- Why Hulu Rocks (As Long as You Live in the US)

I'm a pretty new convert to, but now that i have a new LCD display for my computer that's nearly as big as the tv in my bedroom, I've been avidly consuming tv content online.

Actually, the real blame for my current obsession is the SNL Digital Short, "Motherlover" featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg.

Even though I have the Justin Timberlake hosted episode of Saturday Night Live saved on my TiVo, I find myself frequently visiting Hulu to play the clip while I'm sitting at my computer.

And once I got bored with that (Okay, I'm actually not bored with that yet), I started working my way through all of the SNL Digital Shorts and I just started to realize something. If you don't have to watch an entire episode, SNL is actually pretty funny *g* The key is just skipping boring sketches. And since all of the good stuff from SNL appears to be available on, it just kind of makes it the perfect venue. logo logo

Denis Leary's Hulu commercial

Great Streaming, Fewer Commercials

One of the things that makes so watchable is that the streaming and buffering are really good. Granted, I have a pretty excellent cable connection to the internet, but if I'm trying to watch stuff on Youtube, I still get tons of buffering or sometimes it fails to stream at all. In the past two weeks, I've probably watched close to 15 hours of content on Hulu and only once did I have a buffering issue. does have commercials, but not nearly as many as you get on network television. You usually just watch one commercial before airing a show.

Also a nice feature, for most content you do not need to be logged into to watch. I ended up creating an account to watch some "mature" SNL sketches, but I spent about a week watching tv shows without ever bothering to set up an account.

What Shows Can You Find on

SNL Digital Short

Fox and NBC have a ton of content on Hulu. And Disney will be joining them soon so that means lots of great ABC tv shows, such as Lost. So if you've been wanting to watch Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, House, The Colbert Report, Heroes, Fringe, 24, Bones and The Simpsons (as well as tons of other shows) online, now is your chance.

If you've ever been frustrated by trying to keep up with Saturday Night Live sketches before they get pulled from Youtube, I think you are going to be pretty happy with Ironically, I can't embed a Hulu clip because Hubpages isn't set up for it, but I can embed one of my favorite SNL digital short, People Getting Punched Just Before Eating, because has their own channel on Youtube -- so this is the only time SNL videos won't get pulled from Youtube *g* You can view it on the right.

In addition, is constantly adding more content and they have a lot of older shows as well. Recently, they just loaded all of Season 3 Stargate SG-1. And you can also watch classics like Miami Vice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost in Space, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched.

Hulu has movies as well, but after a brief scan I'd say you have to be pretty bored to watch most of them. Unless you really just love Speed 2: Cruise Control or want to watch Jean Claude Van Damme kicking ass in Double Impact.

for US Audiences only

Of course, Hulu does have one major drawback. It's only available as long as you live in the United States (or can access it via a US Ip address). Because if you live anywhere else, you are quite out of luck. Don't blame Hulu for this though. No, the blame falls squarely on content licensing and the content owners.

Right now, Fox and NBC own most of the content on Disney will be joining them soon. The problem is, for international viewers, Fox, NBC and Disney (and all the other media conglomerates) sell off content rights to broadcasters in your country and none of them would be too happy if you stopped watching tv in Germany or England or Australia because you can watch your favorite shows online right after they air on US tv.

Of course, this goes the other direction too. The BBC has a lot of great television that you can watch online, but not if you live in America.

If you live in Canada though, you have some great places to watch US tv shows on Canadian websites. Check out my hub about Canadian Hulu Alternatives.

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What's your Favorite Show on Hulu? 5 comments

RVilleneuve profile image

RVilleneuve 7 years ago from Michigan


BundleBoy profile image

BundleBoy 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

I love Hulu, actually thinking Satellite Connection is a waste and might end up disconnecting it. Disney has also joined the team. Expect to see shows from Disney like cartoons, Movies (Pixar) like Antz, Cars, Nemo...

I am so excited. Tough luck if you dont live in US though.

Guardian1 profile image

Guardian1 7 years ago

HULU, we love you!

I've been hearing about hulu, but notorious procrastinator that I am, I only just gave it a look after reading your hub. Thanks for the kick in the ass to get me going. ;-)

jwmu311 profile image

jwmu311 6 years ago from Right behind you.

HULU is how I survive at work. Streaming can be an issue if you're on a crowded network, but it's still the best thing to happen to me since Finding dog. Not the movie. But the movie was good, too.

lhale profile image

lhale 4 years ago from Georgia

I've been thinking of trying Hulu lately. I've missed a House and a Grey's Anatomy! Hope they are there!

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