigation/night. Those guys are so freakin' ridiculous that it's totally hilarious!! And what in the world is up with Zak's hair----for crying out loud----doesn't the guy own a mirror? He looks like such a goon!! Yes, "Ghost Adventures" is very disappointing....

Big-time fan of the paranormal 8 years ago

A couple of other things: Every single time the "Ghost Adventure" crew sees a dust particle, they insist it is an "orb"----again, absolutely ridiculous!! Also, did you see the episode (I think it was at the asylum in N.J.?) when Zak saw the shadow of the hand through his camera lens and totally freaked out and screamed and ran like a little girl, insisting it was a "ghost hand" trying to grab him----and it was only like the shadow of his own hand----it was freakin' hilarious, but pretty pathetic as well.....

johander 8 years ago

I watch this show and find it entertaining. Clearly the major difference between this and ghost hunters is that Zak and his team do less debunking (I can't imagine GA having an episode where they find nothing, whereas this happens often on GH) and they are much more animated than their GH counterparts.

That any of these guys - GA, GH, MH- pass their methods off as scientific is ridiculous. None of them are following true scientific methods. Just because you use technology doesn't mean you're a scientist.

but I do wish they would do some more debunking. Sometimes I think they may be a little too quick to say something is paranormal. The one thing that does drive me nuts is Zak repeats himself...he'll say "be quiet. be quiet. be quiet. be quiet." instead of just saying it once. But it is still interesting and entertaining show

redzone 7 years ago


imadork profile image

imadork 7 years ago from St. Peters, MO

I hate paranormal shows that do not try to debunk first.

Beckie Jay 7 years ago

I think the show is THE most coolest "ghost hunting" show I have ever seen! The guys are great and so is their work! They"ll say and do whatever it takes to give their audience an excellent and interesting show!!!!! I look forward on seeing their season 2 next yr.

BSR 7 years ago

Just saw the Houghton Mansion episode, and laughed a lot. Zak is irritating, juvenile, and very over-the-top.

I'm sure to most of the (apparently) female, teenage crowd (I'm assuming from lots of these comments) he's cool and looks great. To me, he seems like a high-school kid who was somehow given a show and lots of cash to blow on stupid gadgets.

All I can do is shake my head, when he says things like, "this light illuminates the space between the spirit world and our world". I'm paraphrasing, but making claims about what ghosts can and can't do and trying to pass these stunts off as serious scientific research just isn't credible. Does he get this stuff at www.billy-bob'

I won't watch any more -- it's a show for the gullible or those who enjoy watching Zak prance around in tight shirts. Enjoy!

mike  7 years ago

thats show is the shit

Chris 7 years ago

Zak and his crew are brave in their quest to investigate the paranormal. I can't wait for Ghost Adventures new series on the Travel Channel. This show is head and shoulders above any other Ghost show.

ruck 7 years ago

the ghost adventure sucks they are actor not even real look carefully how they are investing wrong way and the taps ghost hunter is much more honset and real you may not see much action on taps or ghi but they are telling you much more honset because not in the common that ghost is around everyday where you are zak is a producer think if he is telling you truth nobody runs from ghost taps never did that where is the common sense zak suck he is idiot beleive me i am sure taps ghost hunter would agree with me

isaac 7 years ago

if this stuff is real zak if you read i am only a believer when i see or expierence it so i would like to go on one of your so called ghost stuff you see or hear at these places i will sign a waver but i want to expierence it myself

Boris 7 years ago

Zak is such a hunk! He can flex those mellon arms for me anyday!

Jeffrey Messenger 7 years ago

The reviewer is criticizing night time infrared filming? If investigators filmed in bright daylight, they might capture an anomalous form once every ten years... if that!

That being said, most orbs are natural. And yes, mists, moving objects, and evps can be easily faked... but they also happen to be the most frequent evidence investigators catch! So it all comes down to the credibility of the team, and apparently this reviewer doesn't believe Zak to be credible. I'm not so harsh. His evidence looks legit to me.

I'm a devout Christian, and don't like the fad of provoking and challenging. But if people want to risk themselves, it's their perogative. They should always add a disclaimer, warning young teens to not go out and try this for thrills.

As for "debunking," much of that is just stating the obvious... "Maybe it was a draft," "maybe someone whispered," "maybe car headlights reflect oddly in this room," etc. That stuff is boring, and condescends to clients. "Well now client, since you're too dumb to explain away this apparent ghostly activity, let me do it for ya!"

If a team doesn't catch evidence, then they should say "sorry, we caught nothing." They can't say "haunted" or "not haunted," since they're not at the location long enough to know with certainty. They CAN say the haunting is "unverified."

sasha 7 years ago

This is actually a great show and the "Frat" antics don't bother me. I find it entertaining and they sure get a lot more evidence that my former fave show, Paranormal State. This is my favorite now! Go guys!

Team Wiseman profile image

Team Wiseman 7 years ago

Yea, We love the show too. We spend most of our time studying the other side. Team Wiseman

hAbO 7 years ago

I just stumbled across this review so forgive me for being captain yesterday. As of 4/28/09 I’ve had the chance to watch the series at least 2x now to let it sink in. I must say I was a little taken back by the intensity of the Mackey episode and at times it was chaotic. In comparison to “other” paranormal shows the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) brings another aspect to investigating and getting evidence. The other shows seem slow and antiquated even down to the dialog. You won’t hear “Well, you know what we did here…” or “All in all I think the investigation went well” every episode. You also won’t have to watch the GAC setup/break down equipment for 10 minutes or mind numbing evidence review. Instead that time is spent getting interviews and reviewing the history for the audience. Each paranormal show is drastically different but I like pacing of Ghost Adventures. I don’t care what anyone says about their tactics, the GAC has captured amazing evidence and the show is absolutely entertaining. They ask for other independent teams to review and validate their evidence giving them a chance to shine. They include the not so glamorous moments of ghost hunting like bumping into a door or stepping in stagnant water. They film each episode themselves with NO other crew contaminating the footage. The show touts itself as a raw experience in investigating the most haunted locations around. I’ve experienced the Old Washoe Club, Miners Cabin, SilverQueen, Goldfield Hotel all from NV and Bobby Mackey’s 1st hand with them at their live events. Those places are absolutely and certifiably haunted and the real deal. For those that view their evidence as bogus I suggest you get off the couch and visit these places for your own experience. GAC was signed for 26 new episodes with the new season starting Friday June 5th 2009 traveling all across the world. They are filming in the United Kingdom in a few weeks then to Italy. .So in retrospect the show was a success and one of the highest rated paranormal shows out there.

Roux 7 years ago

Dear review writer...

It seems to me you have never really done any Paranormal Investigating of your own. Had you done so.. you may find that Ghost Adventures is the only show that actually does any kind of uncontaminated investigations out of any of the shows currently being broadcast on television.

Without aid of 20 camera, sound and lighting people, to mess up any type of actual admissible evidence to our field of research, the GA guys give you honest, raw reactions to those things that go bump in the night (or day).

Luckily for you there are the other "shows" that can honestly document their deviated septums, are almost completley void of any emotional reaction and can teach you DIY plumbing tips along the way to selling out their true intentions of being honest investigators to keep you occupied in the off season.

What I invite you to partake in is to review actual investigations that take 10 hours in some not so warm locations in complete darkness.If that is too much for you to handle, may I suggest any of the underground streamed investigations which are prolific online and review those as TV is not the only place these investigations and their evidence is available to you.

I dare you to go out with 2 of your friends and catch one bit of honest evidence and submit it to your peers for review without bumping into anything or letting loose of an expletive.

I have yet to encounter one person in the actual field that will dis anything they have found to date. Those are the only reviews I intend to consider regarding this subject of which you obviously only know one edited side of.

psi-hawk 7 years ago

As a seasoned veteran of paranormal investigating I must express my oppinion of this review. The reviewer does indeed have the right to his oppinion and has the freedom to express that oppinion but, I would suggest to this reviewer that he should do more research into the paranormal field before mouthing off about something he knows nothing about.

Zak and the guys do not go by a script as the other paranormal shows out there do. They do not have a group of cameramen and directors following them around. They investigate in most situations in complete darkness alone, no buddy to stand there holding their hand. And most importantly, they are the real deal.

They started off as amature film makers trying to get evidence of the paranormal. They aren't into it for the money or fame (although I'm sure Zak would appreciate a huge big screen plasma tv to go along with his Wii). And they don't get big headed about the fame they are getting.

These guys love their fans. That should be enough to put them over the top by itself. Who else do you know with a tv show comes online and talks personaly with their fans at any given time? Zak and the boys do. They really want to know what their fans think. They care about our oppinions and they actualy try our ideas out. Again, these guys are real people who are just trying to investigate the paranormal.

They make it known that their shows are raw. You're not going to see the spit shined episodes that are glossed over so much that they appear fake. What you see is what you get with GAC. No gimmiks, no scripts, no having to apoligise to the public later for getting caught faking.

So, if you want to see what it's really like to investigate some of the real most haunted places in the world, watch Zak, Nick, and Aaron on Friday nights at 9 est on the Travel Channel.

Sure, you might see one of the guys run into a wall on occasion or do something silly like pick up a live snake. But, it's the real deal given to us by some cool ass people.

Lee M. 7 years ago

I have been watching Zak, Nick and Aaron since the original debut and with every investigation through their first season they got better and more confident. If you don't understand what is really happening and what goes into the investigation Ghost Adventure style which Roux explains in her reply, maybe you should not post negative remarks which you do not understand. I have a good laugh at those people who continually post on which they know nothing about! Zak has over 9 thousand fans alone that will be happy to come to this site and laugh at your ignorance! A lot of those people are investigators like him. Ghost Adventures 2nd season is going to start soon, if you want a good laugh I suggest you watch Ghost Hunters! Now that is funny stuff!

notyourgirl 7 years ago

*The link above is not my site. Just supporting evidence that Ghost Adventures is more of a manufactured show than a "raw" experience.

I side with you reviewer. The link above will take you to a blog written by a behind-the-scenes guy. It sounds like they do have a camera crew following them around from this guy says. Most of the GAC-tunnel-vision-fans probably don't care, they should just be honest in their opening dialogue.

Face it folks, this is made for TV entertainment. Kind of like wrestling without the leotards. There will always be a segment of the population that buys into it.

flying fake foam brick 7 years ago

As far as the comment about not encountering investigators in the field dissing their evidence, just google "fake ghost adventures". See what you find. It seems most of the people who analyze their "evidence", especially in the 1st season, will say anything to get on TV.

And please, to say they "aren't in it for the money or the fame". The koolaid they are handing out must be very potent.

Sassy Ghost 217 profile image

Sassy Ghost 217 7 years ago

Ghost Adventures Is The SHIT!!They ROCK!! They Actily Catch Ghost Unlike TAPS. All They Do Is Argu About Their Problems.That NO ONE CARES About!!I like it becaouse is different. No Scrips.

Jamie 7 years ago

This show is a joke, this crew is a joke. They investigated Essex County Hospital in Verona New Jersey, yes that's the location that was "unidentified". TAPS investigated the same location in an episode titled "Garden State Asylum", and it is embarrassing how different the two episodes were. None of the TAPS crew, including the girls, made such a fuss over every little noise they heard. The two guys flipped out after every little tap and over acted every event that may or may not have happened. One investigation was conducted professionally, looking to de-bunch events. The other was conducted slopily at best and over dramatized everything that happened. They do truly give the public what they want to see....ghosts attacking people, grown men screaming, "first hand experiences" and acting. The one thing that caught my attention, other than the acting, was the ignorance of the main "investigator". 10,000 people died at Essex Hospital, it is an old mental institution. The people there were not all those whom we would now deem "criminally insane", in fact many by today's standards my not even been institutionalized. Today we all probably work with people with the same illnesses that then would have sent them to a place such as Essex, today they are medicated and lead normal, healthy lives. He only refered to the patients in derogatory terms such as "criminally insane", "dangerous" and "demons". He could never truly be haunted as much as the former patients were day in and day out.

scare tactitian 7 years ago


scare tactitian 7 years ago

people... please wake up kkll

scare tactitian 7 years ago


Get over it 7 years ago

For one this show is a joke. They are the worst ghost hunters I've ever seen. I'm a thirteen year old girl and i could do a better fucking job. They run and scream like little girls.They claim everything is and "orb" they're WAY to loud you couldn't even hear any other sounds other than them talking so how do you know they even heard anything? they could add those sounds in after they edit it.If your going to be a pansy then don't go looking for ghosts.

jil leifson 7 years ago

Your just jealous he is hotter than you. He is WAY better than the other shows that see and hears something every secound there in there. He may BUG you but who cares and really don't think he would have scratch marks if they were fake that is pretty crazy and he seems smarter than that to just say " hey guys lets put scratches on my back and get away with it" to me it was scarey but made sence because of his taunting. I think there the best crew out there I am sick of the other shows that are SOOO fake how can you even watch them. It is also cool some young guy is doing it because he DID see a ghost you don't see to many YOUNG men wanting to badly to see and understand ghosts something must of happened to him.

