Jim Morrison: A Legend Of His Own

Jim Morrison: A Legend Of His Own

As we all know, Jim Morrison is a well-known legend through his music, poetry, and photography talent. His prodigy will always be talked about from times on end . Although, I didn’t find Jim Morrison a very nice person, I do respect his talent. I am a big fan of “The Doors.” I have tons of their music owned on Cds that I made. At one time, I found Jim Morrison charismatically attractive, but after reading a couple of biographies about him, I found him in poor taste as a person. Let’s just say that he is not the kind of man I would fall in love with romantically, but I am a fan of his aptitudes. I also watched the movie “The Doors” about a million times, so the information I am going to give about him won’t be hard. I may add a few details in there that some of us may not have known about him, but this blog is dedicated in the memory of his gift.

James Douglas Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida December 8th, 1943. He was born to future Admiral George Stephen Morrison and Clara Clarke Morrison. Jim Morrison had a sister named Anne Robin and a brother Andrew Lee Morrison. Jim Morrison was born into Scottish, Irish, and English descent. It has been told that he had an IQ level of 149, which is genius level. On a note, I will agree that Jim Morrison was very intelligent through his works of poetry and song lyrics. In 1947, if you watched the movie “The Doors,” Jim Morrison, who was four years old, apparently witnessed a car accident in the desert where a breed of Native Americans were hurt and perhaps killed. Jim Morrison submitted this event in a spoken word presentation on the song “Dawn’s Highway” recorded on his album “An American Prayer,” and it has also been stated in his songs “Peace Frog” and “Ghost Song.” Jim Morrison believed that it was the most influential event in his life and repeatedly expressed it through his poetry, songs, and interviews. Jim Morrison’s family does not recall the car accident happening in the way Jim Morrison explained it. According to Jim Morrison’s biography “No One Here Gets Out Alive,” Jim Morrison’s family does recall driving by a car accident in an Indian reservation, which highly upset Jim Morrison. However, the book “The Doors,” written by the surviving members of the band, explains how different Jim Morrison’s account of the event was from the account of his father. Jim Morrison’s father quotes, “We went by several Indians. It did make an impression on young Jim. He always thought about the crying Indian,” When Jim Morrison’s father was in the United States Navy, the family moved around a lot. Jim Morrison spent most of his time in San Diego, California. In January 1964, Jim Morrison moved to Los Angeles, California where he completed his undergraduate degree at UCLA’s film school in 1965. During these years, while residing in Venice Beach, Jim Morrison became friends with writers at the Los Angeles Times. Jim Morrison was a promoter of the underground newspaper until his death in 1971.

