Put Up The Plack.

It's not often you come across great talent. Like love or real friendship, talent just doesn't come every day. It's hard to find, and sometimes it finds you. That's what happened on my first day of college. Talent met me - I met Jesse Plack. We had an instant connection, and became friends immediately.

It all started with bonfires, and late nights at his house, where groups of friends would gather to jam. Those were some of my best college memories. But Jesse stood out. He captivated us with covers of bands like Dave Mathews and Radiohead, and then made our jaws drop with the music that he wrote himself. I remember watching his fingers move so quickly across the guitar, while he closed his eyes and belted out from his gut. He did it in a raw and honest way. Not only because he loved the process of making music, but because he was the music. There was nothing else he could be or do. It possessed him, just as it possessed us listening to him.

Now I don't mean to brag, nor am I saying this just because I know him, but Jesse is truly gifted. I realized this quickly. At first, I thought he was just an awesome guy. The humor, the witty banter, the charisma. He had it all. But not many people I know possess the ability to sing, play guitar, piano, drums, write illuminating lyrics, compose, and then sound edit everything together in their own home-made studio. That's right, all of the music that Jesse records is created by him, and him alone. From start to finish.

So without further ado, I give you my very talented friend, Jesse Plack. I'm honored to do so. He's one of the hardest most passionate workers I know, and it shows. And here's the best part - while Jesse is at work on his third album, you get to download his music by naming your own price. 'Washed in from the Shadows' and 'Copper Sun' are now available for any price you'd like to pay, be it $1, $100, or FREE. So go ahead, download at your own leisure. He suggested to listen to his music in a dark room with your headphones on and the incense burning. I agree with that idea, I know you'll enjoy.

A few of my favorite Jesse Plack songs:
Copper Sun - 'Brave' and 'Define'
Washed in from the Shadows - '50 Fathoms' and 'Shakeup'

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