Maggie 7 years ago

Stop hating on the show retards. If you don't like it , don't watch...Simple ! There is going to be shows on T.V that you dont like because we all have different taste in Shows and entertainment. Don't diss them because when you do , you diss all the fans as well. Ohhhh and Ghost hunters SUCKS! They barely get any evidence on tape and their EVP's sound so fake and borring , I actually fell asleep trying to watch that crap. Ghost Adventures is fun to watch , and I actually feel like the crew are my buddies. Zac makes the show more interesting , hes only human so he will make mistakes , we all do! And When is a Paranormal Investegations funny ? GA is funny , scary , and interesting. They explain history and tell stories ... YOU ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING FAKE OR NOT ! right ? And GA will never go to the bottom ...just wait because the truth of GH will soom imerge out of the shadows and then I'll be laughing at the truth , TAPS ARE FAKE !

And common ? ''Plumbers by day , TAPS by night?''

So gay .... their damn plumbers ? dude , they have loads of money from TAPS they can live off that. BORRING .........

JJ64 7 years ago

Im really liking the show. Its refreshing to see guys act as I probably would in the same situation. The GH crew shows no emotion because evrything is in the script(IMHO) :) Plus its easy to not be afraid with a sound and video crew of 20 around you.I personaly lost all faith in what was my favorite investigation show, Ghost Hunters, after their live show last year. The EVPs I hear on GA are more like what an EVP would sound like. The "EVPs" on GH are so clear and obviously fake, again go back to the live show, its funny. These are 3 guys, basicly alone in these locations, i would be a bit startled myself.



tmara 7 years ago

this show has gone into the shi***r. zac, who i originally thought might be somewhat sincere in his approach is such a screaming douche anymore. when i hear him go through his litany of questions , "is that you, did you do that? do you want us to leave?" i just cringe. i hate this show as much as i hate zacs hair and clothes (ugh! those hats!) and as much as i hate those phony "demonolgists priests." a one night lock down is just a gimmick that is prime for hoaxing...(they have to have SOMETHING interesting to show people after all or NO SHOW) and in no way is this any kind of real investigatiom.

April 7 years ago

How old are the people commenting on this review? I would take a guess at 14-18 years old and mostly little girls liking Zak's body. That's all he's got going for him. This is the most rediculous show on tv. Being a huge fan of the paranormal, I have continuously kept giving this show a chance. I can't believe it's still being aired. These guys are huge drama queens and make huge deals out of nothing. Don't tell me you feel something or sense me! The proof is in the pudding. These guys are fakes and even though they investigate legitimate haunted locations, they do it like a bunch of morons. They EVP recording that they catch are useless. They sound like nothing distinct, and yet I love how they say "Could this be the lonely women who walks the halls looking for her lost love? Screaming in agony?" Whatever...morons!!! Again, prove it! Stop making assumptions all the time and for God's sake Zak....chill the heck out! How many times must your repeat yourself when you get excited?! You only have to say something once to get your point across but, you are working with fellow morons and you get yourself so worked up, I bet you need a change of underwear. The best yet is when these guys act like they are posessed?! Are you freaking serious?! Wow...anyone who believes that this show produces actual paranormal evidence, needs to really do some more research. If anything, these are all the reasons why I think Ghost Hunters is a good show. They are always starting off an investigation trying to disprove a haunting, not thinking that every little creak, squeek or FLYING BUG is an ORB! Orbs are non-existant. They are just bugs and dust. Get real people. Ghost hunters at leasts has proof of paranormal activity and can back it up. Zak and his buddies need to go home and play ghost in the graveyard. That's about the speed they are at. MORONS! DRAMATIC IDIOTS! Ghost Hunters is legit. Don't waste your time and brain cells watching Ghost Adventures unless you like to feel embarassed for someone and laugh at what morons they are.

mark 7 years ago

best tv ghost show ... they don't have the attitude the other shows have.....

5 stars....

look forward to it each week :)

Cary 7 years ago

You're retarted.

Those other shows are lame and they lack personality. Those Roto-Rooter guys should stick to their day-jobs of dislodging turds and tampons. I fall asleep 10 minutes into the show and they never find any evidence of interest.

All-in-all, GAC lacks all that dumb drama that the others dish out. We don't care about anything they are doing if it isn't finding evidence.

LemonPony 7 years ago

You forgot the endless exclamations of "Oh, my God!" and "What the *&$% was that?!!?" and "Did you hear that?"

(Of course the other guy did, but the chances are 10 to 1 none of the viewers heard it.)

Zak comes off looking like a wild caveman sometimes, but I'll give him this much: He certainly is entertaining. Once you get past his biceps you can start to enjoy the show.

moon45 7 years ago

"I have a feeling that the Travel Channel's latest addition, "Ghost Adventures," will sink like a stone."

Now, a year later, with thousands of fans and a second season about to start, you know your 'feeling' was completely wrong. Whether you like it or not, right now, GA is the most popular paranormal show.

Tracey 7 years ago

Sorry, but anyone who believes these guys are for real is a weak minded fool. Think about it for a second; EVERYWHERE THEY GO, EVERY TIME, ALWAYS they are scratched, poked, prodded, things are thrown, they hear voices, etc. etc. etc.

Real paranormal investigators that are honest and legit go years without finding any real evidence, without being "attacked" or having things fly across the room. If hard 'proof' were this abundant, ghosts and the paranormal wouldn't even be in question, there would be no such thing as skeptics, even scientists would say, "yep, ghosts are real." But that's not the case, IS IT! Try using your damn brains for christ's sake. They're PHONIES seeking fame and fortune, and that's all.

Bottom line...if they will fake ANY of it, then they will fake ALL of it, and obviously they are faking things. DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Tracey 7 years ago

HAHA and I love this comment, "psi-hawk says:

As a seasoned veteran of paranormal investigating I must express my oppinion of this review." A seasoned veteran huh? RIGHT, STFU

BTW, the word is spelled opinion, not "oppinion" Better stay in school Mikey

Kayla 7 years ago

First off, there is so much yelling and cussing, it is hard to stand! They yell at each other so much it is annoying, and act like drunk frat boys. I also don't like that they don't try to disprove anything. They claim dark film or bugs are orbs and base everything on personal expereinces. Why is it that EVERYWHERE they go they find voices, orbs and are touched? Seems a little fishey to me...I can't tell if they have the worst luck to be followed by tons of spirits or the luckiest frat boys out to make a buck.

E.S. 7 years ago

I don't think this show is legit either, it's a pretty weak attempt in my opinion. The entire time the guys are acting so over dramatic it gets funny. This is obviously not a "real" show. If you believe it is then that's fine but it's pretty evident to anyone who can think rationally that this is just an attempt to entertain rather than an actual investigation.

Parris 7 years ago

I like it because they don't take themselves so seriously. All of the other paranormal shows make me laugh because they try to make themselves out to be some kind of trained professionals. They refer to everything as "cases" and "investigations" and they use walkie talkies like they are in some kind of 60's detective show. The ghost adventures guys just go in and look for ghosts. They are over dramatic at times, but they make it feel like you are just with your buddies looking for ghosts. Ghost Lab is the worst.

evianann 7 years ago

i applaud you. this show sucks. they are way over dramatic. at least ghost hunters has level headed investigators that don't jump to conclusions that everything is paranormal and demonic. the host and his friends are aggravating to watch.

Scratch 7 years ago

I wanted to like this show. and I did actually sit through the first episode, of course I slept through most of it. that's how scary it was. it was laughable at best.

ThatOneGuy 7 years ago

Boy, none of these comments or that 'review' up there is biased AT ALL.

Frank 7 years ago

Just watched part of the live episode, first time I have seen any ghost adventures.. and jesus that Zack guy really talks way way way way too much. More like Zack adventures.

Dave 7 years ago

You are all a bunch of bitches, Its a Show...a SHOW. Of course they are going to be more Dramatic. I agree Zack is a dick and talks way too much, but he has a lot more balls them most of you put in those situations. True or not , You would turn you little pussy in the other direction just like you did when you "tried to watch this show". I Started watching with an open mind, Unlike most of you as i can tell and was stuck instantly. The live show was a little over the top, but I LOVED IT! How many Paranormal shows that you know of have had 7 hours of time devoted to a live show? Its TV guys and we all have our opinions. LIke i said, most of you would do better writing lame comments about a decent show then stay all night in places they have stayed. I give them props. you critics i give shit. your all lame.

DG 7 years ago

I find it interesting that talking about a TV program some of you people find it necessary to start with the name calling and insults. It's a freaking TV show, get over it! Some people will like it, some won't but to start insulting because another person has the odasity not to agree with your over inflated ego is pathetic at best.

sdub 7 years ago

god this show is so frickin' fake! i remember seeing it for the first time and laughing, thinking to myself, "...and people really believe this? you have to be gullible as hell!" looking at the past posts on this review just about solidify it.

Seeker 7 years ago

I've watched this show on and off for several months now...and I can honestly say it is nothing more than BS...meant to scare little kids and mental midgets. They do NOT use any sort of scientific methodology in their approaches and quite frankly, the props that they use are pathetic at best. In one episode, for example, they spend the night in an abandoned asylum/prison that just so happens to have its own high-powered (and still "active") Tesla coil...which looks like nothing more than a mishmash of pipes, wires and fluorescent lights, (in other words, it is not a real Tesla coil at all). Now....I've worked with electricity (including high-voltage lines) long enough to know the work of Nikolai Tesla (now children, do your own homework on this man), and I can say with some reasonable certainty that if you assume the gag that they built did in fact work, it would generate enough electrical current to burn several hundred people to a crisp in one giant fell swoop. There are so many other examples of fraud in that show, however I'm not getting paid to write (much less reproduce) the exact "script" that "Zak" and his band of minions conjure up.

It's a great show with a premise for the truly uneducated and uninformed (and easily frightened) to believe....and a great piece of truly ridiculous pulp fiction (much like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show") for the rest of us to laugh at.

Seeker 7 years ago

BTW...just for sh_ts and giggles....

To quote Zak, (from every episode): "WHAT WAS THAT??!! WHAT WAS THAT??!! WHAT WAS THAT??!! WHAT WAS THAT??!! WHAT WAS THAT??!! WHAT WAS THAT??!! WHAT WAS THAT??!! WHAT WAS THAT??!!"...AD NAUSEUM....

hooterwatcher 7 years ago

The ghost Hunters crew are a joke. A couple of TURD-WRANGLERS who make enough money working for Roto-Rooter to do this shit and purchase their own lodge. Yeah Right!!!The chick with the big tits is kinda hot though.

jolene 7 years ago

I am watching it now...I decided to read reviews to validate my opinion of this Zak character; and this review hit straight on. The only one that thinks it is a little scary is my 11 year old son. What does that tell you.

Ms. Encyclopedia 7 years ago

To those of you who think this show is for unintelligent ignorant people or children.

It takes a lot to scare me. I'm not very impressionable and do think for myself. I am educated and have a lot of experiences with the paranormal. GA is GROUNDBREAKING, and anyone who doesn't believe it is just not ready to except the truth and admit that these guys are really on to something GREAT. It is actually very insulting to read that only stupid uninformed people like this show.

