Top 10 Jennifer Aniston Movies

Jennifer Aniston: Before She Was Rachel

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11th, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, California.  When Jennifer was nine years old her family moved to New York City, where her mom and dad divorced. 

Jennifer began formal acting training in high school where she attended The New York High School of the Performing Arts.  Jennifer landed several small parts in television and movies, before hitting it big when she was asked to audition for, "Friends Like These," which later became, "Friends." 

Originally asked to play the role of Monica, Jennifer thought she would be a better fit for the role of Rachel, the producers agreed, and the rest is history.

Since launching her career Jennifer has starred in several movies, the top ten are listed here, according to ratings and box office draw. The movies that didn't make the cut are in the honorable mention section at the bottom of the page. 


#1 Jennifer Aniston movie: Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty grossed more than $242 million at the box office. Starring Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan, Morgan Freeman as God, Jennifer Aniston as Grace Conelly, and Steve Carell as Evan Baxter.

Bruce Nolan has a good life, but all he does is complain about it. After a particularly bad day Bruce goes on a rant, declaring God is the cause of all his problems. God appears and gives Bruce all His powers. In the beginning he thinks it's great, but soon discovers that with the power comes responsibility.

Jennifer Aniston Pictorial

#2 Jennifer Aniston movie: The Break Up

While it wasn't popular with critics, The Breakup was popular with moviegoers grossing over 118 million at the box office. Starring Jennifer Aniston as Brooke Meyers, and Vince Vaughn as Gary Grobowski. Brooke (Aniston), and Gary (Vaughn) are doing more arguing and fighting than making up, so they decide to break it off, but neither one wants to give up their spacious condo to the other. Both decide to live there until the condo's sold. Neither one is completely sure they want the relationship to end, but both play games, and follow advice that keep the relationship spiraling out of control toward "The Breakup."

#3 Jennifer Aniston Movie: Along Came Polly


Ben Stiller as Reuben Feffer

Jennifer Aniston as Polly Prince

Opposites attract in Along Came Polly. After his new wife leaves him on his honeymoon, an uptight man meets a free spirit girl he used to go to high school with. Polly, who lives in the moment, teaches him to loosen up, and enjoy life. Just when he seems to be getting the hang of it, his wife pops back into his life looking for a reconciliation. Will he choose stability and family life, or wild and carefree? Definitely good for a few laughs.

#4 Jennifer Anistom Movie: Rumor Has It


Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Huttington

Kevin Costner as Beau Burroughs

Shirley MacLaine as Katherine Richelieu

Mark Ruffalo as Jeff Daly

Sarah Huttington, recently engaged, goes home to Pasadena with fiancé Jeff for a family wedding. She hears a rumor that "The Graduate" (book and movie) are based on her family. Did her grandmother and her mom have flings with the same man just before her parents married? Is she a strange man's child; does this explain why she doesn't fit in? Was her mother happy? Is she too facing a loveless marriage? Where can she seek answers: her mother's dead, her father's pleasantly naïve. Ask her salty grandma? Better to ask the man in the triangle, the real Benjamin Braddock. With Jeff's blessing, Sarah heads for San Francisco, looking for the key to her past and to her future.

#5 Jennifer Aniston Movie: Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

An ad executive hires a fiancé to help get a promotion and a major advertising campaign. Starring Jennifer Aniston as Kate Mosley, Jay Mohr as Nick, and Kevin Bacon as Sam Mayfair.

Kate is working on a career at Mercer Advertising, but she is passed up for promotion because she is 'not stable enough', still being single and having no ties to the company. She makes up a story about being engaged to Nick, a guy whom she just met at a friends' wedding. All seems to work out well for Kate. She even gets the attention of a colleague she had always wanted, but then events take a dramatic turn forcing her to 'present' her alleged fiancée to her boss..

#6 Jennifer Aniston Movie: Office Space

Rated: R

The box office gross for Office Space was a disappointment, but since it was released to video, Office Space has become cult phenomenon. It hits home with anyone who has ever worked in a cubical, doing sometimes ridiculous jobs, just to make an unreasonable boss happy. The office humor hits home for many, who would love to knock out their cubicle walls, or tell their boss what they really spend their time doing. The film stars Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons, Jennifer Aniston as Joanna, David Herman as Michael Bolton, and Ajay Naidu as Samir Nagheenanahar.

Office Space Clip

#7 Jennifer Aniston Movie: Derailed

A clandestine love affair may claim a terrible price from two desperate people in this intelligent thriller. Charles Schine (Clive Owen) is an advertising executive who is happily married to Deana (Melissa George) and has a young daughter. However, that begins to change when Charles meets Lucinda Harris (Jennifer Aniston) on a commuter train. Lucinda, who is also married with a daughter, keep bumping into Charles on the train, and they strike up a friendship that soon grows into something deeper. Eventually Charles and Lucinda fall into infidelity, but the consequences turn out to be greater than they imagined; Philippe Laroche (Vincent Cassel) is a dangerous criminal with a taste for violence who has learned about the affair. Laroche demands a substantial payment if he is to keep the word of Charles and Lucinda's relationship from their spouses, but they become convinced that Laroche is not to be trusted and that he may mean to do greater harm to their loved ones that simply telling them they've been unfaithful. Derailed was the first American project for Swedish filmmaker Mikael Hafstrom.

#8 Jennifer Aniston Movie: Rock Star

This is one of my favorites, we have this movie, and it's one I can watch over and over. I think it has a fan base even though it wasn't popular with the masses.

