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mark farner people lets stop the war-Destin Florida 2008

mark farner and his nrg band at Destin seafood festival in florida oct.2008

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Tina and I with Mark FarnerTina and I with Karl PropstTina and I with Hubert(H-Bomb)CrawfordTaking their final bowTina and I on beautiful Destin beach the day after the concert
Tina and I with Mark Farner
Tina and I with Mark Farner
Tina and I with Karl Propst
Tina and I with Karl Propst
Tina and I with Hubert(H-Bomb)Crawford
Tina and I with Hubert(H-Bomb)Crawford
Taking their final bow
Taking their final bow
Tina and I on beautiful Destin beach the day after the concert
Tina and I on beautiful Destin beach the day after the concert

mark farner footstompin music destin florida oct.2008

My 20th Mark Farner Grand Funk concert

My last GFR/Mark Farner show had been during the summer of 2007.That concert was at The Slippery Noodle Inn in Indianapolis.Alot had occurred since that time and in 2008 I left Ohio for Florida.I was everywhere travelling alone for a few months. After having driven through major snowstorms to arrive in Florida then my journey really began.I eventually ended up along the Gulf coast.I had previously been in about five other areas around the state.In the spring I ended up in Clearwater. One day I went footstompin onto Marks site and lo and behold, its the Destin Seafood Festival. I guess it was my Destiny to be there Oct 3rd, 2008. And why not? Actually,I was here to retrieve 2 guitars of mine.I never retrieved the guitars but I did meet a very beautiful girl named Tina and fell in love with her.The rest is pretty much history.And so began Tinas travels into the Farnerish realms of Grand Funkdom.

Yea I prepped her all about Grand Funk Railroads music before Marks show.I told her about this new Grand Funk Railroad.I explained how Mark was no longer touring with them and that they had added new members.Yet they advertised themselves as the original band.So Mark had to form his own band which is called NRG.There would be a Markless Grand Funk show the following week after the Destin show with Mark.The Markless Grand Funk show was October 11th,2008 in coachman park in Clearwater.Initially,we werent sure that we could handle going to Marks October 3rd show since it was so far away.Clearwater to Destin. It was a seven and a half hour drive just one way. We almost cancelled for financial reasons too. Hey, thats alotta gas and then theres the motel as well, but there was one factor that over rided our decision.And it was this.The Markless Grand Funk Railroad was doin this free show in Clearwater October 11th,a week later along with other bands.We wanted to attend this.On the flip side,I wouldve felt awful seeing this band but not seeing Marks band.So why not go to both?Grand Funk would be opening up for The Village People.I very much doubt that wed ever see the day when Mark Farner would be opening up for the village people..

This Mark show would be my 20th Grand Funk concert and the Don Brewer Grand Funk Railroad show at coachman park show would be my 21st. We went to both shows.This was the first time that I would be attending both of these bands within a one week interval of each other.I have seen this other Grand Funk a couple of times. Back in 2001 and 2003. And I do feel they have a very good show.I may tend to favor Mark but this doesnt mean that I cant recognize them for this.Marks show had more oomph to it though.I hate to say it but the Coachman Park show was not as good as the previous ones Id attended.Marks show was pure nrg.When Mark did footstompin music there was no time to yawn and their energy was always present throughout the show.Mark and the boys give it their all.Both bands did the same number of songs and I do feel that each couldve done at least a couple more.But again,theyre only allowed just so much time.The big difference was in the performances themselves and how animated the performers were..Plus Grand Funks sound was really off.Mels bass,as great as it was,was just too darned loud and it literally drowned out both guitars to the point where you could barely hear them.An injustice to Bruce who is an awesome performer.