Here are some things to think about BEFORE SLANDERING THE THE GA crew:

1. Ghost Hunters is a show about "paranormal investigaTORS" and not the "investigation" it self. If you watch them closely, the camera guys are always focused on the investigators instead of looking around the room for activity. When ever they hear something or see something, the viewer NEVER gets to see it because the camera guy is constantly FIXED on the investigators. All we see are expressions and concerns with NOTHING to ever back it up.

2. Ghost Adventures on the other hand is ALL about the "INVESTIGATION". where as, we can see & hear what they are seeing & hearing, instead of just watching stupid expressions.

3. Ghost adventures is NOT providing a service to scared people. Hence the reason why they don't have a reveal at the end, so the previous comment about them being unprofessional is JUST wrong. GA seek out known haunted locations that house malevolent spirits. This is why they are aggressive.

4. GH receive calls from people in need,they don't seek out locations let alone locations with bad spirits, this is why they are so passive.

5. In a previous post, the poster claims that the music in GA is too loud to hear anything that is captured. This is completely UNTRUE.They are mistaking it with GH.

Most of the time when the GA crew hear something.. we hear it too with our own ears in real time. Also, there are only 3 guys to account for in the show. In other shows you never know if sounds are coming from a person because there are just too many people involved for example GH.Plus they are always going in and out of the building. NOT A TRUE LOCKDOWN like GA.

I don't care what or how the GA act I just know they are getting results, and in the end.. that's all that matters.

I can go on and on about the greatness of GA crew, but I'm not hear to convince anyone or sway opinions. I'm just defending a couple of guys that are bringing incredible evidence to the table that can NO LONGER BE IGNORED by the public.

-Ms. Encyclopedia-

Seeker 7 years ago

After reading the posting from Ms. Encyclopedia, I felt compelled to comment further. Given my own experiences with unexplained phenomenon, much of which could only be categorized as paranormal, I have to reiterate my stance that this show is meant for the feeble-minded and dim-witted. I am sure that other commentators would state this is well, being that many have very strong opinions on this subject.

If one takes the time to read Zak's "credentials", one will notice that his education and career have been that of a media producer. In other words, this more or less places him in the same category as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reily, Larry King, and your local used-car sales lot owner and car-chasing "sue-them-and-I'll-do-them" attorneys doing TV plugs for their businesses. In other words, Zak's "investigations" and "credentials" lack any real credibility as far as proof is concerned.

"Ms. Encyclopedia"; I suggest that you consider changing your moniker to "Ms. Seuss". Watch the show with the mindless minions whom you keep as company.

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius 7 years ago

I serious can't help but laugh at the ridiculous remarks by the Seeker. So you would like to believe the "Mario Bros" (two plumbers - Tell me they are not Mario & Luigi) have better credentials then a couple film students who originally wanted to study starving children and other heart wrenching subjects but there career path takes a drastic change when one encounters a paranormal experience that changes his life. Plus it was never GA's intentions to go 2 seasons filming incredible footage all over the world. They started with a 2 hour documentary and because of their methods and who they are spiritually, they capture some of the most incredible footage to date and are praised all over the world for it and then later offered their own show where as you find Mario and Luigi deciding one day that unclogging toilets all day isn't enough and they feel they should go make people feel foolish for believing they have spirits in their homes by telling they are not haunted because they couldn't find anything themselves.

If credentials is all you have in your argument, they I say this, Albert Einstein is and will forever be one of the greatest minds in history to date, yet he was actually a High School dropout. Albert didn't care for such organized education and he hated having to attend classes regularly and take exams. Yet he graduated with a teaching degree, go figure. And to top things off, he couldn't find a job.

Don't judge a book by its cover...... ;-)

Realistic 7 years ago

Dr. Zaius and all the others who believe in these hacks are completely naïve and gullible. I happen to know someone who is a guide at one of the venues these frauds went to and they and the many others they know did not get a fraction of what these jokers seem to get in one night...wonder why that is? All I can say is these idiots are a bunch of drama queens who puff out their chests and act like they are going into some kind of fight, very realistic ghost hunting. They put cameras in a corner and say they walk away and get all this so called evidence...come on, you really believe them? Their show is a joke and all I can do is laugh at them and laugh even more at those who actually believe their BS. I guess the Travel Channel is now into comedy shows!! And last but not least, WELL SAID SEEKER!!!

Realistic 7 years ago

I could not help but come back to this forum because of Dr. Zaius comments. I cannot believe you can even base your argument with these hacks by comparing them to Einstein, are you serious?? You make me laugh more than they do with such ignorant comments like that. Please tell me you have no children to pass your stupidity off too!! I actually believe in this kind of stuff and have witnessed things in my life, have had family have things happen to them and have a good friend who does this on the side as a guide at the Ohio State Reformatory and they never got the results these hacks did their. My wife has even been their and many people have had some things happen but never to the extent they did. How are those credentials for you?!?!?!

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius 7 years ago

You know it is really sad and pathetic when someone goes out of their way to attack someone online for an opinion and having examples to support such opinions. It is ignorance that makes you think that I am actually comparing GA to who Einstein was and not for the miss conception of who Einstein turned out to be compared to everyone's initial opinion. I could have used many examples but I don't know that intelligence level here and I don't want to assume anything otherwise my points may not get across to those I am trying to reach. There is no need to bring my children or future children in to this.

That fact that any of you can't comprehend that someone can stage a camera for 10-12 hours and actually capture something but you can believe in Mario & Luigi after they spend 3-4 hours and make the ultimate assumption that there is no paranormal activity whatsoever. For all I know, all these shows are fake and I could care less because I actually hear and see not only the ghosts GA speaks of but also the fact that they film their equipment and their expressions during the investigation to support what they hear and see.

GH only follows the team and a large team it is. You can't honestly say what you see that GH is genuine because the only time the entire team is actually accounted for, is when they are outside the location pulling up. Other than that, there is always someone missing and who knows what they are doing. At least with GA, I can honestly say I have seen and heard evidence when all 3 members are accounted for on screen.

Also one other thing, I don't know you and I don't know your wife, Realistic. So you have zero credibility to me and for all I know you are lying to support your own opinion. Also, in regards to the OHIO Reformatory, how many people spend the night in there instigating while attempting to trigger spirits? Chances are no one has and even Ghost Hunters doesn't spend the entire night so how can you believe Mario and Luigi but not aspiring film students whose goal is to provide you the best footage of that subject at hand. It is ok to be a die hard fan of GH but don't hate on those who are die hard fans of GA. Personally I think watching GH compares to watching flys f**k.

When all is said and done, they could all be fake and what it comes down to is entertainment and myself, my girl, my family (father born and raised in Mansfield, OH), and everyone I know who has seen both shows agree that GA is far more entertaining which is what TV is all about.

One last thing to ponder on, GA is a show about finding ghosts and I am sure during their investigations, they had nights where they didn't capture anything. So chances are they are only showing the nights that they actually capture stuff and don't bother showing the locations where they didn't capture anything, where as GH is a show where they try and help people feel comfortable about where they live and work so when they don't capture anything or debunk anything questionable, they are still producing the show they intend to and can air it regardless of their outcome.

So it may appear that GA gets evidence at EVERY location but they may only be showing you all the good stuff! Then again, maybe they are that good or that lucky! =) Either way, it makes for great entertainment IMHO and I will continue to watch! Good job GA!

therealguy 7 years ago

ga makes a mockery of paranormal investigation. might as well give chimpanzees some cameras and emf detectors.

therealguy 7 years ago

and to those who believe everything they see on tv or the internet: you HAVE heard of video editing, right? even kids know how to use 'em. o_O

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius 7 years ago

Therealguy, the very same things could be said about GH just as easily as GA. There isn't shred of proof posted against GA, that couldn't be said about GH as well.

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius 7 years ago

I was just thinking the other day and talking with my girl about why we think GA rocks and GH is pratically a waste of time. First of all, I didn't care for all the "interoffice" squabbling (i.e. between Steve / Tango, Jason / Grant / Brian - remember him and their little intervention at the park in CT?), and don't think that needs to be aired. Is this a soap opera or a ghost show?

I'm not sure how long GH spends at a location, but it's definitely not a lock down. I guarantee if GH came to the house I grew up in for a couple hours, they wouldn't find anything either! (even though my family had SO many personal experiences that were NOT related to rattling pipes, leaky drains, etc. LOL) I think the idea of a lockdown invites itself to generating more evidence.

On that note, I can't stand that GH not only has THEIR cameras but also has camera people following them around! Of course, most ghosts are NOT going to show themselves to all those people at one time! You have a much greater chance to experience ghosts when you're in an isolated setting. Also, as someone else said, when they hear / see something, all you see is Jason or Grant's shocked face and then – ooh…cut to commercial. And then, you have to wait until the END of the show (“the reveal”) just to learn that they found NOTHING.

It gets so boring sitting there, waiting, then watching Tango and Steve with their little headphones on ALWAYS doing the following during the "analysis." Tell me if this is NOT what happens EVERY single show... ;)

"Hey Steve," (pokes him)

"Yeah, Tango," (takes of headphones)

"Take a listen to this" (set ups recorder to replay)..."Ok, uh, now Jason and Grant are walking down the hall...and uh, no one's around but them...and uh, Grant turns to his right, and uh...see if you pick up anything right then..."

(Steve takes Tango's headphones - we watch him listening...)

"Wohhh...what the *BEEP*." (Steve looks surprised).



...and THEN we find out it was nothing. Jason doesn't think it's anything. It's a cat screeching or something.

C'mon about BORING!

Well that pretty much takes care of that rant. I was just reading through some of the posts again and couldn't help but laugh histerically at the few who are going overboard calling GA hacks and calling people stupid for enjoying GA when the evidence is so overwhelming which is the better show. All you need is a little common sense and unfortunately not all of us are blessed with it. Keep up the good work GA!

lakers79 7 years ago

HAHA i have to agree with the DR. great post LMAO!! the other thing I cannot not stand is the the chicks on GH even tho chris is pretty hot..they just plain boring never seem to find anything lame ass EVP question every freaking time! and just when you think steve and tango catch a ghost..cut to commercial only to turns out it's a f**king SPIDER!!!GA hands down a far better show.......and what is up with GHI? why they do EVP in english when their in a different country that don't speak english? i don't get when they alive they can't speak or understand english but when their dead they're fluent??

Fraud Exposer 7 years ago

GA sucks out loud. I have never seen such a douchier bunch of star-wannabes in my life. And they are acting people, noen of that crap is real. Do you really believe that Zak got possessed by a spirit for a few seconds causing hi to yell at a fellow investigator? If you do, you need to be medicated pronto!!!!!

cass 6 years ago

Utter fucking shite - the 3 bell end investigators should be all made to insert their subnormal melons inside a large oven with the gas on full and each be made to take lots of deep breaths!!!


dre 6 years ago

Dr. Zaius - did your mama have any kids that weren't gay?

you fucking pole smoking twat

archernc 6 years ago

At this point I could care less about whether it's real or not, this show is entertaining.

nutcracker 6 years ago

This show is good and these guys are hot. This is coming from someone (a twenty-something female) who has psychic abilities, as well as several experiences with the paranormal. Definitely one of the best paranormal shows I have seen on tv. Whether or not its real, doesn't really matter to me, I just like to watch, aheemm. It's a VERY entertaining show.

me 6 years ago

Fuckin rediculous. I cant believe immature people actually believe in ghosts still

A Person. 6 years ago

For all you people arguing over whether it's good or bad, it's pointless.

Haters. Do you really think anything you say will make fans not like Ghost Adventures? I mean, sure they'll keep the argument going, but they won't hate the show just because you tell them your opinion.

Fans- You're going overboard here. Saying that 'Zak Bagans is hot' is not a very smart decision if you want to be taken seriously. All that shows is that people are very judgemental on what they like because of looks.

Now, I like Ghost Adventures.