1n 1965, after graduating from UCLA, Jim Morrison lead a bohemian lifestyle in Venice Beach. Ray Manzarek, a fellow student of Jim Morrison at UCLA, were the first two member of “The Doors.” Shortly, drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger joined the band. The Doors took their name from a book entitled “The Doors Of Perception” written by Aldous Huxley. It was also stated that this was a reference to “opening the doors of perception through psychedelic drug use. Huxley’s own title was a quote from English poet, William Blake’s, “The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell” that is quoted, “ If the doors of perception are cleansed, everything to man would appear to man as it is, infinite.” Even though Jim Morrison was known as the lyricist of the band, Robby Krieger also made a contribution for writing and co-writing some of their biggest hits. In June 1966, The Doors were the opening act at this club called “Whiskey A Go-Go” on the last week of Van Morrison’s band “Them.” Van Morrison’s impression on Jim Morrison’s developing stage performance, noted by John Densmore, stated, “ Jim Morrison learned quickly from his near-namesake’s stagecraft , his apparent recklessness, his air of subdued menace, the way he would improvise poetry to a rock beat, even his habit of crouching down by the bass drum during instrumental breaks.” On the final night, Van Morrison and Jim Morrison, with the two bands, jammed together on the song “Gloria.” In 1967, The Doors achieved national fame after signing with Elektra Records. The single “Light My Fire” reached number one on the billboard pop charts. The Doors appeared on the “ Ed Sullivan Show.” Ed Sullivan requested The Doors sang “People Are Strange” and “Light My Fire”, but the censors of the show insisted that they change the lyrics on “Light My Fire” from “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher” to “Girl, we couldn’t get much better.” It was reported that the changes were requested because it was in reference to drug use. Jim Morrison assured them that he would change it, but he ended up singing the original lyrics anyway stating that he forgot to change them as he was singing them. Ed Sullivan was infuriated with this and refused to shake hands with them after their performance, and The Doors were never invited back to the show again. By their release on their second album “Strange Days,” The Doors has become one of the most popular rock bands in the United States. Their blend of blues and rock mixed with psychedelic flavor included a number of original songs and distinctive cover versions. In 1967, photographer, Joel Brodsky, took a series of black and white photos of Jim Morrison in a photo shoot called “The Young Lion” photo session. These photographs are considered among the most iconic images of Jim Morrison and are frequently used as covers for compilation albums, books, and other memorabilia of The Doors. In 1968, The Doors released their third album “Waiting For The Sun.” Their fourth album was entitled “The Soft Parade,” which was released in 1969. After this, Jim Morrison started to show up for recording session intoxicated. He was also late for live performances, and as a result, Ray Manzarek was forced to sing as the band played the instrumentals. By 1969, Jim Morrison gained a significant amount of weight, grew a beard, and began dressing more casually. He lost the leather pants and concho belts for slacks, jeans, t-shirts. During a 1969 concert at The Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, Florida. Jim Morrison attempted to spark a riot in the audience. His attempt failed, and a warrant for his arrest was issued three days later by the Dade County Police Department for indecent exposure. As a result, many of The Doors’s concerts were cancelled. In the years following this incident, Jim Morrison was pardoned. Following “The Soft Parade,” The Doors released “Morrison Hotel.” After a lengthy break from the group, “LA Woman” was released in 1970, which would be the last recorded album with Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison published two poetry books in 1969 entitled “The Lords/Notes On Vision” and “The New Creatures.” “The Lords” consists of brief descriptions of people, places, events, and Jim Morrison’s thoughts on cinema. “The New Creatures” was more poetic in nature. These two books were combined into a single volume called “The Lords and The New Creatures.” These were the only writings published during Jim Morrison’s lifetime. After Jim Morrison’s death, two volumes of his writings were published. The contents of the books were arranged by Frank Lisciandro, Jim Morrison’s friend, and Pamela Courson’s, Jim Morrison’s girlfriend’s/wife’s parents who also owned the rights to his poetry. The lost writings of Jim Morrison was entitled “Wilderness, Volume 1.” Which I have read that one, it was very interesting by the way. Upon its release in 1988, it became an instant New York Times best seller. Jim Morrison’s other book “The American Night” was released in 1990, which was also a success. Jim Morrison recorded his own poetry in a professional audio sound studio on two separate occasions. The first was in March, 1969 in Los Angeles, and the second was recorded in December, 1970. In 1978, friends, released “An American Prayer.” The album reached 54 on the music charts. The poetry recorded in December, 1970 session remains unreleased to this day and in the possession of the Courson family.

In Jim Morrison’s early life, Jim Morrison’s brother, Andy, was recorded explaining that his parents had determined not to use corporal punishment on their children, but instead instilled levied punishment by the military tradition known as “dressing down.” This punishment insisted of yelling and berating the children until they were reduced to tears and acknowledged their failings. Once Jim Morrison graduated from UCLA, he broke off most of his family contacts. By the time “The Doors” music ascended to the top of the charts in 1967, he had not been in communication with his family for over a year and told people that his family was dead. In a letter to Florida Probation and Parole Commission District Office dated October 2nd, 1970, Jim Morrison’s father acknowledged the breakdown in family communications as the result of an argument over his assessment of his son’s musical talents. He said that he could not blame his son for being reluctant to initiate contact and that he was proud of him none of the less.

Jim Morrison met his long-term companion, Pamela Courson, well before he gained any fame and fortune, and she encouraged him to develop his poetry. At times, Pamela used the surname “Morrison” with his apparent consent or lack of concern. After Pamela Courson’s death in 1974, the probate court in California ruled that she and Jim Morrison had what qualified as a common-law marriage. Jim and Pam’s relationship was a stormy one. There were reports of loud arguments and periods of separation. Danny Sugerman, a biographer, gathered that part of their difficulties may have stemmed from a conflict between their respective commitments to an open relationship and the consequences of living in such a relationship. In 1970, Jim Morrison participated in Celtic/Pagan hand fasting ceremony with rock critic and science fiction/fantasy author, Patricia Kennealy. The couple signed a document declaring they were married. However, none of the necessary paperwork was filed for a legal marriage in the state.

