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Mark Farner-If I was the president

Mark Farner at the slippery noodle inn 2007

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My first out of state concert

Time was drawing nearer.Yes it was once again time for another Grand Funk Mark Farner concert.There were actually two shows to choose from.One on July 27th 2007 and the other on July 28th.My friend Mike had recently attended the Sycamore Township show near Dayton Ohio with me just two weeks earlier.We were all set to go to the Streetsboro Ohio show on the 27th.As the concert would grow nearer the weather would become worse.We would have to cancel.By the day of the show that area of Ohio was under severe thunder storms and I wasnt about to drive across the entire state in that.I dont mind a rainy concert.I mean once youre all wet,..well..youre all wet.But it would have been dangerous to be driving in such weather,and especially at night.Then a noodle of light shined through.I received some information from an online friend that lives in Indiana about mark farners nrg band performing in Indianapolis.Theyd be playing at the slippery noodle inn the 28th.I called the number that my friend sent me and had a conversation with this friendly and informative noodlette.She filled me in on all the particulars.Yes this is the Slippery Noodle Inn and yes,the tickets are on sale at 6pm for ten bucks and..etc..I suddenly felt an elation of slippery noodlness rush through my noodle.I mean rushed through my mind.Mike agreed with me that we cancel Streetsboro Friday for a slippery noodle Saturday.Even the weather forecast looked fair.That Friday I became busy with researching the best way to find The Slippery Noodle Inn in Indianapolis Indiana.I had no intention of missing this concert so this time I used my noodle.

Friday afternoon it was all planneed that I would pick up my friend at 11:30 am Saturday morning.When Saturday came,he decided not to go.Two of the three vehicles were still there and the door was unlocked and just barely open.I knocked but no answer.I knocked very loudly but still no answer.I beeped my horn but still no answer.I contemplated that perhaps he had to run to the bank,perhaps something bad happened,all kinds of stuff ran through my mind.I knocked and knocked.Why wont he answer?I then left for awhile to get gas and other needed items and soon it was past noon.When I came back someone was there outside.It was then explained to me that he had a heavy night of partyin,came home early morning then left again and never came back.When I left I was gonna go home and brood awhile,but in anger I yelled-No F&%#ing way.This is not being taken away from me simply because of a night of drunkeness.I stopped at a couple friends but I somehow knew Id hear the same old usual crap and I was right.Yea yea,let me guess,Ya gotta wash the stupid damned dog or,ya cant go a whole hour without a beer,or youre not aloud cuz the wife will get mad and slap ya around.Ive heard them all.Its now 1pm and the race for the noodle was on.Ill run into my hometown.Its 15 miles away but I felt it was the answer,plus I wasnt yet sure if Mike wasnt just at the bank and hadnt returned yet.I sped into town and made a call to a friend.No I cant go Chris,but ask Dale.Dale?I replied.Yea Dale Chris.Remember Dale?Of course,thats it I yelled.I got into town and sure enough he was home.He had no money.Dont worry bout it Dale..Ill take care of ya.You goin? He replies-,to see some Grand Funk live,youre damned straight Im goin Chris.Lets go man.Unfortunately,even though he is a great guy he is also very slow and dawdles alot.He can also talk non stop without even a break for hours at a time.But I guess ya just gotta take the bad with the good and be thankful that we were goin at all.Hes a real good guy though.I was very pleased that he had wished to go even though we would not ne heading out till well past 2pm.He seemed to yap non stop for three and a half hours straight.It about nearly drove me nuts.I was glad that he was so excited about going to this concert though.We got really lost a couple times on the way there and Dales incessant talking and griping about bad politics was not helping matters any.Finally I spoke up quite loudly,Dale I just dont give a damn about that right now.He would go quiet for perhaps one minute and started it back up again.When we finally reached the Indiana border we became inundated with all kinds of roadwork and detour signs.He began yapping again about Bush politics.Finally I let loose.Look Dale,if we dont get our shit together NOW then we wont get there on time when the tickets go on sale.Its first come first serve.That means no concert,no noodles,no freakin nuthin.Do you understand?He finally understood and began helping find our way out of this nightmarish highway maze.After alot of backtracking,we finally found the Slippery Noodle Inn and parked in the parking lot right across the street from it.I was so relieved that we had finally arrived.When we heard Mark doin a soundcheck we knew we had arrived at the right place.The place they call The Slippery Noodle.

This place was first built in 1850 and is the oldest bar in the entire state of Indiana with much history behind it.From cowboys to gangsters to modern America,the Slippery Noodle in Indianapolis is a great place to visit.I will say this here though.I have been to quite a few rock concerts in my day.And not just Grand Funk or Mark Farner.Each concert place,be it a venue,a club,an auditorium,festival,etc..each place has its own special feel to it.Do you know what I mean?And just because a place gets the best entertainment or is well established doesnt necessarily mean the the owners or staff are going to be gracious to their customers.This place is very gracious to its customers.I would drive all the way here to be at this place whether Mark was doing a show here or not.The employees were awesome.One can feel the rich history of this great place too.The atmosphere just plain ole felt good.On a scale of 1 to 10,I give the Slippery Noodle a 12.