But am I acting like a crazed fangirl?

No, of course not.

I see where the haters are coming from, and the fans.

But hey. We have freedom of speech.

And freedom of opinion.

So all you guys arguing-- Quit it. It's pointless to be arguing about a TV show, because nobody will win, and nobody will lose.

A Person. 6 years ago

And another thing.

I know what I said probably won't stop all this pointless arguing.

But oh well. People can be idiots.

Ghost Adventures won't just stop doing shows because people criticize it. I mean, do you really think Zak Bagans cares about what you think of him?

If you do, really. Get a grip.

And Fans.. Again.

Most of you are just saying,



If any of you fans think people who dislike GA will back down because of THAT?

Hell no. Even I would try to get you to shut up.

The only reasons you have to support your claim are that:

-You think Zak Bagans is hot.

-You think the haters are being mean.

Now, what's the key word here?

You THINK this.

You THINK that.

You THINK you can win this argument.


Neither can those who oppose Ghost Adventures.

Like I said, just let it go.

Both sides have made their point.

I still pity those who got all their frustrations out on a web page where you can freely say anything. Reaally.

How pathetic.

Yeah, I might be slightly pathetic for posting all this.

But so what.

People think I'm pathetic.

I should care WHY?

I mean, it's not like I'm ever going to meet any of you.

So, I'm not going to regret this by saying:



A Person. 6 years ago

It's actually funny, that only like what, five or so people agree with me.

The Haters are mostly biased, as with the review,

And so are the Fans.

Have fun, kiddies.

The Truth 6 years ago

I watched the show once and after 10 minutes I crapped in my pants. It was so bad that it cured my constipation.

The Person. 6 years ago

It is just human nature to love hating something.

That's gonna be our downfall someday.

Emma 6 years ago

Happy New Years! The Travel channel is airing a Ghost Adventures marathon of sorts, and I've been watching it for way too long now. Here I present for you The Super Brainiac life of Zak Bagans, or, An Idiot and a Camera Doth Not a TV Show Make. In just a few episodes, your hero:

- Goes to an island. In Italy. To find Italian ghosts. Who died of the Plague. On Italian soil. Upon attempting to investigate, Zak speaks English to them.

- Takes his team to an old factory. Tells them upon entering, "They say we should be careful and wear masks in here." Friend #1 replies: "Well, I'M gonna wear one!" To which Zak replies, "No, man, NO. They GET IN THE WAY. ForGET it. NO WAY." Later footage reveals Zak coughing from the lead particulates floating around the factory.

- Hot on the trail of the spirit of a young girl, Zak attempts to talk to her. "DON'T BE AFRAID, OKAY?" He bellows. "WE'RE JUST HERE TO COMMUNICATE!" Little girl is likely scared away.

- Upon hearing a disembodied/ phantom/ "evil"/ "cursed" noise or voice for one second, immediately bellows, "WHAT THA HELL WAS THAT? DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT?" Not once. Not twice. But every single time, with every single noise, never realizing that he is summarily drowning out the remaining several seconds of noise/ voice/ communication.

- Speaks with a woman who claims to have felt hands on her back, pushing her out of a room. Mind you, she says 'pushing.' Not 'shoving,' 'assaulting,' 'hitting,' 'scratching' or anything violent. Zak, however, immediately commences faux hitting on her because they are both members of the "Scratched by a ghost club." He later says to the spirit, "SO, YOU ATTACKED A WOMAN? THAT'S NOT COOL," not realizing that the spirit neither a) attacked anyone, nor b)understands his modern-day colloquial usage of the word "cool."

Oh, it's almost too easy. Zak, buddy, you look like a tool. Lose the wide-eyed hysterics. To remind you of something Jason and Grant-- I think you know who they are-- always say: they're ghosts, but they're also people. Just people. Like you and I. Stop TALKING LIKE YOU'RE GOING DEAF. Just stop talking, period. You're much more likable when you shut the hell up. Stop acting as though you're hopped up on 'roids. You don't need to strong-arm spirits into appearing, and you don't need to label places as "evil" and "cursed" simply because someone died there. Take everything down about nine notches and your show will be halfway decent.

Jasmine 6 years ago

The only reason someone might like this show is if they think Zac is hot, which I wont deny he isn't that bad looking and not what you would expect a ghost hunter to look like NO OFFENSE its just that his wannabe douche Ed hardy lookalike shirts aren't usual ghost hunting apparel BUT that's aside from the point. If you noticed they ALWAYS seem to hear these "disembodied" voices that usually NEVER come out on there Evp's; atleast one of the three "investigators" seem to be attacked! Personally, I DO belive in the paranormal and I love my syfy but man they killed it by adding this program to there list. TAPS all the way... I feel I can believe there evidence and trust that they arent lieing since they do try to look for logical scieentific proof for what might seem like paranormal activity.. The ghost advntures version of debunking includes looking around for two seconds and concluding everything to be PARANORMAL. They are all fame hungry FAKES. They are mockeries to the people who really are dedicated to find proof and evidence that there is something more out there in this realm than just us. Think what you want to think but this show SUCKS and is not "COOL" at all.

jasmine 6 years ago

For the people who come on here and call people haters its not being "hater". I feel the need to say something! Like obviously everyone else did too.. Its unfair that these dumb asses have a show when I'm sure REAL ghost hunters are out there following there true passion and are getting absolutely no credit because some pretty faced steroid junkie looking guy pretends to communicate with the dead.

jasmine 6 years ago

For the people who come on here and call people haters its not being "hater". I feel the need to say something! Like obviously everyone else did too.. Its unfair that these dumb asses have a show when I'm sure REAL ghost hunters are out there following there true passion and are getting absolutely no credit because some pretty faced steroid junkie looking guy pretends to communicate with the dead.

cz 6 years ago

Who the fuck cares about zacs appearance. These guys are entertaing very funny like old friends. Watch the show all the time. Great interviews locations and evidence. Why don't all you dumb fucksspend the night at a haunted location before u give your opinions. The only paranormal show I can't stand is most haunted. The bitch just bothers me. I'll continue to watch the show and if u don't enjoy ga. Get your lazy asses off your couch and get yourself some first hand experience.

Chris 6 years ago

GA Rocks !!! And well said CZ

Matt 6 years ago

For all the people that say GH is boring because they don't find as much stuff as GA....real ghost hunters (not talking about the show) don't find stuff that often. That is what makes the show Ghost Hunters at least a little bit believable, the fact that they aren't finding crazy things every time they are out. If you listen to the stories even in the most haunted places the people don't have THAT many things to indicate what the GA team seem to find every time out. I think the most ridiculous thing is when they hold their arms out like the fact that the hair on their arms "standing up" is supposed to mean something to us...and seriously if you are going to ACT like a badass then don't run away like a little girl if you hear something (and the people saying others on here would do the same thing...the people leaving comments aren't going to places and acting like they are bad asses and challenging ghosts....if you are going to act like a bad ass then run way like a girl then you are going to be criticized)

And seriously what is up with calling people jealous and haters that don't like the show? What the hell is there to be jealous about? The fact that the american public likes the show doesn't mean it's a good one...hell the american public likes dancing with the stars as well....

xmix2002 6 years ago

The people, who have negative comments about the show, are just jealous because G.A has the most compelling evidence. Better then ghost hunters by far

StenoGirl profile image

StenoGirl 6 years ago

Emma: I totally agree with you. I was laughing during your entire post.

I'm interested in the paranormal and the places they go and the people they meet, but Zak and friends, puh-lease tone it down. Okay? And Zak? Aren't you like 30-something? Then why are you dressing like a 15 year old? You are the epitome of unprofessionalism.

wolfgang4999 6 years ago

i think that zak is a bumbling idiot thats so stupid and the bald camera man is really a stooge! hes about 2 bites shy of a sandwich!!! lol lol lol lol. they are soooooo fake its un real!!!

Paige 6 years ago

I completely agree with this review. But I still watch the show because it's so damn hilarious-I'm convinced that it's a spoof.

And I don't get why people find Zak attractive. I'm a fifteen year old girl and I find him arrogant, moronic, and pretty ugly. To each their own, I guess...

tkb 6 years ago

IMHO Zak Bagans looks and acts like a tool. What is up with the stupid hair and the clothes? Do they not have stylists for the show? If they do they should be fired. If we played a drinking game for every time they say "dude" and "bro" we'd be shitfaced within 5 minutes. It's ridiculous! I cant believe the other guys don't wanna punch Zak in the face everytime he yells at them like they are idiots. Aaron is just a useless waste of space and is the whipping boy for Zak. All in all, Zak is probably the most annoying person on TV and needs to learn how to speak proper English before being the spokesperson for anything!

Alic 6 years ago

There you have it people. Those who hate GA is because of how Zak looks. He's too hot, he's to stupid etc...get over it.

I hate GH because its a waste of time and a waste of money to syfy. Why the fuck would someone would want to air a thirty minute episode of GH drama and they catch nothing!

I used to like GH in its early days when they caught at least some astounding evidence and when the team had less people. Why they fuck would they need to add more investigators?

I don't care if GA is fake, acted and scripted. It's interesting. Also, if they talked about history and interviews in the first 20-30 minutes of their one hour show - they caught nothing, but in every episode, they introduce new technologies, investigate the history. At least its not a total waste like Ghost hunters whom offer no insights at all, whatsoever.

At least Zak has a reason to scream like a thirteen year old girl, rather than act like a tween with drama that is Ghost Hunters, whom shows thirty minutes of bitching about things we already fucking know or don't care about. Professionals my ass.

GA has more restraint on their emotions. You don't see Zak bitching at Aaron/Nick for irrelevant things and if he does, its off camera or edited out.

Furthermore, despite their age - they have never have been and never intended to be paranormal investigators. So granted, when they shout and curse like hormonal teenagers, it's because they are still new to the supernatural unlike those who studied it their whole lives. Morons, you have to take experience into account and maybe in the next season, they manage to control themselves and tone down their antics.

Plus, the live chat with the guys is so much refreshing than their aired shows - because you get to talk to them and get their opinions and offer yours. GH has never done that and you call GA arrogant assholes.

LeRoc 6 years ago

I hate ghost adventurers! so much! they shoould play Anthony Bordain and Andrew Zimmerman more. Hell, I would prefer Man vs. Food (which is a good show) over faggot ghost adventurers

Ash Lee 6 years ago

uhm...okay. the only reason ghost adventures got so famous is because the single ladies at home with nothing to do on a Friday night love to drool over Zak. other than that ghost adventures is completely FAKE. I'll admit that it's a good show if you happened to miss your soap opera that day and wanted to watch some overdramatized acting but other than that it's a complete waste of time. on the other hand, ghost hunters is a real organization that seems "boring" because they don't add in bogus scenarios with "flying bricks" and whatnot. they give you the facts and nothing more. i just find it hilarious how Zak and his crew seem to always find something wherever they go...I mean, based on their experiences I'm wondering why I don't run into a ghost on my way to the store or something. and their EVPs hardly ever make sense.

Kaitlyn 6 years ago

This show is ridiculous. They all are little girls and they run out scared. When ghost hunters get touched they are like oh i got touched, can you do that again? They don't run out scared. I agree with the orbs thing. IT'S JUST DUST AND BUGS! Not spirits trying to contact you idiots. I'm sure the spirits get a kick out of making you scream like a girl. And yes I agree with Ash Lee. The only reason that this show is so popular is because little 12 year old girls are watching it and drooling over the so called "hot" guys. They don't do half the things they should do when they try to "investigate" buildings. And did you notice no time frames. They made it all up. Someone goes missing, the next second somebody tries to contact them and when they don't get a response the first time they go exactly to where that person is and gets them out. It is so FAKE!!!!

Carl 6 years ago

I don't get. Why do they taunt the ghosts/spirits then RUN once the entities respond????? Doesn't make sense at all.