Chris Cole (MARK WAHLBERG) was born to rock. His longtime girlfriend Emily (JENNIFER ANISTON) believes Chris's talent could take him all the way - but instead of writing his own music, Chris worships at the altar of Bobby Beers, the fiery frontman for Steel Dragon, the heavy metal rock legends that both inspire and consume his life. By day, Chris still lives at home with his parents and spends his days repairing copy machines, push-starting his sputtering Dodge Dart and fighting with his brother. But when Chris takes the stage, all of that disappears. When he's fronting Blood Pollution, Pennsylvania's premiere Steel Dragon tribute band, Chris Cole is Bobby Beers - mesmerizing audiences with his perfect imitation of Beers' electrifying vocals and sexy snarl. Blood Pollution's low-rent recreation of the Dragon's elaborate arena shows drive the locals (including Chris's loving parents and amused choir director) into a head-banging, hair-whipping frenzy.

The night his bandmates boot him out of the group he founded, Chris is devastated - until an unexpected phone call changes his life forever: he, Chris Cole, has been tapped to replace Bobby Beers as the lead singer of Steel Dragon. In an instant, Chris rockets to the dizzying heights of sudden stardom, rising from devotee to icon, from the ultimate rock fan to the ultimate rock god - the wanna-be who got to be. So what happens when an average guy gets everything he wants... and discovers it's not enough? (from Amazon)

Rock Star Trailer

#9 Jennifer Aniston Movie: The Object of My Affection

Jennifer Aniston stars in this sly romantic comedy as Nina, a young woman who falls in love with her new roommate, George, (Paul Rudd) even though he's gay and loves her purely as a friend. When Nina becomes pregnant, she decides she'd rather raise the baby on her own than be in a relationship with a guy she doesn't love, and turns to George for support.

#10 Jennifer Aniston Movie: She's The One

Mickey (Edward Burns), a free-spirited New York cabbie and Francis (Mike McGlone), a materialistic Wall Street stockbroker, are extremely competitive and confused about women as a result of their father's (John Mahoney) influence. Though they disagree about nearly everything, they have one thing in common: Mickey's ex-fiancée Heather (Cameron Diaz) is Francis's secret lover. Though both brothers have beautiful wives (Maxine Bahns and Jennifer Aniston), Heather triggers their longtime sibling rivalry with uproarious and unexpected results.

Jennifer Aniston News

What's Jennifer up to? What project is she working on right now?

Or will you always remember her as Rachel from friends?

What's Your Favorite Jennifer Aniston Movie? 27 comments

Classic LM profile image

Classic LM 9 years ago

Wonderful job, Barkely! I am glad you submitted this to my group Hollywood Stars and Starlets. I leave you with a 5* rating! If you have time please rate my lens about monroe. Thanks!

jamza 9 years ago

fab list! Jen is definitely a good starlet!

RuthCoffee profile image

RuthCoffee 8 years ago

Great feature lens! She definitely has an aura of a sweetheart (whether she likes it or not).

anonymous 7 years ago

Definatley She's the one by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StrangeConversa profile image

StrangeConversa 7 years ago

...I've always seen Jennifer Aniston as Rachel and she never loses that character in anything she does. Maybe in Derailed, maybe in The Good Girl, but she's hardly lost the Rachel tag where the likes of Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Courtney Cox have diversified their careers. Perhaps that's because she's the weakest performer from the Friends cast. If she wants to win me over she needs to do less rom-coms and find some edgier material (Derailed was a step in the right direction)

anonymous 7 years ago

You have so many great lenses. Unbelievable. I am struggling to improve 10. Groan!!!

anonymous 7 years ago

My favoriate JENI's movie is Break Up! and Came Along Polly...Fabulus acting and romantic!

anonymous 7 years ago

Good lens! My favorite one is of course Bruce Almighty movie :)

Obscure_Treasures 6 years ago

These all sound so good,I really like your lens. It gives me a lot idea

Obscure_Treasures 6 years ago

These all sound so good,I really like your lens. It gives me a lot idea

TopMovieSoundtr profile image

TopMovieSoundtr 6 years ago

Love her chemistry with Kevin Costner in Rumor Has It

kt_glasses 6 years ago

Jennifer is sooo sweet. I love her in Friends and also in movies.

italianizeyours profile image

italianizeyours 6 years ago

My favorite Jennifer Aniston movie is without a doub Leprechaun. She nailed the role.

ZablonMukuba profile image

ZablonMukuba 6 years ago

i loved the way she was in Bounty hunter

anonymous 5 years ago

She was great in 'Marley and me'

anonymous 5 years ago

She was great in 'Marley and me'

anonymous 5 years ago

i love the movie along came polly and just go with it

JeremiahStanghini profile image

JeremiahStanghini 5 years ago

Yeah, Bruce Almighty was pretty goooooood...

With Love and Gratitude,


smithlights profile image

smithlights 5 years ago

Really interesting list. There's a bunch on here I wouldn't have chosen, and some missing. Different tastes I guess! I LOVE Rumor Has It!

anonymous 5 years ago

Good actress. Love her Horrible Bosses and Bruce Almighty movies.

anonymous 4 years ago

Really nice lens on HD Movies

intermarks profile image

intermarks 4 years ago

To me Jennifer Aniston is beautiful, smart, sexy and also a talented actress. I like her show really much.

grega85 4 years ago

Jennifer...the hotest actress ever :)

Alex_Mathews 4 years ago

Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite all time actresses. Great job on your lens, lots of great information, and fun to read!!

gaser983 4 years ago

I enjoy reading your lens, nicely done!

Geldfritz 3 years ago

Thank's for sharing. Jennifer is a really hot actress :D

Breanne Ginsburg profile image

Breanne Ginsburg 2 years ago

Out of the movies you mentioned, I'd have to say that Picture Perfect is my favorite. I still liked her best in Friends though. I really like her in the movie Switch as well.

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