It had been one long and hellish drive to get here.After we had arrived and were now parked we just sat in the car awhile while listening to the soundcheck going on from across the street.I was dressed lightly in shorts and sandals because of the heat.In the evening when it was cooler,I would change into jeans and my red tennis shoes.Mark used to be known back in the Grand Funk days for sometimes wearing very red tennis shoes when he performed.I figured hed get a kick out of my pair.The place was so huge and the employees showed us around and told us various stories about the buildings history.The building was three stories high.It had like eight different bars within it.Bands played inside both upstairs and downstairs as well.A very large tent had been constructed just outside of the building and yet was somehow connected to the side entrances of it.Inside this massive tent was the big stage,various seating and yet another bar.It was race weekend in Indy.Dale Earnhardt Jrs nascar was parked right out front of the place as many people were taking pictures with it.When we first walked to the front of the place I was surprized about running into a couple whom I had just seen two weeks prviously at Mark Farners show in Sycamore township near Dayton.They had came up from Cincinnati for this show.A very talented rhythem and blues band was now performing inside the huge tent area.They played quite a long set too.The Slippery Noodle is very well known for its blues bands.We watched them for awhile.We would go out front when it got too hot in there and sit at one of the many tables and chairs out in front of the place to cool down awhile.Then wed go back in.

It was alot of fun talking with various people and being shown around by a few of the workers.We delighted with all the pretty women as well.When we were inside and ordered our food,the employee began telling the history of the room we were in.Dales a history buff.He was eating this all up and was practically ecstatic.He had never been to a place like this.For that matter,he hadnt even been out of his home town in years.Out of pure enthusiasm he blurts,-Oh my God Chris,this place is fantastic and the people so nice and the girls so pretty and the place has so much history and the food is so good and man I am so overwhelmed and in a good way.Thanks for bringing me to this Chris.I replied,No problem Dale,its my pleasure but you have yet to experience some of that rocknroll soul.Youll soon be attending the hard rockin power of NRG.

Just a noodle-istic thought-Because the Slippery Noodle Inn has a past history of gangsters such as the Dillinger gang that frequented the place long ago,I asked myself,if Mark Farner were jammin here back in the old days of the gangsters,would we see and hear this scenario?Yea were goin to da slippery noodle see?Weze gonna seez dis Markie Farners NRGeezie thingy see?Ya got dat Noodles?

Yea right,thats right boss..yea,yea,the NRGeezie thingy.

I tells ya a widdle secret Noodles but cha musnt go blabbering ta anybodys or you jus might gets rocked out.Rocked way out if ya get da picture?

Ok,ok boss,what is it? Well..Ize was listenin to dis radio and woid has it,dat dis Farner character and his cronies are gonna step on our turf an rock our asses off.Woid even has it dat hes gonna be a Footstompian us right off da bat.So Ize decided dat weez joinin em.Ok guys,ares ya wit me on dis one?Does everybody want to?Besides,da misses iz gettin on me noyves.She tinks Markies a real Mr.Pretty Boy.

Mr.Pretty Boy Grand Funk/Lp Shinon On 1974

A brief visit with Mark Farners new keyboardist Karl Propst

Earlier that night before Marks show we happened to see Karl as he was passing by us.He stopped to talk with us a short while.He noodled his autograph onto our concert flyers and took a picture with both of us.A very kind man.We do miss Marks old keyboardist Paul Ojibway but we were very delighted to meet Karl as well.I happened to have a cd cover from Grand Funks second album on me.When I handed it to Karl he was reluctant to sign it.I told him it was alright if he wasnt an original member because I intended to get all four nrg band members to sign it,and that includes Mark.Well in that case its alright,he replied as he signed it.Would I get all four autographs that night?Well,that was anybodys answer.

anybodys answer grand funk railroad-On Time 1969

Banners,banners everywhere.Id love to have one I do declare

Early in the evening while talking with our friends from Cincinnati,I turned around and there were a few of my friends from mark farners railroad forum.It was Nancy,Rich and Suez.I was very delighted that they had all gotten down here from Michigan.We chit chatted for a while and then took some pictures.It was just about time for Mark Farners nrg band to take the stage as call the partyin noodles,(and noodlettes) made their way towards the front of the stage.We hurried to get some more water.It was still pretty hot in there.This may have been my 19th Grand Funk/Mark Farner concert,but it was also my first attended concert in another state besides Ohio.I was ready.Prior to the start of the show I had noticed these various and huge Mark Farner banners that were hung up all throughout this place.A worker pointed out Marty to me.There he is Chris.Thats one of the head noodles?I asked.Yep it sure is.I asked him for one of these banners and he told me check with him after the concert and hed have one for me.After the show he gave me a huge banner that was all folded up.This guy had the kindness of that of an upright man.

upright man mark farner from Lp wake up 1990-91

Its showtime.Does every noodle want to?