Shankers 6 years ago

Who cares whether or not it is 'scientific', i.e., boring, overly-sceptical, based upon Popper's falsification principle. The point is, it's great entertainment. Why would I want to spend time watching a show which didn't show me any phenomena? Zak irritated me a little at first, but then it became kind of endearing. I like how he talks trash to the ghosts; I can forgive him for screaming etc. when something does happen, for I'd do it myself.

eliza 6 years ago

Anyone who says G-A is a fake who cares? its great tv and yes I think SAK IS FREAKING HOT ,SO IS nick,and arron,ARRON is not a waste of anything like some said,sak is not a douche,and i am dying for season 2@3@4 ect... so my guess is that the people who are hating are homophovic assholes or lesboes who have lost their bitches for SAK,NICK@ARRON ...excuse my grammar i am still in windows 95 ,raising children 4 the past 20 years.

Tony 6 years ago

The most assine show on tv.

The King 6 years ago

Definitely and above all, GHOST ADVENTURES always and forever the BEST paranormal show on TV. Keep it up guys! We expect more seasons to come, that Ghost Hunters' a SHIT!! boring.boring.boring.pooot! (fart) excuse me.. id rather spend the toilet rather than watch that ghost hunters dumb show. its totally a freaking show on the little alley..hahaha...zak and the crew are the best guys.. Of course, we can say a GOOD tv show when the show itself receives TV awards.. ghost adventures had their share of the awards..but how about ghost hunters... tsk tsk tsk! search all over the internet for a ghost hunters' tv awards for being a nice show...i bet for my life f u cud find on the internet of a ghost hunters' received tv award...for ghost adventures, just surf to wikipedia... there you of now, they have received 4 awards!!! thats spectacular for a show tht aired for only 6 yrs. keep up GA!!! how about ghost hunters... maybe you (GH) guys, trash talk each other on the show and plan on how you could get an award, JUST 1 AWARD... to think that you showed ahead of GA... hahahha... --- From The King of the Hill, PHILIPINES' FINEST PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR

jklean 6 years ago

When we get down to it all of these paranormal shows are supposed to be ENTERTAINING and Ghost Adventures,even if it is over the top, is ten times more entertaining than Ghost Hunters and (seriously?) Ghost Hunters Academy. I personally think the show is the best paranormal series out there right now but certainly not because I think Zak is bad ass or that they're actually capturing legitimate ghost footage, it's because their reactions make the show; there's nothing funnier that watching Zak yelling taunts at some 'spirit' only to freak out over some barely audible noise.

zumzum146 6 years ago

I love all the paranormal shows and try to watch them all, even if they suck. Everybody comments on how boring GH is and it is. But, they used to have pretty good adventures like the one at Eastern Penitentiary (I think that's the name)and some weird looking biped jumped up and ran down the corridor, that was exciting,startling and scary, I will never forget that episode. After that there was the lighthouse episode where some unknown individual's head popped over the stair-rail and stared down the GH team that was also an amazing episode.

I watch these programs because they are interesting, entertaining and you can learn something. I learned that there is something of us that remains after passing and if we can or should want to share something of that with the living perhaps we may try and if not then we don't show up on audio or visual.

Josh 6 years ago

Ghost Adventures is by far probably the best show of its kind on tv far better then that ghost hunters that shit is retarded its all oohhh did u see that ohhh did u hear that and u nvr here or see shit EVER!!! and maybe Zak is dramatic but uhhh have u ever gone ghost hunting snooping around in the pitch black in a known haunted place would put anyone on edge so i feel anyone talking shit needs to try it first prior to posting a shity blog.

Leigh 6 years ago

I love Ghost Adventures. Yes, it's funny. But who cares! They get evidence.

They get so much more activity because unlike TAPS, they only use 3 guys, and not like, 8 investigators plus a huge camera crew. You won't get shit that way. The spirits are intimidated by large groups.

And Zak is great! lol. Super hot, and funny. I love them.

WTF 6 years ago

This show is a joke. If you are investigating the paranormal, why do you run like a bitch during every encounter?

Todd 6 years ago

Ghost Hunters sucks. Especially this reality-show Academy crap they're doing now. Just waiting on Riki Rachtman and Sharon Obsourne to join the group along with a confessional room ala Real World for the cadets.

Ghost Adventures all the way

Eric 6 years ago

GA's more about watching the reactions of 3 men as they tour through haunted areas whilst GH is more about having the home-viewer look through their equipment at any significant evidence collected. It's a matter of personal taste on the part of the viewer as to what they would like to see.

steven 6 years ago

everybody who says GA sucks, is wrong. If your such a big critic about how Zac is a woose and how the show's fake. Join them! see how you like it when your scrathed and attacked thrown down stairs huh? Everything is real and true there . I hope you have an explanation of how GH SUCKS, all say is crap , it'll be very funny when false critics get attacked. GHOST ADVENTURES rule

anon 6 years ago

most people who enjoy stuff like "Ghost Hunters" aka TAPS and say that it is one of the better paranormal shows which have a large crew of fucking sound and camera people following the team around and they then start spouting shit like "It was just me and up their" which is total BS since they have atleast 3 other people the retards. People who like those shows are the same as people who think that hollywood produce good films WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT.

Complain about ghost adventures as much as you want but atleast they go in ALONE and lock themselves in none of this corporate hype and feels its raw footage not the manufactured crap.

rhonda 6 years ago

Ghost Adventures is the best show on tv and I never miss any of them. Im a 44 year old woman my hubby is in his 40's and we both love it. Keep up the great work boys, and we cant wait for your new show on september 17th 2010. Also my 4 stepsons who live in different states love the show too. Ghost Hunters SUCKS!!!

Dave s 6 years ago

I like GH because they use ghost investigating techniques to get what often seem like real results and I like it that they try to debunk things whenever possible. The fact that they are plumbers helps them in the debunking process. Its much better than shows that just take people to scary locations and then just films their reactions whenever they here a bump.

I also like GA a lot. I like the interviews. I like it that they go to places that are well documented already for paranormal activity. I like it that they get locked in over night and that there are only three of them. Their film making experience allows them to document everything themselves without relying on a large film crew. I think Zack has a good look and personality for television and I like it that they seem to get a lot of evidence. All these things make it the most entertaining of these types of shows.

Taps seems more credible but with any of these shows you just have to hope the investigators are honest and qualified to investigate these things.

surprised  6 years ago

Wow I'm actually surprised by adults speaking like this. Has anyone heard of a remote control? I am sure your cable company has plenty of channels to choose from if you do not like A particular show.

pnerissa profile image

pnerissa 6 years ago from Florida

I agree with the author. This show is a joke and completely unprofessional. I happened to catch two episodes during a Travel Channel marathon today and I can't believe how awful it is. In one scene they got excited over what was clearly a moth fluttering by. Don't quit your day job guys... you're gonna need it.

ucorky 6 years ago

This show is exponentially better than Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters is the same thorazine-injected excitement every week while at least Ghost Adventures has guts and equipment to obtain some of the best evidence ever. Zak puts some zest into the shows rather than watch two ditzy girls on Ghost Hunters say 'what the hell was that' all night.

ucorky 6 years ago

Ghost Hunters is nothing but a business ploy by a couple of guys (one mailny) who are sick of being plumbers and want to dry their hands off for good. Want proof? Ghost Hunters magazine. Ghost Hunters tv show. Ghost Hunters International. Ghost Hunters Hunting Lessons. Ghost Hunters Apparel. Ghost Hunters Toys. Ghost Hunters Conferences all of the country (for a price). Ghost Hunters trucks. Ghost Hunters allegedly haunted Hotel. They are a business. Ask the ones who have been disbanded from their closed little cirlcle of people.

Ghost Adventures? A kick ass show, three guys with state of the art gear they don't market, and locations with demonic presences in some cases and getting evidence Ghost Hunters wouldn't dare dream of. You want to see evidence and learn something about the paranroaml and the locations, watch Ghost Adventures.

Johnny 6 years ago

Dr. Zaius is on point. I was a fan of GH but the only evidence you ever really notice is their reactions but rarely see for ourselves. Just started viewing GA, I was going to give it the ol' heave ho but it caught my attention. I only watched 2 episodes so I will give it a good season to prove itself to me, that's much less than I gave GH which was about 4 years of my life. For those who think they can do better(which surely isn't me), please put your camera where your mouth is and do an investigation and then post on YOUTUBE. I'm sure none of you claimants has the BALLS to do so, just like to complain and say you can do better.


Sxyswethrt 6 years ago

I think some of you are being way too critical! IT IS A T.V. SHOW! IT'S FOR ENTERTAINMENT!

Sxyswethrt 6 years ago

I think some of you are being way too critical! IT IS A T.V. SHOW! IT'S FOR ENTERTAINMENT!

They do a lot of "debunking" and the evps... most of them are hard to hear and have to be enhanced. It's not like spirts speak clearly, loudly, and enunciate. Come on people stop being so ignorant. If u don't believe than don't tune in. If u don't like the show, don't watch. Simple as that! Yes, Zac is VERY easy on the eyes! And obviously he has a mirror u dumb ass! Do u not know how people wear their hair these days? The messy fuax- hawk is so in right now. And DAMN HE WEARS IT WELL! As for them running from things. It's easy to say there " little girls" but u don't know what u would do in that situation! I have been in that situation, and it's scarrrryyy as hell!!! When things are happening around u and u know it's not a human... nothing u or anyone else can control... It scares the life out of u. The 1 show when they did jump out a window, that was the scariest show they have had yet! I know I wouldn't of been about to stay their much longer when bricks are flying around in a basement. Crazy stuff like that! I'm sure the "critics" of this show have never had an encounter with the other side and if u had u would understand what their doing and why. But, get a sense of humor! Some of the antics are a little over the top. But, it's what makes the show stand out from others! oh and the fine ass host!

Vicky 6 years ago

Ghost Hunters is about the most boring show I've ever seen. One, they have a whole crew of people and a ton of equipment, and they clearly act out their beginning bits in the show like they 'just' got a case. Just because they disapprove of most of their own evidence doesn't mean they're any better than Ghost Adventures. To call the crew of Ghost Adventures pansies and words such as that is just stupid. Most of the people stating that crap would probably have a worse reaction than they did. Plain and simple, everyone would react the same way those guys did.

Ghost Adventures goes to places which have some of the most reports of haunting and paranormal experience, that's why so much shit happens in their show. It's just as humorous at points as it is scary, and that makes the show fun.


someone. 6 years ago

I agree with the author of this review! ghost adventures is a piece of crap. also, its funny to see how most of the people who believe in this show are total idiots.

at least TRY to use decent grammar when attempting to stand up for the fake show you love so much!

Stormy 6 years ago

Ha!! The screaming and running like little girls, the EVPs that sound NOTHING like what they claim, and they act like Jersey Shore in a haunted house. I'm sure if I were to go in a house and hear a voice I would run and scream...but I'm not a paranormal investigator with a show on national (world?) television.

It really is hilarious. I watch it for laughs, not for being scared.

Joe 6 years ago

Anybody who likes this show is an idiot. Plain and simple.

XxJoeyxX 6 years ago

i smell a hater!!!

Justsayin 6 years ago

I have to agree with your review. I do watch the show but just for a good laugh. They not only give legitimate investigators a bad name, they also besmirch the entire field of paranormal research and investigation. It could also, in my view, be dangerous. Dangerous not only to them, but also to those who would copy their techniques. It's one thing to invite these entities "to come and get me" as is Mr. Bagans habit, but people will copy this. These things can and will follow you around. As with anything in life (death included) that is not understood always should be treated with a healthy respect.