By the way, I have read her book entitled “Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison” about her relationship with Jim Morrison. It was quite interesting. Jim Morrison also had sex regularly with fans and had numerous of short flings with women who were celebrities in their own right. It was reported that he did have a one night stand with Grace Slick, Jefferson Airplane. It has also been reported he had a fling with Janis Joplin. At the time of his death, it has been reported that there were reports for as many as 20 paternity actions pending against him, although no claims were made against his estate by any of the supposed paternity claimants.

In 1971, Jim Morrison moved to Paris, France. He took up residence in an apartment and walked for a long time through the city admiring the city’s architecture. During that time, Jim Morrison grew depressed and had thoughts of returning to the United States. On July 3rd, 1971, Jim Morrison was found dead in his bathtub by his long-time girlfriend, Pamela Courson. According to the French law, no autopsy was performed because the medical examiner claimed to have found no evidence of foul play. The absence of this autopsy is questioned about what really killed Jim Morrison. Danny Sugarman, a biographer, discussed his encounter with Pamela Courson after she returned to the United States. According to Danny Sugarman, Pamela Courson stated that Jim Morrison died of a heroin overdose, having inhaled what he believed to be cocaine. Sugarman also added that Pamela Courson had given many contradictory versions of Jim Morrison’s death, at times saying that she killed her common law husband, or that his death was her fault. Pamela Courson’s story of Jim Morrison’s unintentional ingestion of heroin, followed by an accidental overdose, is supported by the confession of Alain Ronay, who was written that Jim Morrison died of a hemorrhage after snorting Pamela Courson’s heroin. Apparently, Pamela Courson has dozed off leaving Jim Morrison to bleed to death instead of phoning for medical help. Alain Roney also confessed that he helped cover the circumstances of Jim Morrison’s death. 20 years after Jim Morrison’s death, Ronay and another person broke silence and gave this account. Ronay and Varda (unknown who this person is) arrived at the house shortly after Jim Morrison died, and Pamela Courson said that they had taken heroin after a night of drinking in the bars. It was stated that Jim Morrison was coughing badly and had gone to take a bath, and he threw up blood. Pamela Courson said that he came out of it, and she went to sleep. When she awoke sometime later, Pamela found Jim Morrison unresponsive, so she called for medical assistance. Pamela Courson died herself from a heroin overdose three years later after Jim Morrison’s death, and her age was also 27, like the age of his death.

Jim Morrison is buried in the Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Eastern Paris, one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions. The grave had no official marker until the French officials placed a shield over it, which was stolen in 1973. In 1981, Croatian sculptor, Mladin Mikulin, placed a bust of Jim Morrison and a new gravestone with Jim Morrison’s name at the grave to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death. The bust was defaced through the years by cemetery vandals and later stolen in 1988. In the 1990’s, Jim Morrison’s father placed a flat stone on the grave.

Jim Morrison left a will and his entire estate went to Pamela Courson. When Pamela died in 1974, a battle ensued between Morrison and Courson’s parents over who had legal claim over Morrison’s estate. Since Jim Morrison left a will, the question was effectively debatable. Upon his death, his property became Pamela Courson’s, and in her death her property passed on to the next heirs at law, her parents. Jim Morrison’s parents disputed the will under which Pamela Courson was declared as owner, it went to Pamela Courson’s parents. Now, they own Jim Morrison’s estate.

Once again, Jim Morrison was a legend. There are many people in the younger generations who learn of him and idolize him. Jim Morrison brought words to us all that brings us inspiration, comfort, and joy. His music and poetry will live on forever and never be forgotten.

(Information on Jim Morrison can be found at http://www.wikipedia.org)

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Michael Achilles 7 years ago


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Michael Achilles 7 years ago


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loveofnight 7 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

very good detail

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Devynerickson 6 years ago

I adore Jim Morrison. I do not blame him for being an asshole. He got what he wanted when he wanted and I respect that. You must take his childhood into consideration. He was raped by his own father and molested by a close family friend. I'm sure you've read that if you read his biography by Stephen Davis. He does a great job of depicting Jim. I find Jim the smartest man alive and understan every word that came out of his mouth. in nobody here gets out alive it doesn't talk a lot about how Pamela treated him. She treate him just as bad as he treated her and I don't feel sorry for her. SHe could have left him if she wanted to. Anyay nice post :) I didn't read it all so sorry I'd I repeated anything. Just trying to strike up thoght and conversation :)

Mark-Vincent 6 years ago

Where did you read this???!!! That Jim MOrrison was raped by his own father??? Where did you get this info from??? I mean,Jim Morrison's father was "OK" !!! He was not a child molester in anyway !!! I really would like to know where you got this information from man,because this is a very bizar statement !!! Please deliver the proof or the place or where ever you have read or found this out place for the sake of his father who I think was an ok guy !!! But who know's I might be wrong, but I really think that what you say is very strange and not the TRUTH !!!