When Marty came up onto that stage and announced Mark Farners Nrg Band,it was on.We all were standing in the best spots in the place.Right smack square in front of the stage.I was taking mega pictures.They opened up with a very energetic rendition of footstompin music and then went into the song rock and roll soul along with were an american band.Dale was really blown away by it all.They then would go into the song paranoid which jammed the whole place to shreds.Mark then did a little short ditty of Nadene (why cantcha be true?).What would then follow was songs heartbreaker,nadine-(marks version),and then a very rocking version of I come tumblin and by this time of the concert the entire crowd of noodles were really rockin out hard.The place was goin crazy.Next came the song crybaby from Marks for the people cd was played and follwed by people lets stop the war.For a guy who prides himself on listening to Anne Murray records all the time,Dale was completely astounded and astonished at what he was witnessing and loved every second of it.When Mark made some personal comments about his views on war and politics,Dale was entirely sold and says,-Chris,now that man knows what hes talkin about man.Next came the song in need,my personal favorite.By this time in the concert everyone was visibly very hot.Mark toned things down as he performed the ballad mean mistreater.This was Dales favorite of the set.Bad time and the locomotion would follow next.I really like the pre jam they do before going into the locomotion.It was a very cool twist to it.The concert would end with the song some kind of wonderful and we were amazed by Marks fancy footwork on stage.However does he do that?Dale says,man Chris this is the best concert I have ever seen in my life.It just all blows me away man.When they came out for the encores Marks drummer Hubert Crawford went into his patented ass kickin drum solo along with a percussion arrangement they had all put together.Then came songs inside looking out and closer to home.In my opinion no Grand Funk show would be complete without inside looking out or closer to home.We were lucky this concert and got both.Closer to home would be the final song of the concert.It was obvious that everyone had been nrgized by what they had just experienced in this pleasant place of slippery noodledom as this concert approached the end.

the end by grand funk railroad/Lp thirty years of funk 1999

Cant be too long

The vast majority of people were leaving when the concert had ended.Many were outside cooling off.A line soon formed that was awaiting Mark to come out but he hadnt came out yet.I then suddenly remembered my cd cover of grand funk the red album I had brought with me.I then seen Karl again.I asked him,hey Karl could you take this and get Lawrence and Hubert to sign it for me?He replies,Yea I suppose I can Chris but I wont be right back with it though.I will be back though.It just wont be right away.I agreed and went ahead and handed it to him.Hopefully hed return before Id see Mark.The line was fairly long in size but was quickly dwindling down.Nancy,Rich and Suez were already in line.I had gotten another poster that was identical to the one I had bought at the Sycamore township show just two weeks earlier.I also had a flyer and playlist that Nancy had given me.We were talkin with them after their visit with Mark.Right before we were to see Mark an employee walked up to me and hands me a huge banner that was neatly folded up for me.Marty came then came in and wished us farewell.I thanked him for the banner and the hospitality.Karl wasnt back yet.There was no longer any line so Dale and I walked on up to say hi to Mark.How ya doin Chris?I shook his hand and introduced him to Dale.How ya doin Dale?Now what are we signing here Chris?Well Mark I got a poster and a flyer and a banner and a playlist and a noodle menu and a racing shirt,etc..I had alot of stuff on me.I didnt wanna say,well Mark sign this and this and this and this and this etc.So I chose my poster and a concert flyer.The moment Mark was done with us and went backstage I realized that poor Dale never got an autograph.I grabbed his shirt and pled my case to one of Marks people.After some persuasion between Nancy and myself,we finally got his shirt backstage to Mark and signed.Karl then walked up to me.He had my cd cover for me and it now had everybodys signiture on it except for Marks.Mark was gone now.Karl told me,bring it to the next show Chris and Ill personally see to it that Mark gets it signed for you.(Indeed Mark would later sign it at my 20th Grand Funk show which would occur in October 2008 at the Destin seafood festival in Destin Florida.)

Though the place was nearly empty now,we hung around just a little while longer.We talked with Rich,Nancy,Suez,Karl and a couple cool noodle employees that I had taken a picture with.They were really cool.We said our goodbyes to everyone and we all knew it was time to go.My 19th Grand Funk Mark Faner concert was now officially finished and it was now time for the drive home.It would be a long drive too,with lots of detours and alot of fog once we were back in Ohio.We wouldnt be arriving home until 6:30 am.When we left to find our way closer to home,I found myself longing to reach my home states borderline.

closer to home grand funk railroad 1970

borderline grand funk from Lp Whats Funk 1983

cant be too long grand funk railroad on time 1969

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