Andrea 6 years ago

i think you are full of shit this review is by far the worst i have read... really this is a good show and they're a lot of people who watch it and like it.. just because u don't keep your opinion to yourself obviously by all these people not agreeing with you... anyone who don't like this show is an idiot and if u don't like it don't fucking watch it leave them alone you hater... and leave us alone for liking it.. but i guess haters make them famous because u people are just dumb... GO GHOST ADVENTURES AND ITS FANS... FUCK OFF TO THE HATERS

andrea 6 years ago

and jersey shore is a dumb ass show... i watched it once and its dumb its about nothing and ghost adventures actually has a point to it.. and zak does treat the good ones with respect and the bad ones with disrespect do you show a murderer respect.. or a child rapist... i don't i find those pissing me off too... and if u watched the show u would find out that they do follow them... they clearly say it... and they don't give the other paranormal investigators a bad name each show is different... he does it in places not homes like ghost hunters... people don't live in these places its just owned old places.. so check ur facts before u say something you know nothing about... i

Monica Consiglio 6 years ago

I read the first 2 dozen comments or so and you guys are talking about orbs, and that the orbs they see are insects or dust. What are you talking about? Every time the crew sees what could be orbs in the camera, they try to debunk it first. I realize you've only seen 2 or so episodes, but watch more, because you have no idea what you are saying. Furthermore, they send their evidence to experts and usually show said experts looking at their stuff at the end of each episode. I've seen other Ghost shows and they are silly. There are too many people, too many things that can tamper with evidence. GA has only 3 guys with some interesting equipment. The 'word database' instrument is my favorite.

Lately, some of their EVP's are pretty abstract, though. They say the entity is saying one thing, but I think the EVP isn't clear enough to put words to the sound. That's my only problem. And sure, the guys are goofballs; big deal.

And I don't recall seeing Bagans run away like a school girl from a ghost, only a snake.

Alon 6 years ago

This show is a pure joke! Hey look I walk funny and wave weird hair.... im going to scare the ghost away by flexing my muscles and crossing my arms.That guy scares me worse than a ghost would.....

Brent 6 years ago

This show is so fake it's not even possible to suspend disbelief and enjoy it. These people are still trying to use orbs as evidence. This show is almost as horrible as the lead "investigator's" faux hawk.

GALOVER! 6 years ago

I love Ghost Adventures! I think they're the best paranormal team/tv show up to date! TAPS was okay at first and towards the end of my fascination for them but ever since Ghost Adventures, I haven't watched any TAPS show since. That is the truth! I really think Ghost Adventures is unique and unlike TAPS, they won't put me to sleep literally! GA is upbeat, young, hip, thrilling and REFRESHING! I've seen every single season and episode of GA and I tune in every week to watch the show! I love it! They're awesome and their techniques are original and authentic and No one else can do it like them! I've actually gone to visit some of the haunted places after watching GA's investigation on those locations! LOL! I'm a huge fan! And I love'em! They're the best, and honestly-there's NO comparison with GA because they're still very new but extremely effective and impacting, they're the real deal!

Wes 6 years ago

Obviously the writer of this article hates Ghost Adventures, but I like most others love the show.

fan 6 years ago

You can never know for sure what evidence is real on either ghost adventures or ghost hunters unless you go for yourself. In the television business wild and over the top makes for good TV. Ghost adventures said it themselves two different paranormal groups can go to same place and because their approach is different they will come out with completely different evidence. Ghost hunters will go to homes and places that doesn't always have documented "hauntings" so in a lot of cases they do not catch evidence. Ghost adventures goes to known places with a ton of documented evidence. Both shows are good but ghost adventures does put a good for TV spin on it. Ghost adventures is wild and over the top and with the way they document the history and present the evidence will catch the attention of even a sceptic or a non believer.

rosescentedshit 6 years ago

Anyone who likes this show is either 13 years old and/or a douche bag! my girlfriend and i watch this show when there is nothing else on basically so we can laugh at how dramatic it is. Every 5 seconds "shhhhh did you hear that? VOICE ENHANCEMENT: I want to steal your energy..." and who could forget "We like to bump fists before an investigation for good luck" hahaha! And that's just one episode! Its so stupid. The evps never ever sound even remotely like anything these retards are hearing and who bumps fists? the gay community does that's who! i love it when trailer trash tries to make a defence. they resort to "you guys are just jealous" what a moronic thing to say! You should probably start showing up to your GED classes! The scariest thing about this show is people like this take it seriously.

This guy 6 years ago

lol. I think that should read

"I am 13 years old and a douche bag"

Calling people trailer trash, while they are just stating their opinions is just silly. Who's really the immature d-bag?

"who bumps fists? the gay community does that's who!"

Another d-bag moment, if they waved with both hands, I'd agree but fist bumping? It has been used all around the world for quite some time, not once has it ever been considered a thing "gays" do. Are you really so much better then everyone else?

"The scariest thing about this show is people like this take it seriously."

Would you say the same about Ghost Hunters? What about Star Trek? Every show on TV has fans that take it a little to seriously, at least the ones defending on here (from what I read) didn't have to rely on name calling and criticizing others. Except a few bad apples, but you're still no better.

"Every 5 seconds "shhhhh did you hear that? VOICE ENHANCEMENT: I want to steal your energy..."

They film all night, from 9 or 10 PM til 6 AM (roughly). If they catch a lot of "evidence" of course, it's going to be every 5 seconds where they show it. Half of the show is interviews, then they try to cram that 8 hours of investigation into 30 minutes. (Less w/ commercials)

"The evps never ever sound even remotely like anything these retards are hearing"

They have had some bad moments on it, but nevertheless 80% of the time you can still hear something there. So what if they get the captioning wrong, that doesn't disprove there wasn't anything there.

Enough with the rant,

I do prefer Ghost Adventures over every other ghost show. The show keeps me thoroughly entertained and on top of that it gives you some history of the places they investigate. (Although some numbers can be exaggerated.)

I like that it's just the three of them, in a locked building. Unlike ghost hunters, where the camera is ALWAYS on them, and they themselves are not even carrying cameras 75% the time. What kind of investigators are they? To miss that chance to catch evidence because you didn't feel like carrying a camera is just stupid, and shows how much they really care about the "investigation" part of it.

While they are criticized for being chickens, I believe it much more when they do run away. What would you do, sitting in pitch black, no one around you saying anything, then all of a sudden hear "KILL ZAK". HOLY S#!T.

I'm sure if Ghost Hunters were sitting in pitch black and heard something actual paranormal they would run too screaming "OMFG THAT WASN'T IN THE SCRIPT". (Not criticizing GH for scripting just trying to make a point)

I like that they investigate places already "known" for paranormal activity as they aren't trying to "help" anyone they're just trying to catch proof(supposedly). They always seem to come away with something which makes it entertaining. All these places seem to have a history of mistreated people, tons of deaths, and just overall spookiness. While, Ghost Hunters is more the friendly real life ghost busters (that focuses too much on commercialization), they goto random houses, random hotels, and random everything. I've always felt that most of the people on Ghost Hunters we're just on there to "Promote" their "haunted house", not because they were scared to death of ghosts in their house. Although there are a few exceptions.

Ghost adventures also loves to try new equipment out. I love it, by doing this they contribute back to the paranormal field by proving/disproving equipment if it works, and giving it mainstream exposure. Also makes it more believe Ghost Hunters, haven't moved from the EVPs, EMF detectors, Thermal, and cameras.

Now the question if either of these shows are real. Well, I cannot answer that, neither can you, your buddy, or your dad. Only they can tell us if it's real or not. (not that they will)

I know it looks like I criticized Ghost Hunters, but it's just what came to mind. No offense intended, it just turned into, what made Ghost Adventures more attractive then Ghost Hunters to me. They're both great at what they do, and that is entertaining. People have different tastes, and these two shows are one of the best examples of it.

popcocky 6 years ago

u guys r crazy

Aaron 6 years ago

Dudes. It's not always funny.

I mean, I'm not actually into the whole "ghost finding" thing. I just happened to be around when producers put out an advert looking for an op willing to travel.

I'm actually freaking terrified of ghosts and crap!

My mistake was letting on to that in several of the early episodes. Now it seems like, at every location, I have to sit by myself in the dark somewhere, and wait for something to happen. And it usually does! I'm no Constantine, dude! When that bird cage fell over, I thought I soiled myself. Being chased in the basement of that mental hospital... I nearly fell on the floor trying to get away from that thing.

And why were the floors so freshly mopped?

They think it's funny. I don't freaking think so.

It scares the hell out of me. Why do you think I've lost so much weight?

Bethany 6 years ago

GA is one of the stupidest shows that I have ever seen - in response to Ghost Hunters going to random places, etc. It seems to me that GA is 2 steps behind GH - can't they come up with anything on their own? And please, GH and GHI have developed numerous techniques and equipment that is new to the field. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jason and he is certainly down to earth and very pleasant. Nothing "showy" about him-a good New Englander. GA is just a dumb show

Bethany 6 years ago

And furthermore, the GH hotel in NH is haunted. Been there-seen it! I have had numerous experiences since a young age with spirits, and currently own a haunted house. Come on over if you dare!!! GH and GHI will always be the best-much respect to true professionals.

Romero 6 years ago

What's up with them always locking the place down. And in the episode locking it down and cutting off the air. Other people who have experiences didn't have to lock down the place, nor cut off the air. Some of the things they do is so ridiculous. Believe me, you don't have to do any of this stuff if the ghost, spirit or whatever wants to be noticed or not. He said he experienced things when he was younger, but it seems to me he can't do it now. If nothing else to watch I will view for a few minutes but it gets boring.

garylee 6 years ago

in re: to the show overall. i admit i am disheartened, by the childishness of the guys running and screaming. these are supposed-to-be matured adults on a television show out to prove something of importance and FAIL at it.

in re: to, it necessary to scream and holler? i doubt the entire planet is hard of hearing.

and who is it designates level of music and sound? they're drowning out the script. i cannot make out what it is zak and team claim they found.....

overall? although i like does get on my nerves at times.

from 1 being poor and 5 being best,....i give it 3.

but at least if beats ghost hunters which is obviously staged and scripted.

gail 6 years ago

when you say they don't have a camera crew folowing them around. then I'd like to know who is doing the filming when you see all 3 guys and Aaron has a camera in his hand but he couldn't be doing the filming if we're watching him and the other 2.obviously some one else is there. I don't like the show. I feel it is very phony but to each his own. makes the world go round

cowgirlnw 6 years ago

I have watched both....they each hv something to offer. I do like GA the best, as the evidence is much better and seems authentic . GH always says "I hope we caught that on camera etc." Yes zac gets emotional. I think GA is very passionate about their work and that's what you see as a result. My fav is Aaron as he is mellow until something freaky happens. I think we are lucky to have so many choices to watch.

carrie in WC 6 years ago

I think this show is very entertaining! No matter what anyone says, Zack is HOT!!! and hotter each episode....

Runningtarget  6 years ago

I've tried watching this show a couple times... Begin scene... Guy walking around calling out to the air for a response for something that's not there. Suddenly from now where as the camera is panning the room the man screams out, "oh my god did you see that!!!!" camera pans back to the direction the man is pointing. Second man conveniently off camera screams out, "yeah I saw and heard it too!!". Both men scream some more and like always, the camera never sees anything but a couple idiots claiming they saw or heard something. Give me a break. Bunch of jokes walking around on screen. Think the main "actor"/"moron leader of the idiots" for the show has shot up one too many helpings of roids. This show is an insult to peoples intelligence. But hey, one fourth of the people are retarded. If you honestly think this crap is real, guess what fourth you're part of.....

Tominik30 6 years ago

Just hear saying i'm a huge fan of the show and parnormal shows in all. i have seen at least two ghosts and have a haunted travel guide to my home state which i do use and have had other experinces. in all the paranormal shows i have watched over the past 5 years GA is the best. It shows the most evidence doesn't hide evps with music or make things up like certain shows do EX: an evp half a second long and they interpurt a full sentence. GA is the only shows i've seen figures in and is the only show they try to debunk where they can.that my peace have a nice... After you go f*ck yourself

True 30 6 years ago

This guys are idiots and lunatics .There place is luneben

ELola 6 years ago

Well the show hasn't sunk at all, if anything, is the most popular of all the paranormal offerings on tv, your prediction did sunked though + DDD!

Howi 6 years ago

Zak continues to keep the boys in a retarded male heirarchy chain where he is in charge. The cream of the ghost hunting crop already came and went a decade ago with mtv fear.

