Guitar soloing in c major

guitar soloing in c major

I will try to explain how to play solo with easy.

for the beginning I will start on the scale of C major

(C-d-e-f-g-a-b-c). before I explain the steps of the tone,

I will explain the basic formula of the major scale itself :

1 - 1 - 1/2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1/2

thing to remember this formula because is very important for you to play a solo with your instrument.

and now, I will now explain how the use of the formula is:

1 = distance from C to D> Major

1 = distance from D to E> minor

1/2 = distance from E to F> minor

1 = distance from F to G> Major

1 = distance from G to A> Major / Dominant 7

1 = distance from A to B> minor

1/2 = distance from B to C> minor / m7b5

so when we play in the major scale we can use the formula, the above example is when we use the scale C (do = C).

and the conclusion you can play solo in C using the results obtained from the formula (c, d, e, f, g, a, b, c).

and for the keys that you can use are:

C major - D minor - E minor - F Major - G major / dominant - A minor - B minor/m7b7

Thus is the music theory to play a solo that I can give to you, hopefully useful for you.


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