How to play guitar

How to play guitar -

How to play guitar in five minutes flat!

Fantastic,lets get a guitar,pick it up and in your coffee break learn to play like a professional. Well I think we've all had that dream at some point. But here's the thing, it can be done but takes a few things to do it.

Do you have to have natural talent?

It would a help a whole lot, but even if your just and average joe, your can learn how do it, if you apply yourself.

So where do you start?

You need to get basic understanding about the guitar instrument, how to read music and getting it to sound like a tune.

If you take things in easy steps, this can be achieved over time. The picture below shows you few of the very basic parts of the guitar instrument. Which is all very fine, so what comes next?

Well you need to learn how to read a music sheet and play the notes and chords which are in a particular tune.

So how do you do that?

Good question! I've put a page here to get the ball rolling " Guitar tabs for Beginners " Just click the highlighted text which will take you to that page.

If your are really keen to get going you could always jump the gun and have a look a Guitar learning course.

Happy strumming. Malc

How to play guitar - a few of the basics of the guitar

How to play guitar - a few of the basics of the guitar.
How to play guitar - a few of the basics of the guitar.

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Beginners Guitar Lessons 7 years ago

The site he suggest actually have a great free guitar lessons email course where you get a link in each email to a new site with pictures, videos and tabs on, I think it's a 6 part lesson, and some bonus lessons. You can also check my blog for some free lessons.

Tony 7 years ago

Hello, i like the information but i think most people out there (including me) are looking for free lessons so it was a bit annoying to read all the great things on your website then to find out the price. I guess that's just me

Easy Guitar Tabs profile image

Easy Guitar Tabs 8 years ago from The UK Author


Wow! I was still writing the page up and a comment almost stright away!

Thanks Eugie. Malc

eugie17 profile image

eugie17 8 years ago from online (everywhere)

Hi, Nice information

I always like to learn about playing the guitar.

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