This show is terrible, and aids to the degredation of society. :)

Mike 6 years ago

I think the best comment here was that how is it even possible, even for Zak, to make contact with the spirit world in every episode when real ghost researches go years without seeing any evidence at all? AT ALL!! I would like to know what Zak does that all the others are not doing? I mean, some others have said Zak and co. go to where the haunted places are. Hmmmmmm.....if only the rest of the world had thought of that. Oh, wait, they did think of that! And yet, every time Zak steps one single toe into a "haunted" building, the ghosts come flying out like he just stepped into the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Come on, folks. Even the people that totally believe Zak, even you have to be at least a LITTLE skeptical that GA is not all it's saying it is.

And if you still believe a ghost is found and documented on every show, fine. Tell me what Zak, who has zero experience with ghosts (other than claiming to come face to face with one), tell me what Zak does to get the ghosts to show up?

jenny_2010 5 years ago

I believe this show is real and i don't think that they overreact to much i mean if it was me there and i heard or saw something i would freak the f**k out!!! You cant tell me that if u were in that situation and something like that happened u would be totally calm and not scared at all and sure it doesn't seem scary because ur watching it on tv in ur own home but your not actually there u cant feel what those guys feel. you cant feel the energy or coldness or uncomfortable feelings that they do!! There really brave to be locked down for a whole entire night just the three of them. most people would never be able to do that. this show is awesome so stop all the trash talk!!!!

Emma. 5 years ago

Every one is allowed to their own opinion. What would anyone have to be jealous of if this show gained success? So saying everyone who has a negative comment about the show is "jealous" is absurd. GA does have loyal fans, which is obvious by all the people taking such offense(Some making fools of themselves)to the review. It's a good show for entertainment purposes, but with how I feel, nothing further. It's absolutely nothing scientific. It's just another one of those completely over exaggerated shows to make TV exciting.

Jillian 5 years ago

I think someone needs to learn how to spell Because you def spelled it all wrong two zak and aaron and nick make the damn show your just jealous cause the lame ghost hunters carry flash lights and cant do what they can. I think your also jealous you cant be one considering your slashing at a team alot of people like. i am a die hard fan of ghost adventures and what mockery do you speak of that the boys do whatever they do ten times better then i bet you could all three the boys make this show sure zak can get loud and aggressive but in the end he at least gets what he needs have you ever got anything besides a big mouth needing ex lax maybe before you start downgrading a great team maybe you you should look at the lame ghost hunters and yourself GHOST ADVENTURES ROCK

Jillian 5 years ago

I think someone needs to learn how to spell Because you def spelled it all wrong two zak and aaron and nick make the damn show your just jealous cause the lame ghost hunters carry flash lights and cant do what they can. I think your also jealous you cant be one considering your slashing at a team a lot of people like. i am a die hard fan of ghost adventures and what mockery do you speak of that the boys do whatever they do ten times better then i bet you could all three the boys make this show sure zak can get loud and aggressive but in the end he at least gets what he needs have you ever got anything besides a big mouth needing ex lax maybe before you start downgrading a great team maybe you you should look at the lame ghost hunters and yourself GHOST ADVENTURES ROCK

BRIAN 5 years ago

To start with look at ghost hunters they carry flash lights come in there for an hour and say alright lets pack it up nothing here. Those dumbasses need to go back to wrangling turds for a living. Zak and the boys get more responses and evidence then ghost hunters do in an entire hunters at least zak tries to get responses by being more aggressive which obviously it works. They also make the show more exciting and not dull has anyone seen the one in iowa they were at did you see any flash lights no they did however get hard evidence of a poltergeist door slam let alone other things in that house WITHOUT flashlights. Ghost hunters couldn't even piss in the same direction as Ghost Adventures with their lame ass show. how are they actors they were never in movies they just went to film school DUH. They are not overly dramatic they make the show awesome a lot of your dumbass comments and lame write up is nothing but drama ZAK NICK ARRON KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST

Nigella 5 years ago

Clearly whoever wrote this pile of crap has absoloutley no idea what they are talking about

Sandy 5 years ago

Zak and crew are the biggest DORKS I have ever seen. What a bunch of boobs!!!!

Natasha 5 years ago

ok ghost adventures is da bomb. They may use some things like gjost hunters but they avtually show the proof while ghost hunters just sucks. Zak Aaron and Nick's personality is what make this show funny, but the evidence is what makes it thruthful, and they try and debunk the evidence so they don't give you crap

Manda 5 years ago

First, none of you can spell.

Ghost Adventures is interesting, and I would believe it if these people weren't that unscientific and scared all the time.

It's a good show, but I really wish they would try to put some truth into their investigations. The thing that loses my respect is the fact that they call many things that could be glitches, accidents, or coincidences ghost activity when it can clearly be explained.

It's an entertaining show but it's not as scientific as it probably should be. :)

Shawn 5 years ago

They have videos on youtube proving they are fake. Anyone that believes this is gullible. Just search on ' .. 'debunking ghost adventures' and you will find solid evidence they use strings and wires to make stuff happen. Stage a few things get caught, the show losses all credibitily. ITS ON TV ITS NOT REAL lol. TV = Entertainment...

Shawn 5 years ago

Also if 'ghosts' were as real and common as they are in Ghost Adventures, they would be scientifically studied and researched by people that actually have an education and don't cry like little girls (Hence they dramatize everything for the viewers entertainment). This show is FAKE FAKE FAKE! Just repeating myself if ghost were as common as they were in this show EVERYone would believen ghost and there wouldn't be people skeptical about them.

I liked it at first I really did 5 years ago

At first I thought it was alright, but after a few episodes it got old. From him constantly acting like a bad ass to over emphasizing the stupidest things.So I Agree this show blows. It's like watching some school girls with over exaggerated reactions go through"haunted" places. I've seen some crappy paranormal shows but this is the worst.

Max2727 5 years ago

I'm just lost for words! I saw comments above about "just turn it off" if you're not a fan or don't be a "hater" Im wiriting this comment because it "offends" me as an adult that they would air such a non sense. Three grown men, more like drama queens making something out of absolutely "NOTHING" each week! wow!!! DUMB!!!

Icarus 5 years ago

Zak is hot shouldn't be the reason for watching it. That's just stupid. If it's legit then why is every other scene interrupted by some fake horror scene? It's as if they are trying to make a mockery of an already mockable premise. If you're really interested in the supernatural. Go sit out in the woods at 3:00AM and repeat Lucifer 666 times. Congratulations you're a damn idiot.

quantum7 5 years ago

If anybody believes these guys are actually talking to ghosts....well then I truly pitty you. C'mon man, they record absolute gibberish with their sound recorders and then tell viewers what the gibberish is saying.....and it never sounds ANYTHING like what they are telling us. Zach is an absolute idiot! I truly wish there were ghosts just floating around with nothing else to do......just so they could terrorize the hell out of him for egging them on.

Mr. RIGHT 5 years ago

I have this show on now and it's RETARDED. Like, weapons-grade retarded. I can't believe there are actually people who like this stupid nonsense.

mechachrist 5 years ago

This show is a disgrace. Dust floating past the guy suddenly becomes a ghost trying to possess him??? You know...there's a reason other shows rarely get evidence: Because they're not presenting every little speck of dust as evidence! I saw the "ghost hand" clip and anyone who did not IMMEDIATELY see that it was A) a piece of lint-like stuff B) just a few inches away from the lens at most and C) that its movement is the result of the guy disturbing the air as he walks by is stupid! Shows like this will only serve to perpetuate the skepticism instead of opening up people's minds.

I can't wait for the day this guy challenges an entity in the wrong location and gets his ass handed to him.

A simple, but realistic Fan 5 years ago

I have always believed ghosts are real, but when you watch ANY paranormal show on TV, do you need to take it with a grain of salt.

Everything said here by anyone can be put to any ghost show. All it comes down to is a matter of taste of the person watching, and who are we to judge that? It would be the same as judging them on music, or favourite food.

I personally enjoy Ghost Adventures, watched all their episodes to date. I just prefer their interviews with locals, the stories they get, and yes, I do find great enjoyment at Aaron's animated reactions. Its under the category of comedy for me.

I understand what those oppose to the show are saying, and I do agree that pretty much the majority of evidence can be fabricated, but I don't overly care about it. I just know I would be running and saying "OH MY GOD!" with Aaron if I was there and hearing stuff in pitch darkness. I already do that in my own home.

If you solely care about legitimate evidence, than stop watching ghost shows and find your own hauntings. Maybe one day you can have your own show on TV and see just how flawed it will be once it is in production.

William 5 years ago

For those who think this is the best paranormal show on television, then I say you are all a bunch of morons. The show is fake. Amazing how they have EVPs every 5 minutes, and Ghost Hunters investigates the same places and come up with zilch. Explain that?. If you are a paranormal investigator, you don't go around screaming like a bunch of little school girls. Ghost Hunters is the real deal. They debunk a lot of evidence and rarely say a place is haunted. They say you have some paranormal activity, or they found nothing. Ghost Adventures is an up version of the 3 stooges. These guys are complete idiots, and if you believe they are real, then you need to get your head examined

observant 5 years ago

Notice how nobody on this thread can actually spell? Maybe this says something about the audience demographic for paranormal shows..?

Are we taking it a bit too seriously people? Bottom line, there are things in the world we cannot explain. Yet. Will science find a logical explanation? Yes. Are there people out there willing to exploit this current lack of knowledge for monetary gain? Yes. Should we believe that these people catch the paranormal on tape every week, or is it more likely that the production companies' encourage a little bit of foul play to keep audience numbers up? Hmmm... Honestly, I just cant believe how stupid the average person is. No wonder people bullsh*t you all the time, its so bloody easy!

The Way I See It 5 years ago

ZACK needs an infomercial selling a new fitness machine or routine instead of hosting a Ghost Hunting show. Is “Ghost Adventures” about Ghosts or Zack Bagan’s arms? It’s rude ,obnoxious, and downright nauseating (yet, kind of comical) to watch this nincompoop Zack cheapen and ruin the whole effect of each show by his incessant need to upstage his guests by striking pose after unnecessary and ridiculous pose to relentlessly show us every angle of his arms. Oh how the show’s poor unsuspecting guests try to stay focused as they witness his whimsical shenanigans unfold while desperately trying to share their experiences and stories with us ( the viewers ) as he ruins each and every scene of each of and every show with this nonsense (Imagine the cameraman’s surprise after being strictly instructed that his primary subject of focus is not the guests, ghosts, apparitions or shadows making their way across a room ,but instead, capturing every nuance of Zack’s arms). In one GA episode, a little girl was just trying to tell her scary story she personally experienced, and just as I was getting into her story and starting to picture what she’d experienced through her eyes, Zack the ninny insincerely tries to relate with her as a fellow ghost encounterer while (at an angle and out of her full view) at the same time is covertly striking kooky poses with his arms while the little girl (being oblivious) actually thinks he’s listening to her, purposely detracting from her story, so much so, that I no longer cared what she had to say, or for the rest of the show.

dildo bagans 5 years ago

This show is more about theatrics than actually investigating, like others have stated, a lot of their "evidence" is weak and it seems that they run off of a script, and flub their lines often. The crew over-reacts to the wind blowing a door shut during their "investigations" and the host reminds me of a playground bully trying to procure some milk money for himself and his cronies, laughable. Now these 3 stooges are trying to get into the White House? If any group is allowed to get in there or any other historic government building they should be level-headed professionals and not be spooked by the slightest noise heard in the dark.

Catcher 5 years ago

I just watched the pilot episode and went online to look to see if I was the only one who saw Ghost Adventures as hilarious and over-the-top as I did. I completely agree with your review. I have no idea why other people here think this was at all serious but it's probably the same person or something like that. Anyway, although Zack is definitely a hottie he in no way is a professional ghost hunter or paranormal researcher. He and his friends were such drama queens the whole time, running and screaming when real ghost hunters would know to stay calm and keep recording. The bit with the scratches? He just wanted to show his man cleavage on camera. Which is fine, I enjoyed that too, but come on. He can't ask us to take this seriously when he's clearly hyping up an hour long episode of nothing. Oh and what's with that "exorcist"? It's like he asks his college roommate "hey you wanna be on tv?" and the guy's like "yeah man, I'll wear my priest costume from halloween". Lol. So ridiculous. But it's a shame too because it makes good ghost shows like Ghost Hunters look bad.