Greetings, MArk-Vincent.

Mark-Vincent 6 years ago

THE FACT THAT SOMEONE IS WRITING HERE THAT THIS PERSON DOES NOT KNOW AGNES VARDA SAYS ENOUGH !!! Agnes Varda was a good friend of Alain Ronay and Jim Morrison and she was also into the movie business. What a crappy place this is , I didn't knw!!! Know your facts and after you know the facts , then work from there !!! KNOW YOUR FACTS !!! Jim Morrison was a victim of many different people who thought they knew what was right for him and he was too open to others and too friendly at certain times, and offcourse I know that he could be an asshole just like me when I was on alcohol, but for him that came with fame, because he was actually quite controlled when drunk , exept when he got really drunk and irritating of other people's stupid behaviour. He hated stupid behaviour and people that would throw away their intelligence. How I know all this??? Well, let's just say that I have a sort of connection with his spirit :)) JIM will always be an open channel to many of us. I am one of those channels !!! Love to you all and peace to everybody and all the best to all of you ;-)

Mark-Vincent 6 years ago

THE FACT THAT SOMEONE IS WRITING HERE THAT THIS PERSON DOES NOT KNOW AGNES VARDA SAYS ENOUGH !!! Agnes Varda was a good friend of Alain Ronay and Jim Morrison and she was also into the movie business. What a crappy place this is , I didn't knw!!! Know your facts and after you know the facts , then work from there !!! KNOW YOUR FACTS !!! Jim Morrison was a victim of many different people who thought they knew what was right for him and he was too open to others and too friendly at certain times, and offcourse I know that he could be an asshole just like me when I was on alcohol, but for him that came with fame, because he was actually quite controlled when drunk , exept when he got really drunk and irritating of other people's stupid behaviour. He hated stupid behaviour and people that would throw away their intelligence. How I know all this??? Well, let's just say that I have a sort of connection with his spirit :)) JIM will always be an open channel to many of us. I am one of those channels !!! Love to you all and peace to everybody and all the best to all of you ;-)

bill monroe 6 years ago

No talent.. Useless druggie..

Kyler 6 years ago


Greazychikkin 6 years ago

I also believe morrison was a washout as a person as for him being a Genius???? gimme a break! it also blows that pamela coursons family got his estate! that just aint right!

The Judgester 5 years ago

You all never knew him - so who cares. He was a good man, not like the sick fuck so-called celebrities of the modern age- leave him alone and Bill Monroe- put one or two or several depending on how many is needed in your temple. Peace.

Jim Morrison 5 years ago

Sadly, this entire commentary is fiction, as was Oliver Stones version of a person he never met! Heardaimee should have done the due diligence Jim deserved! Perhap's her next fictitious story might be more interesting than this mindless drivel!

MojoKush 5 years ago

You know absolutely nothing about Jim Morrison.

colette 4 years ago

pamela courson and jim morrison dirty dancing.

patricia kennealy stay set chair.

janis joplin say not alone not alone to patricia

kennealy set chair alone.

colette 4 years ago

john and robby say want do dirty dancing to patricia kennealy hold watermarilyn look at jim morrison and

pamela courson and ray manzarek and dorothy manzarek

and people dirty dancing.

Themis 4 years ago

Very well put I have read almost everything and you did very well on this. I think he prolly did some heroin with Pam and you get sick if your not use to it. I was a heroin addict and everything screams that he was high and not feelin good and you will try to bring yourself out of it by takin a bath and I did this also but I showerd in cold water to revive me but they prolly didn't know and used hot water and her fell asleep and died because in the 60s they didn't know cold water brings you out of an OD but warm will put you to sleep and you will die . It was really to bad he was a awesome artist.

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Alistesiaceld 3 years ago

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DoveFreexrolo 11 months ago

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