Dont get me wrong though because I do see this new Grand Funk Railroad as super performers and they are great.They wouldnt be where theyre at if they werent.But it could have been much better.Now prior to Marks Destin Florida show,I had introduced Tina to Marks and Grand Funks stuff from online and off so she did have somewhat of a background in Grand Funkinism.But it was Marks live show that put her over the top.My baby had finally been converted into a full fledged fan of grand funk proportions.Shes now into Farnology which could be termed as,the study,rocking out and listening to of Mark Farners NRG band,so as to attain the true state of Grand Funkdom.Nothing IsThe Same with her now.What she also found
appealing was Marks cherokee heritage and the spiritualness that he possesses both onstage and off.We really respect that.She fully understands now why I have followed Marks career for all those years,and why so many others do as well.It was a heckuva drive to Destin.We knew it was a long ways and seven and a half hours does tend to drain you.We it on time just barely.By the time we got to the motel and checked in and had ourselves in order and got to the festival,Mark would be coming on within the hour.So much for seeing very much of the festival.Lucky for us though that we had gotten motel accomodations directly across the street from this place.Else we may not have made it.We did catch the last part of the Atlanta Rhythem Section and they were really awesome. Even better than the Village People.(Grin:-)

Tina and I got very lucky in that our spot for the show was directly front and center stage.Our location couldnt have been any better.From the moment Mark and the guys came out we knew they were on a mission and that mission was to rock our butts off.Tina was rather awestruck by it all. I,personally was really hoping to hear an H Bomb drum solo,In Need or Inside Looking out but they werent played.Oh well,theres only so much time theyre allowed to play. Nevertheless,the concert was awesome as usual and would be thirteen 13 songs in the line up altogether.It was all good.Suppose Forest Gump might say,A Marky Farner concert is like a box of chocolates.Ya never quite know whatcher gonna get.Mark and the guys always put their all into every show and this show was certainly no different. Theyre like NRGizer rock bunnies.Just plug em in and they just keep on rockin and rollin.The song Are You Ready would start the show. From there on out the nrg would
only intensify that much more as then came Rock n Roll Soul,Footstompin Music and Were an American band.I believe Shinon On was then next. Not sure of the particular order but the remainder of the set would be Nothing Is The Same,Heartbreaker,People lets stop the war,The Locomotion,Bad Time,Same Old feeling and Some kind of wonderful.The last number would be Im your Captain.With every concert Ive found that Marks fancy footwork is always a vision to behold and their energy is always at a peak level of performance.

People were certainly not yawning. Of course there was GFRs show in Clearwater a week later. Don Brewers drum solo was pretty awesome. They are all great musicians in their own right and minus the screwed up and unbalaced sound they were all pretty good too.Both bands did one encore.During Marks concert we noticed they were filming parts of the show.I waived to her camera once.When it was all over and people started leaving the area we waited so we could see Mark.Soon a rather long line formed.We were content to be one of those last people to go through for we werent in any hurry because motel was right there.Tina was gonna get to meet Mark.I had the cd cover from the second album on me for Mark to sign since everybody but him had signed it last year at the Slippery Noodle
show in Indy.We each had a festival flyer as well.Tina had bought one of Marks shirts and for myself a recent large photo of Mark with his messenger guitar.While waiting we met up with drummer Hubert Crawford.Hubert talked with us a short while and signed both of our flyers and then posed a picture with us as well.I was elated that Karl had remembered me.We talked with keyboardist Karl Propst and his friend Kelly for awhile,and he signed our flyers and took some pics with us.Karl is a super people person.He even took our flyers backstage to bassist Lawrence Buckner to get them signed for us.When we finally got up to the table to see Mark,he had to have been somewhat surprized to see me.After all this wasnt Ohio.How ya doin Chris?he said.I then introduced Tina to him and he then did appear rather surprized. We got to talk with him a little while.He signed all of our stuff and even posed a
picture with us when we asked him to,and we were both quite pleased with the whole night.I think the whole thing kinda blew Tina away. I told Mark how I had left Ohio for Florida and ended up meeting up with her,and also how I liked the new video he'd just made called If I was the president!Check it out sometime on youtube.

We told Mark that wed like to see him in Tampa one of these days.When we left the festival and went back to the motel,we knew we had one helleva long drive back tomorrow.The following day we visited the area a short while and walked Destin beach.We then headed south on our long journey back to Clearwater.Tina agreed with me that it had all been worth it.And so ended my 20th Mark Farner Grand Funk show.Marks NRG in his performance once again was an American concert of Grand dimensions.Call it Rock and roll american style.

rock and roll american style Grand Funk Lp-whats funk

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