Loves2spooge 5 years ago

Every forum, blog, or description about ghost adventures is pretty much an unnecessarily verbose way of saying it's fake, awful, jejune, and terribly produced show. I've seen many episodes; it is the most predictable, uninteresting show I've ever watched. It even gives some qubo shows a run for it's worthless money. People argue that it is realistic, but nothings real about 3 uneducated, awful actors running around pretending to be basses ghost hunters. Ghost hunting is like hunting unicorns, you'll never kill one. The only reason they see anything is because they're either stoned or on cocaine. Seriously, they live in Vegas. So, in general, next time you decide to watch ghost adventures, remember that it is fake, and fuck all of you uneducated hicks who think this is real. You are absolutely retarded for believing any of this. I'm sure if I walked around in the dark for hours on end, Id be seeing things too. Every time you watch this show, you not only make yourself look dumber, you're giving Zak bagans and any other rabbit ghost hunter more money for cocaine and hookers in Vegas. I killed John lennon

rmurph36 5 years ago

I just wanted to say something in regards to this post. Zak called it the gateway to Hell because that's it's nickname. Not because he stumbled upon it during the history of it. There were satanic rituals done it that outdoor area. Also that's were the old caretaker found the well where they used to drain the blood from the slaughter house. You should know exactly what you are talking about before saying it. Also Ghost Adventures BLOWS Ghost Hunters OUT OF THE WATER!!!! Ghost Hunters is lame they got to create all these little off shoot Ghost Hunters shows to keep their fans interested. Also I do believe that Ghost Adventures has a much much larger fan base then Hunters does as well. You shouldn't put people down because they are making money and your living paycheck to paycheck

jcard78 5 years ago

Ghost Adventures is definitely the best paranormal show out there... and I used to LOVE Ghost Hunters... can't say I do now after GA came out. I can believe their reactions, I mean its just three of them, sometimes by themselves in pitch black rooms or basements... Sure if they had a camera guy or two them they probably wouldn't react that way but since they are on their own... definitely plausible...

Buttmunch 5 years ago

I have to be honest. Ghost Adventures is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't think it's good, but I enjoy it. My feeling is that Zak is really only looking for his fifteen minutes of fame, and that's okay. One of my problems with him though is that he takes himself too seriously. Aaron is ridiculous with his "Oh my God!" face which is quite enjoyable (you know what I'm talking about). Zak is certainly attractive but there really is nothing upstairs.

Also, what people should know is that the human brain has a way of trying to decipher things that don't quite make sense to it, such as the EVPs. I believe most of them are white noises that happen all the time. Now when amplified they can sometimes sound like human voices so the brain tries to figure out what it is "saying" when it really isn't saying anything. And when they tell you what they hear you automatically hear those same words and one cannot hear anything else.

Lastly, one thing I appreciate about debunking is that the, um, "investigators" are seperating the actual evidence from things that can be explained.

A tout a l'heure,


Buttmunch 5 years ago

I have to be honest. Ghost Adventures is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't think it's good, but I enjoy it. My feeling is that Zak is really only looking for his fifteen minutes of fame, and that's okay. One of my problems with him though is that he takes himself too seriously. Aaron is ridiculous with his "Oh my God!" face which is quite enjoyable (you know what I'm talking about). Zak is certainly attractive but there really is nothing upstairs.

Also, what people should know is that the human brain has a way of trying to decipher things that don't quite make sense to it, such as the EVPs. I believe most of them are white noises that happen all the time. Now when amplified they can sometimes sound like human voices so the brain tries to figure out what it is "saying" when it really isn't saying anything. And when they tell you what they hear you automatically hear those same words and one cannot hear anything else.

Lastly, one thing I appreciate about debunking is that the, um, "investigators" are seperating the actual evidence from things that can be explained.

A tout a l'heure,


Crap 5 years ago

I like this show. I don't think it's fake, but it's up to the person whos viewing it. I also don't like GA because Zak is hot. Im a guy.

Crap 5 years ago

don't just like*

bwhite062007 profile image

bwhite062007 5 years ago from East Coast

I love the show! But I cannot fully disagree with this review either. Some of their antics and exaggerations are quite silly at times, but they are fun, funny, and totally entertaining, which is more then I can say about some of these "other" paranormal shows that are absolutley boring!

hollywood junk 5 years ago

They hollywood up the show. its obviously fake. The fake facts they give alone at the Ohio Reformatory is evidence of this. They claim there was a morgue with no fact of this at all. There is no record of this ever happening at the establishment. If that room was a morgue why would it be right under the Wardens familys living quarters? It's a basement. Nothing more.

Also they claim someone hanging themselves in the shower... that also was never confirmed. All of these Ghost Shows on tv are out to make money off of gulliable people ,and they are being sucessful at it. Half of the the things they bring to the show isn't truthfull at all. They are out to make money and nothing more.

Jilly 5 years ago

Stop all the hating on Zak and the boys! First of all yes Zak is hawt!!! My friends and me all just love him!!! But that is not what makes this show great! They have uncovered more evidence of ghosts than all of the other ghost hunters in history put together! They always find ghosts! Every time! If theres a ghost there they find it no matter what! They have proof with all that super science gear they have! This is the number one ghost show ever!

Rumpelstiltskin 5 years ago

The above comment is a classic example of the audience GA is (successfully) aimed at. Pure entertainment, with zero fact, logic, or real science.

I started watching it just to see some of the cool locations they go to, but they have almost completely taken that reason away. They should spend more time explaining the history and showi8ng more of the locations, but instead they go over that part quickly and jump right into the sensationalism. A good example was the visit to the Villisca Axe Murder house. After a short introduction, they started with the stupid graphics of an axe with bloodspots, accompanied by dramatic sounds. They repeated this multiple times, making it far more annoying than suspense-building. I don't want to see the stupid chopping axe graphic; I want to see more of the house and grounds inside and outside!

Zak says some of the dumbest things and asks dumb questions of the hosts. Aaron is a buffoon, with his wild-eyed "Dude!" look and shout. They spend way too much time talking; shut up! As many others have pointed out, notice how they always find ghosts? Oh yeah, these places are just loaded with ghosts! The people that work there have seen maybe one or two apparitions, or hear footsteps or a door close in 15 years of being there every day. But when the GA team shows up, why its a Ghost Carnival! They're just popping up everywhere!

The fake stuff, like the phony brick being "thrown". Laughable. Likely it was styrofoam, painted to match and placed there as a prop, with it's string pulled at the right time.

I know it's entertainment, but it has become so annoying, buffoonish, and sophomoric it has become a caricature of itself. I can't watch it anymore.

Dr Zeus 5 years ago

Zak and his crew are clearly the most experience, productive paranormal investigators of today. Their backgrounds are not important; what is important is they get results. They consistently uncover, record, and document proof of paranormal activity, backing it up with the opinions of experts who review their evidence and declare it genuine.

They also have come up with top-notch equipment, for example, their "Dark Light" which is an incredible piece of scientific equipment. For three guys who didn't start out as scientists or academics, they sure have rocketed to the top in a hurry!

In just a couple of years or so Zak Bagans has risen to the forefront as the top Paranormal Investigator in the world. All the other investigators, all the TV show crews usually find little or no evidence. The Ghost Adventure crew gets so much every time they need a truck to haul it away!

SSJ 5 years ago

My sons (age 16 and 10) and I watched the Bobby Mackay's Music World episode last night. We laughed all the way through it. The Portal to Hell? Then Zack suddenly feels a burning and his back, and reveals scratches! Three scratches, yes, that means denial of the Trinity, PROVES that Satan or at least a demon did it! Yeah, right! LOL What a bunch of babbling idiots and fakes.

BillParanormalGuy 5 years ago

I agree with Dr. Zeus. In just a few years the Ghost Adventure team has become the greatest paranormal investigators in history. Watch any of the other shows. They're boring. Maybe they think they hear and EVP or see a shadow. Not Ghost Adventures! They ferret out ghosts every time! They have now compiled more evidence, more proof, than the entire rest of the world put together!

And the stupid comment above about the portal to hell: Yes, that place at Mackay's is the portal to hell, the locals suspected it, and Zak and the team PROVED it! The devil himself came out to get them and that's why Zak got those scratches. Zak is so tough he even took on the devil himself and walked out of there with nothing worse than three scratches! Pretty damn good I say!

John 3 4 years ago

Although, I don't agree with BillParanormalGuy, on the fact that Bobby Mackey's is the portal to Hell. Not even at all close. Because hell is a spiritual dimension, which cannot be reached by any HUMAN BODY. I do agree with him on the fact that these guys did what everyone said they couldn't and wouldn't. They made paranormal history for sure. And in a few short years, I might add. Paranormal investigations have been going on for decades. And these guys have more evidence than anyone else out there. I am a huge fan of these guys. They are the BEST at what they do.

Bravo GACrew

sosad 4 years ago

anyone who actually believes they can talk to ghosts is a dumb and anyone who knows how to video edit can make most things look real

Billard 4 years ago

I know Zak personally, so trust me I know he's... Very... Well he wears Ed Hardy to say the least. But I love the shit out of him. He's the realist guy you'll ever meet.. When he was younger ( we were friends way back when, we were the dweebs) he was bullied and had a social anxiety disorder, but he's come a long way from where he was ( not to mention he could beat some major ass if someone gets on his nerves). I know his show is real, because I come along with him a lot. If you knew him more personally, you'd like him more. He was always picked on & is really sensitive. Hell, he still has troubles talking to girls. He's always tripping & stuttering.. But eh, he's my pal. Give him a chance, don't judge.

Jimboy 4 years ago

I just watched Ghost Adventures at Fort Chaffee and this is clearly the best paranormal investigation team ever! Their methods are well developed, their science is impeccable! Their equipment is sheer genius! They should be given the Noble Prize for paranormal science!!!

DBCorgi 4 years ago

Wow so many Trolls..... Do you wanna know why GA fans are so dedicated? Cause the guys actually care about their fans. I'm not going to argue with a bunch of trolls that can hide behind a screen, but I dare you '13 yr old girls' (that like to use the word FUCK whenever describing things) going on your own 'ghost hunt' with only a couple of friends and trying to get evidence. I'm sure you'll look and sound much more idiotic than Zak.

To all you haters, bring it! I can troll all night!

michaelhiltams 4 years ago

well trevor it took me ages to find it here is the site

and details,ring them for advice ,say michael recommened you

lame 4 years ago

how about doing something productive instead of wasting yours and everone elses time writing this crap about something you dont like or believe in... No one freaking cares that you dont believe in ghost or dont like ghost shows... You dont have to watch them... but seriously, ge a life and go write about something you do like... Ghost adventures is the best paranormal show out there by far... The fact that you feel important by talking about a show you dont like shows how pathetic you really are... why dont you go S a D...

Rastus 4 years ago

You know whats even dumber, lame? Posting crap telling other people to stop posting crap and get a life when you clearly don't have one.

Lenna Wynter 4 years ago

The thing about your review is that you attack the characters personalities not the credibility of the places and equipment they used. And whether or not it could have been faked

Ghost Fan 4 years ago

Zack rocks, you haters suck! You haters are all just jellis, thats what you are! If you don't like GA, go start your own ghost show. Bet you cant. You wont find any ghosts

chucku 3 years ago


Anyone who thinks bagans cares about anyone but himself is as delusional as he is.

GhostFann 3 years ago

That's right they are all just jellis! Zak and the crew Rokk! They're the best!

Tricia 3 years ago

It's both funny and scary how so many people wouldn't know a bad show if it slapped them right in the face. It's the lowest quality paranormal/ghost show ever on TV. How many times can someone watch over the top dramatic responses about every single noise and possible bug or anomaly. Give break. BORING! Keep watching your idiot boxes you idiots!

KirEeK 2 years ago

I cant believe people actually believe in ghosts. A man made monster and everyone believes in because it randomly got popular. The simple minded people in the world keep me entertained so much.

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